Shri R.P. Singh, Asst. Prof. and Joint Director, CBSE was at DPS, Ranchi

Today i.e. on 04/09/2016 Shri R.P. Singh Assistant Professor an joint Director for Centre of Excellence for Teaching, CBSE, Kolkata was at DPS, Ranchi to interact with the member principals of Ranchi Sahodaya school complex.,

The principal of Sahodaya school like Surendranath, DAV Kapil Dev, Army public school, Loyola school, VVPS, Vikas Vidyalaya, Central Academy etc were present for this meeting.

The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss about various training and workshops which is very essential for the academic upliftment of the schools. Shri R. P. Singh was there to explain in details the various programs and seminars which CBSE is conducting for principals, vice- principals, head masters and teachers so as to train them to make a team of persons who could then go to various schools and train those teachers.

Mr. Singh said that Ranchi is emerging as an education hub so CBSE wants Ranchi to be the centre of all such workshops. He also said that CBSE is interested in working for and with the schools in the interior of Jharkhand also. He said that every one out of five workshops in Jharkhand should be in one of the interior schools of Jharkhand.

He said that CBSE now has around 18000 schools under it and it is very essential that all the schools have a common platform. Thus, there is a need for the principals and teachers to be trained to suit the specific needs.

Further, he discussed about the programmes which included capacity building programme on CCE – FA, SA, Co-scholastic aspects of CCE programme on life skills, gender sensitivity, training programme in challenging areas in English core for teachers (Class XII), mathematics for class X, social studies for class X capacity building programme of assessment of speaking and listening skills (ASL) in English language etc.

He specified on a programme called O-LABS i.e. online labs; E-Basta where e-books can be made available for students and given to their smart phones. He also told about the programmes which are about to begin like classroom management designed for principals, vice-principals and head masters, stress management programme. Inclusive education and cyber seculity and bullying etc.

He also highlighted on the importance of vocational interaction programme which would help students of class XI and XII to decide their future course and also make them fit for jobs.

Towards the end the dates and venues of various capacity programmes to be held in Ranchi were discussed.

Mr. R.P. Singh invited suggestions and queries and any specific requirment which the schools have to make the education system more effective.

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Inter House Badminton championship at DPS Ranchi

On 31st August 2016, DPS Ranchi Primary wing held its inter-house badminton championship in the school auditorium. The match comprised of boys and girls singles and doubles.

Boys of Ravi House and Sutlej House had their singles in which Sutlej won. Girls singles between Sutlej and Ganges was also quite exciting. The winner was Sutlej.

Next was the turn of doubles between Ravi and Jamuna ( boys) and the winner of that match was Jamuna House. On the other hand Girls doubles was between Ganges and Sutlej. The winner was Ganges House.

All the Houses left no chance and tried their best to win but there has to be one winner. Children were found cheering their respective houses quite enthusiastically.

Details of winner teams with the names of the players are –

  • Boys Single - Kshitiz ( Sutlej House)
  • Girls Single - Shambhavi ( Sutlej House)
  • Boys Doubles – Atharv Aryan and Shaurya Kashyap ( Jamuna House)
  • Girls Doubles – Gargi Singh and Sainamya ( Ganges House)

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Experts from Harvard to explain relation between Human Science and Neuro Science at DPS Ranchi

Children today have forgotten that there is life beyond IIT and Medical and other competitive exams hence Delhi Public School, Ranchi organised a special interactive session for the students of class XI and XII on 29/08/2016.

Dr. Shantanu Ghosh who is a fellow in Neurological science at Harvard was in school to interact with the children. He is a Ph.D. in Neurolognition linguistics and hold a post doctorate certificate in Bio-statistics. He had been a faculty at IIT Delhi for 6 year. He spoke to them about the difference between well-trained and well educated people. Dr. Ghosh motivated the children to be keen observers so that they can do something of their own. They were also instructed not to be a part of a menu driven system. He highlighted some problems which h India is facing in the Present. He said that situation of agriculture in past 70 years hasn’t seen any significant the progress. Students studying science can do something innovative to bring up the Standard of agriculture in India.

