Intelligence and Regularly Applauded in DPS Ranchi

It has rightly been said that set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there and the Dipsites of Ranchi strictly and sincerely follow this. The first five toppers of Class XI of science and commerce stream were appreciated and applauded in the school on 17-03-2016 by Dr. Ram Singh Principal DPS Ranchi. The Children who had 100% Attendance in the session 2015-2016 were also appreciated for their regularity.\r\n

\r\nThe head of the institution extended a warm welcome to all the students on their 1st day in Class XII and told them that they should keep their target as 99.9%. He also told them that continuous effort – not strength or intelligence is the key to unlock over potential. It was also told by him that hard work and dedication dues play a vital role in securing good marks in the board exams. He also stated that he from his side will provide them with the best of facilities in order to get the best result not only in the state but also in the country.\r\n

\r\nThe children who secured the top 5 position in Science are :
\r\n1. TiyashaMitra (96.4%)
\r\n2. Nishant Singh Chaouhan (94.2%)
\r\n3. Ritika (93.8%)
\r\n4. Anirudh Anil Ojha (93.3%)
\r\n5. Manya (93%)

\r\n\r\nThe first five toppers of Commerce stream are :
\r\n1. RitikaAgrawal (93.5%)
\r\n2. KomalSinghal (92.6%)
\r\n3. Muskankhowal (92%)
\r\n4. Jhalak Mittal (91.5%)
\r\n5. SiddharthPatwari (91.3%)

\r\n\r\nUday Shankar Sen, Shubham Kumar , Sourav Kumar, ShivamAgarwal, Nikhil Nayan, AtulPrabhakar, Shubh Mishra, AkanshaPandey, AamniTandasi, Prapti Short, PratyakshaChauhan, SurbhiBiswas, Achyuat Kumar of Class XI were appreciated for 100 % attendance.
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ENCARTA – Career Counseling session at DPS Ranchi, DAY 1

True education encourages critical thinking and cultivates skills for a successful life and career, in keeping with this concept of education Delhi Public School organized special classes to enhance the personality of the children on 04-03-2016.

Dr. Ram Singh Principal DPS Ranchi strongly feels that such sessions are going to help the children to blossom as per their potential. It will help them to mould their personality and later they can excel in the field of their choice. Apart from academics they will learn the nuances of worldly life too. The career counseling session brought a fresh lease of life to the learners overburdened due to examination stress.

Shri Vikas Kumar Director Psychographic Society was the chief resource person. He spoke about ways and techniques to gear up for the competitive exams and also about a variety of other career options other than Engineering and Medicine. While speaking to the children he said that the true meaning of success is how much one is able to do as per his/her potential. Many other things like Need for information management and mind management, Goal setting & Goal re-setting, Concentration Development techniques were also discussed Ms. Aditi Sharma, Psychologist spoke about Soft Skill Development and how to connect classroom to career.

This was followed by a session conducted by Dr. Sanjay Jain Director MICA and Dr. Hemant Srivastava of IIM Indore which was designed to leverage General Knowledge and Intelligence. Children learnt how their brain functions and learns.

The children of classes VI to VIII attended this programme. Many of them came up with interesting queries related to concentration and career counseling. On the whole they were curious to know about new career choices and showed great enthusiasm for the session ENCARTA – 2016 which will go on till 15th of March 2016.

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ENCARTA – Career Counseling session at DPS Ranchi, DAY 2

Delhi Public School Ranchi in association with Psychographic Society, Ranchi. conducted an aptitude test as part of the Career Counseling Programme Encarta which started on 04.03.2016 Students of class VIII wrote the test which is aimed that testing students aptitude potentiality with a different career options and work environments. These assignment tests are designed to discover different skills and talents of candidates. Career Aptitude Test is a psychometric test where in the student answers a set of questions that maps the inherent aptitude in him/her.

This test would help to identify the core strength areas of the students on 6 dimensions- Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability, Spatial Ability, Rapid Evaluation Ability and Cognitive Ability.

Psychologist Aditi Singh Sharma’s session on soft skills dealt with the ABC’s of the same. The attitude behavior and communication are the pillars on which a person’s soft skills rest. Behaviour is a function of attitude and communication and therefore, to be successful and exhibit successful behavior, the attitude and communication have to be effective, she added.

Dr. Ram Singh, Principal of DPS, Ranchi remarks that it is absolutely necessary to identify one’s interest in particular area because people whose interest matches with their occupation find a better deal of satisfaction in life.

