Intra Mural Throw Ball and Cricket Match at DPS Ranchi

Today Intra Mural Throw Ball and Cricket Match flags off at DPS Ranchi. The event was declared open by Dr. Ram Singh , Principal DPS Ranchi  by tossing the coin.

Girls in the age group 10-12 put up a brilliant show in throw ball and the Boys of the same age group exhibited their sportsman skill in cricket. 

Dr. Ram Singh congratulated the children and spoke about the importance  of sports and agility of the body. 

The results of the day are as follows  


1. Chenab   V/s    Ravi   -   Chenab won by 11 runs.

2. Ganges V/s  Jamuna - Jamuna won by 7 wicket.

3. Sutlej  V/s Jhelum -  Jhelum  won by 27 runs.


1. Sutlej   V/s  Ganges   - Sutlej won  (score 15/07)

2. Jamuna V/s Jeelum - Jhelum won ( set score 0/2)

3.Chenab V/s  Ravi  -Ravi  got walk over

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SPIC MACAY spreads colours of 'Gotipua' folk dance over DPS, Ranchi

Incredible India's rich cultural heritage seemed to spread its colour on the young children of Delhi Public School (Primary Wing) when they got a rare opportunity to witness ‘Gotipua’ a ritual dance performance of Odisha. It is a folk dance associated with the famous Jagannath temple of Puri and Sun temple of Konark. The programme was instigated by SPIC MACAY- Society for the promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst the youth. SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote awareness of Indian cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country which is being increasingly marginalized and diluted due to global homogenization.


‘Gotipua’ the dance performance by boys dressed as girls depicted Krishna Leela and was a combination of acrobatics folk and classical movements. It was quite scintillating and mesmerizing presentation by the young artists.


School gave a warm welcome to the team by tilak ceremony which itself is a traditional way to welcome the guests in India.

Principal Dr. Ram Singh, who is always eager to make education holistic and meaningful said, “Students should be given opportunity to see, learn and experience about India’s rich cultural heritage which is both intense and inspiring”. He applauded the dedication and perfection of young artists and said these types of programmes seek to foster the traditional Indian values and generate awareness of culture tradition and heritage of India among the children as the essence of Indian culture is slowly fading away.


A lot of thoughts and queries which gathered in curious minds of students were asked to the young artists. The knowledge acquired from their precise answers proved to be of deep knowledge for the students. 


Students and teachers gave a standing ovation as the artists took a bow on the stage.


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Rajasthani Folk Music fills the atmosphere of DPS Ranchi

Cultural Glory came alive on the stage of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on Wednesday 16 November 2016, when the renowned Rajasthani folk Artists performed traditional song and dance accompanied by the very ethnic musical instruments. The event was organised by Spic Macay, a voluntary organisation with an objective to sensitize the youth with values enshrined in our traditions and culture. Students were mesmerized with the performance of the troupe led by the youngest SNA awardee Ustaad Bhungar Khan Manganiyar, who is a Khartaal player of international repute. There were instrumentalists with Harmonium, Dholak and Algoza and also vocalists in this team. There was a soulful rendition of the famous folk song ‘Kesariya Balma’, which made the students rise to their feet. A medley of various famous songs in its original form was presented by the group which acquainted the audience with the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Folk dance Kalbelia, performed by the artist added a colourful and distinct quotient to the programme, which included dancing on glass, plate and even swords. It was a once in a life time opportunity for the students of DPS Ranchi to witness a presentation of international standard. 


Students even had some queries about this form of singing and dancing. They asked about the origin of few songs and also about the experience of these artists when they perform overseas. Students were also inquisitive to know about the support the artists receive from the government.


The artists were also overwhelmed with the cheerful and appreciative responses from the audience.


Principal Dr. Ram Singh said that these simple and humble people are endowed with a hoard of talent and they win hearts with this treasure of theirs. He also said that art culture and tradition must be preserved by the younger generation and such programmes contribute towards this effort.


Some students of this school Madhur Jain, Aditya and Ishita asked questions to the Rajasthani musical troupe and quench their eager. All the students looked very much happy and satisfied with this programme and were thankful to the school’s principal for organizing such type of cultural heritage programme.

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Senior wing Project model exhibition at DPS Ranchi

In keeping with the spirit of Delhi Public School Ranchi a series of splendid exhibits covering various important subjects was held in the school premises on 13.11.2016. the exhibition was inaugurated by the chief guest Shri Ajay Kumar Singh ( Seceretary, Higher Education, Jharkhand Govt.)


The unique aspect of this exhibition lies in the fact that it has covered all the subjects right from science, Maths, English, Hindi, Social Science, Business Studies, Accountancy, Engineering Graphics, Economics, Physical Education, French and German.