Next he spoke was about the use of mobile phone. He said that people are filled wit void which has become the extension of themselves.. He said that mobile can be used as a kind mechanism for work and well as for humanity. Engineers can make it better and better by moving towards logical innovations like improving the technology, censor, etc. They can also help the farmers by developing a technology which can forecast rain much in advance.

Pratham of class XI came up will the question that ‘Science is not able to answer many systems of the world. Why is it so?’ Another child of the same class asked ‘How to connect spirituality and science?’ These questions were patiently dealt by Dr. Ghosh.

Dr. Ram Singh Principal DPS Ranchi while addressing the children said that this interactive session will help them to change their mindset and will help them to understand the importance of being conserved in life.

The programme was extremely beneficial for the children especially when the children are so stressed and think that if they fail to crach there competitive exams the world will come crumpling down. Shan – ul Haque of class XI was of the opinion that this session has target him set to run after success but aim to be excellent. Which in turn will automatically made him successful. Towards the end he encouraged the students to think beyond their career and ask themselves everyday “What am I doing at the end of the day?”

Hr inspired the students to remain students throughout the year potential of science to make a better society.

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Azadi ke 70 saal ke uplaksh me DPS Ranchi Rashtra Gan se Gunj uthi

Aaj dinank 23.08.2016 ko pure bharatvarsh ne azadi ke 70 saal pure hone ka samuhik roop se rashtragan ka bhavya ayojan kiya gaya.

Is rashtragan ka ayojan sabhi sarkari aur gair sarkari vidyalayon me kiya gaya tha. DPS Ranchi me bhi ise puri deshbhakti ki bhawna ke sath manaya gaya jisme pure chhatra chhatraon ne apni apni bahgidari di.

Is uplaksh par vidyalay ke pracharya Dr. Ram Singh ne sabhi bachhon ko sambodhit karte hue rashtragan ke mahatva ke bare me bataya. Unhone kaha ki har bharatwasi ke dil me desh ke prati pyar aur rashtragan ke prati aadar hona ati aawashayak hai.

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Day-2 of Career Counselling Seminar for Commerce students

Avenues Galore in the field of commerce- counselling session in DPS Ranchi

Today when there is a mad rush to get enrolled in Engineering and Medical colleges Delhi Public School, Ranchi organised a counselling session for its students to give them an extensive idea on career alternative in the field of commerce. The morning of 24th August, 2016 found the commerce students of standard XI and XII in an enriching counselling session headed by Mr. Santosh Kumar of Career Launcher.

He started off by saying that the most critical phase of the making of ones life is now. The next step being the corporate world, he was at DPS to help the students choose the career which fascinates as well as encourages them to do more in it. To begin the session informally, he told them that those who are from IIM have a pay package of 50 lakhs to 2.5 crores, are very similar to us. The only thing that makes this difference is just that they decided to do something differently. Hundred year old Tata Motors was challenged by forty year old Infosys who were further challenged by a mere light year old Flipkart. He also threw light on the most important question – Can We utilize the opportunities and make a difference?

As commerce students, according to him, the students’ job is to create a disturbance, a disturbance which motivates and attracts others. This disturbance is actually creating a solution to the problems of an individual which is what is meant by business in a corporate world. To be successful, one need to adopt a desperate, methodical approach which we enjoy while doing. He went on to say that “To Be On the Top, Never Compromise, Know what your requirements and needs are and only then you can get to your goals.

The session was thoroughly interactive and all the examples given were quoted from daily lives. The students were made to question the basics of everything and thus encouraging them to be more innovative and have a disciplined approach towards life. He ended the session saying that one should focus to develop oneself so that one can take control of one’s own problems and make right decisions for one’s life.

Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS, Ranchi said that he always believes in giving the best opportunity to students. He also said that many more such sessions will be organised for the benefit of the commerce students so that they may get best from their lives.

The session commenced on a note to develop a methodical, rational and rather enjoyable approach towards life and academics. To crave for knowledge and to question is what makes one successful. This has proved to be another enlightening session to stabilize and secure the student’ future.