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A great education begins with great experience

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National Safety Day at DPS Ranchi

National Safety Day Quiz competition was organized in Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 18th February, 2016 by Sail Safety Organization. Various schools of Ranchi are present with 21 teams of two participants.


An elimination round occurred in which teams had to answer 30 questions in 20 minutes. After this round, 6 teams were chosen, including two teams of DPS, Ranchi. Then the quiz began, with Mr. Suresh as the Quiz master. The first round was based on Home safety, and was successful in creating knowledge about the ways to prevent electric shocks and various mishaps caused due to electricity. The second round was to identify road signs and was quickly answered by all the teams. Audience questions were quickly answered by students of JVM, Shyamali and DAV Gandhinagar. The third round was all about the technology of 21st century. The fourth round was all about the child and women achievers and was dominated by DPS. The fifth round was all about banks.


Mr. Rajesh Choubey DGM, SAIL Safety Organisation announced the results and DPS Ranchi won by scoring 100 points. The quiz was very exciting and a tie breaker was held. At last, the principal of DPS, Ranchi Dr. Ram Singh enlightened the students. He was ready to promote quiz competitions and he was also grateful to SAIL as well as all the other schools present. He also spoke about the importance of quiz to develop a child’s character.

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Principal of Eminent Schools, of Ranchi meet to Condole the death of Vinay Mahto

Principals of all the eminent schools of Ranchi had a condolence meeting on 07.02.2016 at Loyoyla Convent to condole the death of Vinay Mahto.

Vinay who was a student of Sapphire International School breathed his last day before yesterday. All the principals who were present in the meeting were of the opinion that it was really a matter of grave concern and everyone should stand together to bear with this unfortunate loss.

Dr. Ram Singh President of Sahodaya School complex and Principal of Delhi Public School, Ranchi said that this incident was definitely unfortunate but it should also be remembered that this should not be an issue of defame the entire education fraternity. He also conducted a special assembly in his school in which all the children prayed for the depart soul. It has also been urged by him that the security system should be tightened up even more and all the teachers and students have been instructed to be extra vigilant. In case of any doubt or abnormality the matter should be brought to the notice of the management immediately.

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Felicitation of Teacher & Students at DPS Ranchi

The auditorium of DPS Ranchi reverberated with thunderous applause for the best students and the best teachers. Delhi Public School, Ranchi hosted the Felicitation Ceremony of students and teachers of over 50 schools from different parts of Jharkhand. Which was organised by ‘School Era’ an educational magazine. The chief guest of the occasion was Shri C.P. Singh, the Minister of Urban Development, Housing Development and Parliamentary Affairs and Mr. N.N. Sinha Principal secretary , Rural Development was the Guest of Honour.


The programme began with a welcome song by the students of DPS Ranchi, which was followed by two dance performances by the students. Shri C.P. Singh emphasized on the inclusion of human values in student’s life, their sense of responsibility and the struggle of life. He encouraged them to work harder and contribute towards development of society. This programme was for honoring two students and one teacher from each of the 50 schools present. Principal DPS Ranchi, Dr. Ram Singh encouraged the students to have a vision and mission for life and to do things differently.

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Book Fair in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi

A ‘Book Fair’ was held in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 1st February 2016. The Principal of the School, Dr. Ram Singh inaugurated it. He emphasized that “Books are man’s best friend”. It is an integral part of a student’s life. Inculcating reading habits among the young ones should be the utmost priority of the teachers as well as the parents, because books provide us with a vast sea of knowledge and reading books helps us to develop good writing skills. The fair had a large array of books ranging from fiction to Non-fiction, Biographies, Autobiographies and Encyclopedias. There were books on various subjects, hobbies, creative activities etc.

The students of Classes Prep – VIII enthusiastically visited the Book Fair and purchased their favorite books.

When these students were asked what do they enjoy doing more? Reading books or watching movies? They all replied that they loved reading books because while reading they have the liberty to create their own characters, but movies do provide with a visual impact but mars their creativity.The USP of the Fair was these three books –

► A.P.J. Abdul Kalam The people’s President – How did a struggling young boy from a small town in South India become a premier scientist and one of India’s Beloved Presidents ever.

► Mastering Science – to spark students interact in science and encourage them to actively participate in the learning process and gain a comprehensive understanding of scientific terms and concept.

► These books gathered a huge crowd and the students eagerly placed orders for them.

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DPS Ranchi Bids Adieu to Class XII

Memories of tears and laughter filled the school auditorium as students of standard XII , Delhi Public School Ranchi, walked in for their farewell ceremony on 29-01-2016. The programme organised by the students of class XI was a plethora of extravaganza. Young girls in colourful attires and boys in their formal wear attended the cultural programme titled ‘ Sayonara’.