The children of classes VI to XII put up their models in this exhibition. Around 600 models had been put up. The icing on the cake was ofcourse the models depicting current issues.


To have the creative talents of students, ensure 360 degree development of all students, to provide enough opportunity to each and every student to keep their curiosity alive etc. this exhibition was organized. 


A riot of colours and concepts could be seen in the entire campus.


The chief guest while going around appreciated the exhibits immensely and appreciated the offend put in by the school authorities and students. He was extremely impressed by the model acrophonology, which is a unique technique to find out the characteristics of a person with the help of ones name.


The model on demonization presented by Sourabh Saraf, Umang Jain and Aditya Banerjee was highly appreciated. The other models which earned lot of appreciation were – Lijjat Papad,-(Lempharing the concept of enterprenurship), corporate social responsibility, golden ration and its application. The children of classes VII to VIII presented excellent models to make the different concepts of Grammar easy to understand also grabbed the attention of many. Some of the students of Class XI came up with a novel concept of water bikes in which they showed how in the era of Soaring Prices of commodities we can use water instead of petrol to such a bike.


Principal Dr. Ram Singh appreciated the creative spirit of the children and highlighted the importance of such activities along with studies to refresh their minds. He also motivated the children to take part because he strongly feels that more than theoretical knowledge it is practical knowledge that helps in our career.


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Illuminating 'Mega Project/ Model Exhibition at DPS, Ranchi

The primary wing of DPS, Ranchi organised an outstanding and illuminating ‘Mega Project and Model Exhibition’ on 12th November 2016 in the school premises. Almost each and every student from class I – V  enthusiastically participated to make it even more grand. 


Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD, MECON Ltd had kindly graced the occasion as the chief guest. The inauguration was jointly done by Shri Atul Bhatt and  Shri Anurag gupta, ADG (SB), PVC and other LMC member are also present as guests. He motivated the students and rendered such an exhibition much needed to explore their inner potential. He too actively participated by enquiring students about their model.


The Principal Dr. Ram Singh eloquently addressed the gathering with his views on his futuristic vision through the next generation, young reporters of DPS, Ranchi and said “I believe exhibition are engaging, fun and intellectually satisfying. Such an exhibition promotes children to adopt practical approach towards learning and develops their life skills”. 

The exhibition had provoking objective to provide learning its much needed flight from classrooms to better assimilating and understanding of different subjects like science, social science, mathematics, foreign languages, art and craft.

The students presented their fountain of talent suggesting solutions to contemporary burning issues through models of environmental conservation, clean India campaign, Disaster management, water harvesting, use of solar energy, wind mills etc. Especially the model depicting Vagha Boarder made by Mayank Gupta of STD II caught everyone’s attention.

The students prodigiously and effectively also presented models related to autobiography of river; literature and linguistic of various languages, including English, Hindi, French, German and Sanskrit; digestive system, volcano and many more. 

The young exhibiters dealt with all areas and left no subject untouched Models related to Sanskrit and Foreign languages including French and German was incorporated for the first time and aimed to understand the Indian ethos as well as global perspective.


The efforts of students were appreciated by the parents. The overall response was encouraging, applauded by everyone and will always remain etched in the memory of one and all.


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Overseas Education Fair at DPS Ranchi

Choosing the right course of study begins with finding a career pathway that is most suitable-

To help the students DPS Ranchi successfully hosted the Overseas Education Fair on 12.11.2016.The educational extravaganza provided the students with a global exposure in the field of education and helped them to choose the right course. It is a matter of immense pride and honour that DPS Ranchi is one of the first school in Jharkhand rather in the eastern region to organize such a fair with a global interface.

It was jointly inaugurated by Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD, Mecon Ltd. and Shri Anurag Gupta, ADG (Special Branch). Other guests present were Shri J.C. Mohapatra, Shri Sanjeev Kumar, Shri K.J. Chauhan,etc.

This educational fair was organized with a view to broaden the horizon for the pupils aiming towards academic prospects in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, etc. As many as 78 foreign universities were present to enlighten the students about the various courses available. The representatives and delegates who were present were Mr.Bivin Boban from De Montfort University UK: Mr. Anna Bashir from University of Huddersfield UK: Mr. Shubhendu Choudhary from Auburn University, Mrs. Shreya Singh Lubana from Brandeis University International Business School USA and many more.


The highlights of the fair was the unique career services offered by the organizers:-

  • Learn about scholarship & fee waiver opportunities.
  • Obtain advice on VISA application and availability of education loans.
  • On the spot counselling by professionals.
  • Learn about admission processes & courses available.

More than 500 students along with their parents visited the fair. Apart from the students of DPS Ranchi the gates were open to the students of all the other schools of Ranchi to gather information so that they can make most of it. Students from Oxford Public School, DAV Hehal, Dav Nageshwar Public School, Sarala Birla, Loyola Convent, etc. Kent State University had a large number of students as well as parents sorting their queries on admission procedure and courses offered. Other universities of USA and UK too had a good gathering.