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DPS Ranchi organizes a two-days Career Counselling Seminar For Commerce Students

A two-days Career Counselling Seminar was organized for Commerce students of Class XI & XII at DPS Ranchi to provide the students with the broad view of the career options available in Commerce.
Mr. Deepu Krishna, the Law Division National Anchor of Career Launcher who has trained more than 5,000 students last year along with Mr. Santosh from Career Launcher were the guest speakers who had come to interact with the students.
The first day session i,e, 23rd of August basically focused on the career options available in the field of LAW. To begin with Mr. Krishna said that school life is the best phase of a student’s life and has a unique aura. This is the time when one actually faces pressure from three ends at the choice of career. 1st being the PARENTS who want the students only to study, 2nd being the PEERS, mostly students choose a career on the influence of their friends, and 3rd PERSONEL i.e, neighbours etc. He, through his own experience, highlighted on how these elements affect the choice of careers and how often the choice is influenced by so many external factors due to which one lands doing something which was not his cup of tea.
Further, he told the students about three most important skills which every employer looks for while hiring an employee. They are- An analytical mind i.e, how one perceives things; An excellent Communication Skill i,e, how good one is in convincing others; & lastly A Strong Appearance which just not means looks but how one appears and carries himself in public. He also emphasized on the importance of uniform in students’ life.
Then he told the students that Who is a LAW Student? A rebel, a better citizen who knows what is right and what wrong and also knows how to rectify things is a LAW Student. A Law student is a rational thinker, a mature person and a very powerful individual. He adding more meaning to Law said that it is a NEVER RETIRING PROFESSION i,e, the older a lawyer gets the more experienced he becomes. 
He said that Bengaluru National Law University was the first law school and due to excellent students graduating from there NLU’s sprang up in almost every state of India. He also shared the official website i,e,  which tells what law schools are doing.
Then moving further Mr. Deepu brought forth the various options one can go for in the field of LAW.

  1. Litigation- the most popular law career option which is highly paid one.
  2. Corporate Lawyer- These lawyers guide companies legally.
  3. Law firms- It is a collection of those lawyers who recruit people.
  4. Socialist- These are the ones who fight cases like Rape and other Societal problems.

Mr. Deepu then guided the students through the path of getting into NLU. He said through CLAT, which is a 2hrs and 200 marks exam, one can easily get into NLU. For CLAT one needs to strengthen his/her English especially British English, then Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Ability, etc. he encouraged the students to ‘BE A LAWMAN, NOT A LAYMAN’ as Law means Leader And Winner.
Dr. Ram Singh, principal, DPS Ranchi, appreciated the efforts of Mr. Santosh from Career Launcher who made it possible for DPS Ranchi to have Mr. Deepu Krishna, truly an inspiration, amidst the students to enrich their knowledge about various options available in the fioeld of Law. He said that this is a world of information where students need to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest information available in various fields and DPS Ranchi is always on the outlook to help the students in being more and more informative. At the end Sanskriti of Class XII Q delivered the vote of thanks.

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D.P. S., Ranchi celebrates 70th Independence Day with Patriotic fervor

70th Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at DPS, Ranchi. The principal Dr. Ram Singh hoisted the Tricolour and the atmosphere filled with the echoes of the National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’. Students gave a symbolic start to the day by the March Past. The Choir group paid a tribute to the motherland and the freedom fighters by singing the ‘Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon’.

In his Speech, the Principal reminded the students of the uncompromising spirit of the freedom fighters and motivated them to uphold the virtues of peace and equality so that the future becomes bright and enlightened one.

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Felicitation Ceremony for 100% attendance at DPS Ranchi (Senior Wing)

Delhi Public School, Ranchi today felicitated more than 160 students of Class VI to XII with cent percent attendance in the session 2015-16 at a programme where Sri Prashant Kumar IAS, Municipal Commissioner was the Chief Guest while Sri A.T. Mishra, IFS Special Secretary was the Guest of Honour which commenced with a welcome song and a dance performance on “Tamso Maa Jyotir Gamya”. Along with 100% attendance, the Dance team which has qualified for National Competition was also felicitated.