The function began with a ‘Lavani dance’ to the beats of ‘apsara’ which enthralled the audience. It was followed by a mesmerizing medley of songs put up by the outgoing batch as they said goodbye to the wonderful moments spent in the edifice of education . A fusion dance by the boys of class XI swayed the crowd as cheers and loud applause filled the wall.

Dr. Ram Singh Principal of DPS Ranchi blessed the students and wished them best of luck for their exams. He also encouraged the students to work hard to not only to achieve their set goals, but also to become good citizens. Some valuable tips were also given by him related to time management as they embark on their new journey of life. He also announced that henceforth every 29th January DPS Ranchi will be organizing its alumni meet.

The icing of the cake was of course the novel idea of ‘nostalgia tree’ where the students tied loving messages for their alma mater .

The event came to a close with genuine smiles as everyone was on their feet and shared their cherished moments spent in school. The aura of nostalgia this farewell brought will always be there as the students imbibe on their journey ahead.

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Annual Sports Day - Sports do not build the character, they reveal it

With the gust of lots of energy and excitement ,“The Annual Sports Day” function started at the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on the date 22nd January 2016. The various activities comprised of athletics, music, melody and abundance of events marked the beginning of the celebration. The event was graced by chief guest Dr. Louis Marandi (Welfare, Women and Child Development, State of Jharkhand ) she said in her speech sport is the preserver of health and are means of mental and physical growth she stressed the importance of sports in the students life. How children should be engaged in outdoor games and sports on the regular basis.

The opening programme was started with a welcome song by the school choir which was followed by the welcome speech by our Hon’ble Principal Dr. Ram Singh speaking on the occasion he highlighted the fact that sports develop a feeling of sportsman spirit where you learn to accept both victories and defeats with equal grace and acceptance. He extended his heartfelt gratitude on behalf of D.P.S. fraternity to the esteemed Chief Guest for honoring with their presence and giving their priceless guidance and blessings to the children.

The grand event was inaugurated by our Chief Guest Hon’ble Dr. Louis Marandi,, The Cabinet Minister (Welfare, Women and Child Development, State of Jharkhand). After unfurling the school flag the Chief Guest declared the special day meet open by releasing the colourful balloons. Ceremony started with the lighting of perpetual torch. Events begin with the opening march past with a perfect beat and rhythmic flow by the six houses- Chenab, Ganges, Jamuna, Jhelum, Ravi and Sutlej led by the six house captains. It was really as blissful sight to watch the students marching to the beats of band.

Ceremonious oath taking by the house captains was followed by the declaration of the meet open.

Events started with a patriotic dazzling fusion dance ‘Vande Matram’ which enthralled the audiences. Later series of special events between students, house teams filled up the day with their continuous efforts promoting school spirit amongst the students, faculties and parents.

The events were rabbit race, frog race, candy race, three-legged race for Prep – II

50 mtr, 80 mtr, 100 mtr, 200 mtr, 400 mtr and 800 mtr flat race for classes II- VIII

Few different categories of races like shuttle race, obstacle race, hulla race, hopping race were also there to motivate and entertain as well

After the much awaited enthralling and exciting events the prizes and awards were declared. Over whelmed with great joy and exuberance our Hon’ble Principal gave away the prizes for individual and house wise as well

The winners were – Rabbit Race (Prep) Ashita Das, Balancing ball ( prep) Atharv singh rathore, class II- Ikchha has got first prize and Abhinav kr and Abhineet kumar of class II got 1st for three legged race, class V obstacle race Abhigyan shankar (Ganges house) got first prize, 400 mts flat race of boys Milan Sinha ( Ganges house) bagged first position and in 400 mts flat race of girls Arushi (Sutlej house) got first prize, in class VI 400 mtr relay race Chenab house got first prize, in 800 mts boys in class VIII Navneet (Chenab house) got first prize, in Relay race of Class VIII in girls category Jamuna house bagged the first price. The individual championship trophy (boys) bagged by Milan Sinha (Ganges house) and in girls Anisha Sharma (Ravi house). The March past winner trophy were grabbed by Jamuna House for their incredible performance for best display. Overall Championship trophy was awarded to Ravi House.

The winners were overjoyed and the teams who couldn’t bagged the prizes they were seen congratulating their rival teams also,

,“Success is deliberate! Excellence is intentional! Victory comes out of struggles and hard work!”

Apart from commemorating victories sports meet aimed at imparting lessons of discipline and courage which are essential for success. The sports day concluded with lots of memories which will surely last for a long time from now

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