The students who have achieved remarkable results in Olympiads i.e., Ishan Roshan, Spandan Mishra, Anu Priya, Akash Raj, Akash Deep who grabbed NCO, IMO and IEO 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively. Also received gold, silver and bronze medals along with the cash prize of Rs. 5000, Rs. 2500 and Rs.1000 respectively from the Chief Guest.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest, Sri Prashant Kumar, appreciated this innovative effort of the Principal, Dr. Ram Singh of felicitating the students with 100% attendance. He said that it is one aspect of a student’s life which has never been appreciated in such a grand way. Sharing his own experience he said that Intelligence and hard Work is the prime recipe of success but one more thing which makes a difference is PERSEVERENCE. He stressed on the three ways which people learn i.e. through Reading, through Examples and through Experience the third one being the best of all. He motivated the students by sharing a thought “Mediocres have a greater chance of success than the intelligent ones because they have greater chance to quit.” He further said that, “Exam of life will never be a cake work but do not give up or accept failure instead have perseverance with which you will succeed in life”.

Guest of Honour, Sri A.T. Mishra, IFS said that achieving 100% of anything is a really difficult task but not impossible, it can be achieved only with DISCIPLINE. He added the “People who are partially disciplined will definitely land somewhere but disciplined ones will undoubtedly be more successful in life. Adding on to his words he said that no subject is good or bad but students should try and reach the pinnacle of that so that they get contentment and serve the society and country at large. He motivated the students to take example from the life of Sri Prashant Kumar and be determined in reaching the goals till success is achieved. He also appreciated the school’s result and congratulated the principal for being ranked within 100 in the country. He also encouraged other students to join the lot of the ones achieving 100% attendance. In conclusion he said “Failure is the pillar of success”, so no mater how many times you fail, accept it as a challenge and pursue your aim.

The Principal, Dr. Ram Singh, in his address said that DPS Ranchi is a school with difference. Its motto is “Service Before Self ” and its mission is to Nurture Global Citizens and provide platform to the students for the Holistic Development of the students. DPS Ranchi not only works for making students academically strong but also grooming their personality. He said that taking a step towards making the students global citizens the school has recently tied up with the US Consul for students’ and teachers’ exchange programme, French and German Classes are also running full - fledgedly. He also highlighted few notable achievements of the school.

He, appreciating the parents, said that the students achieving 100% attendance reflects on the disciplined family environment which they provide the children at home as Discipline begins with punctuality. He also thanked the distinguished guests who have come to school time and again and became inspiration and motivation for the children to excel in their life. Towards the end, he said that these days children do not come to school for getting information but to learn social values, respect, loyalty, obedience etc. so all the stakeholders of the society should join hands and come together to provide proper and Holistic Education to children.

The event was culminated with certificate and memento distribution by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

Shubh Mishra, Head Boy of the school concluded the programme with the vote of thanks.

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DPS Ranchi paves way for Higher Studies Abroad

Delhi Public School, Ranchi organised a one of its kind interactive session for the students on 05/08/2016. This was conducted in collaboration with ‘US Consul’Kolkata office and the interaction took place through Skype. The students of Class XI and XIItook part in this programme. The prime objective of this programme was to facilitate these students who want to enroll in the overseas education programmes.

The US Department of State, called the Kennedy – Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program has launched the programme in India in 2005 in recognition of the importance of youth exchange as key component to building bridges between citizens of the U.S. and countries around the world. The programme provides fully funded scholarships for high school students to study for one academic year in the U.S YES students serve as “youth ambassadors” for their home country, promoting mutual understanding by forming lasting relationship with their host families and communities. Participants live with a host family, attend an American high school, acquire leadership skills, and engage in activities to learn about U.S society and values; they also help educate Americans about their home country and culture.

At the onset of this session Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi and a pioneer in the field of education incorporating new methods and techniques in the educational arena. He spoke about the advantages of global education and added that his aim is to nurture the interests of the students not only at the national level but at the international level as well. It was made amply clear by him that this session has been organised to clear all the facts and myths related to overseas education. He also said that gone are the days when only the children of elite class could think of higher education abroad now the children belonging to the service class also have treasure chest of opportunities to grab.

The session began with a presentation highlighting the admission procedure:

  • Subjects commonly taken up by the Indian students
  • Queries related to VISA
  • Job opportunities abroad after completing graduation
  • Fee structure of state run colleges and private colleges
  • Types of assistance ship available
  • Options related to dual course

After this the children came up with several questions whose answer were given by executives of US Consul from Kolkata:

Q.1 – How does recommendation letter help financially or for choosing the universities?

  • It is a form of communication between 2 sets of teachers.
  • Touches up about academics and all about the child’s profile.( academic as well as others)
  • One of the important elements to decide on the child’s application for higher studies in the US.

Q.2 – What are the research program facilities?

  • Child need to undergo the SAT or ACT and can also couple them couple with subjects to enrich their profile in order to get easy admission.

Q.3 – Opportunities in Science as compared to Commerce? So what can be done whether can be applied after graduation or post graduation?

  • Optional practical training for one year as Internship can be undertaking
  • In Commerce there are many options like business management, Maths Account etc.
  • Combine areas of interest like Management and Psychology.
  • Going at the under graduate level is better with the concept and growing globally, for self growth.

Q.4 – Process of pursuing LAW?

  • Law school’s candidates will have to appear for an Aptitude Test after 4 years degree.

Q.5 – After MBBS what exams to be written for post graduate in Medical Science in the US?

  • MCAT is to be undertaken which is highly competitive.

Q.6 - What about accommodation for Indian students ?

  • Must stay in the campus atleast for 1st year for International Students.
  • The campus is well protected and well equipped is well protected.

Q.7 - How are Indian students doing in US?

  • Fantastically well and is increasing at on average of 30% every year.
  • Fantastically well and is increasing at on average of 30% every year.
  • Indian students are seen as very promising as compared to the peers from their country.
  • They have good communication skills.

Q.8 – What certificates or achievements are needed to apply for studies ?

  • Students are selected on their face value and experiences not only certificates, still having some other extra merit is always a boost for the students.

Q.9 – Are the degrees achieved from the US validated in India?

  • Yes, Degrees from any accredited institution is equally accepted everywhere.
  • Q.10 - Colleges offering Molecular Biology at Under Graduate level?

    • Many colleges in US are offering Molecular Biology at under graduate level. And so many questions were asked by students which were replied by US consul executive.

      This was a golden opportunity for the students and as it’s a well known fact that DPS Ranchi always leads from the front and this type of session too was organised in any school of Ranchi for the first time.

      The students were fully charged and felt that by studying abroad they have the opportunity to study and have foreign relation as well and take in the allure and culture of a new land. On the whole it was a highly enriching session for them.

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    Felicitation Ceremony for 100% attendance at DPS Ranchi

    An efficacious felicitation ceremony was organised at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 3rd August 2016 to honour the students with cent percent attendance.

    The Chief Guest Mr. Prashant Singh ( IG, Police) along with the Guest of Honour Mr. Narendra Kumar ( SP-CID Branch) graced the occasion with their benign presence.

    The program commenced with a melodious welcome song. Which was followed by presenting of bouquet to the esteemed guest as token of love and gratitude.

    Principal Dr. Ram Singh in his welcome speech said a school is the best platform for children to showcase their talents and discover the best with in. Every activity of the school would always help the child to walk one step further in finding best of talents a child is blessed with. He congratulated the students for their accomplishment and exhorted them to carry on with the same spirit in future. He said that the school attendance is very important as it helps the students to succeed not only in academics but also it develops their personality and team spirit when they attend the school consistently. He also appreciated the parents of the students with cent percent attendance for inculcating the value of punctuality in their children.

    The event was culminated with certificate and memento distribution by the Chief Guest to the achievers. Around 276 students from class PREP to V were felicitated on the occasion. DPS once again showed that the school attendance is very important. By making students attendance a priority the school is supporting their success and setting a good example. It was a moment of great pride and honour for the students, parents and the school.

    Speaking on the occasion the Chief Guest Mr. Prashant Singh stressed the importance of developing all round capabilities of children. He said that it is only possible when the children will come regularly to the school. He applauded the students for their achievement and the school for its indomitable endeavours in shaping the future of the young minds.

    Guest of Honour Mr. Narendra Kumar on other hand said that regular attendance at school is vital to help children achieve and get best possible start in life. Congratulating the achievers he urged the students to come regularly to school and always remember the values they have ingrained at the school as these will help etch a life embellished with success.

    A scintillating fusion dance performance of Kathak and Bharatnatyam and a compassionate dance show ‘AS Tho Ma Jyotir Gamaya’ depicting the radical changes of 19th century in the Indian society brought by the social reformers, who fought against the evils for women empowerment kept the audience enthralled.

    The program concluded with vote of thanks by the Head Boy of Junior Wing.

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