Each and every person expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh, as it was his idea to give the students this golden opportunity in order to provide quality education. On asking him he said,” I strongly feel that in the age of globalization such an exposure is very much needed for the holistic development of the students.  I also want that the students who aspire to go abroad for higher studies should be guided in the right path with accurate information regarding the various options available in different universities.”


Students who came from different schools also gave their views on this fair.


  1. Purnima Singh of R.B. Springdale Public School was of the opinion that she could acquire a lot of information which cleared all her myths to overseas education.

  2. Harsh Ketan & Pallavi of R.B.S.P.S. said that they were really comfortable asking all their doubts to the delegates who were friendly enough to answer all their questions  
  3. Arpan Kerketta of DAV Nageshwar Public School said that this fair was satisfactory enough to learn about the facts, procedure, curriculum courses, etc offered in different foreign universities.
  4. Rohan of Sarala Birla Public School said that he could gain a lot of valuable information of how to go about with the selection of universities to go abroad for higher studies. 

Mr. Ghoshal, one of the parents, said that, ”It is indeed such a brilliant idea to host an overseas education fair in a school where even parents can easily avail all the information needed for choosing a university for the child without much hassle.

The students and parents who were present felt that the event was a goldmine of information related to overseas education. The fact that experts from the global education domain and delegates from reputed universities gathered under one roof to interact with the students was highly appreciated.

The delegates even had a wonderful experience at DPS Ranchi.

Mr. Bivin Boban from U.K. said, “ It was indeed pleasure coming to DPS Ranchi. the environment, the people, the students all are fantastic. The students here are really enthusiastic and inquisitive. I was really amazed to hear extraordinary queries from the students related to studying abroad.”


Mr. Anna Basir from U.K. Said, “ The students of DPS Ranchi are really brilliant and hold a bright future. He also said that conducting an overseas fair at DPS Ranchi was really worthy.

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DPS Ranchi won by 228 runs in District Level under 16 Inter School Cricket Tournament

DPS Ranchi won by 228 runs playing against DAV Nandraj Modern Public School in Under-16 Inter-School Cricket Tournament. DPS won the toss and chose to bat first and gave 273 as target. Chinmay played very well and made 68 runs.


In second innings Bowlers and fielders of DPS Ranchi showed extreme level of sportsmanship restricted the opponents at 44 only. Akshat Jain of DPS Ranchi took 5 wickets and did not give a single run. He was awarded with the Man of the Match.


Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi congratulated all the players and motivated them to play like this in future too.


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Being Vigilant should be a part of Character - Dr. Ram Singh

A debate and competition was held in Delhi Public School Ranchi on 04-11-2016. This was organised in association with the office of Regional Provident Commission Ranchi as a part of the ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ initiative.

Children came out with extra ordinary concept of spreading awareness through their speaking and thinking  skills speaking for and against the motion on the topic “Role of Public participation in preventing corruption’. The students came up with innovative ideas and discussed on the issue ‘Public participation in providing integrity and eradicating corruption with various surveys and examples.

There was much to learn and every participant went back home with more knowledge and wisdom than what they had before the event.


For the motion

1st Prize           -           RAUNAK PRAKASH (XI)

2nd Prize           -           SNIGDHA (XII)

2nd Prize           -           SAKSHEE (X)

3rd Prize           -           RISHAV JALAN (XI)


Against the motion

1st Prize           -           SIDDHANT RANJAN (XI)

2nd Prize           -           ADITYA BOSE (XI)

3rd Prize           -           SUHANI SINGH (XI)



Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi congratulated the winners and said that such programmes will go a long way in resolving most of the problems related to corruption in our country. He also said that it is the youth of our country who can do a lot to eradicate corruption and take our country to greater heights. Being vigilant should be a part of character.

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Child Counselling and Stress Management session in DPS Ranchi

What we need today in holding on to positive thoughts rather than succumbing to a negative one to manage stress in our life.
This concept was beautifully brought out by Mr. Tejwant Singh Grewal in a workshop organised for parents on 03.11.2016 at Delhi Public School, Ranchi. DPS Ranchi strongly believes that in order to give the children a healthy environment and secure future both teachers and parents need to work.
The workshop was attended by the parents of students studying in Classes VIII – XI

Mr. Tejwant Singh Grewal is a dynamic professional with over 11 years of rich experience in learning and development, operations management in service industry. The main emphasis was on emotional management, time management and finance management. He also spoke about the meaning of success and how it varies from person to person.

Some important points described by Mr. Grewal are :

  • Life has not begun right now for you, its not difficult but crucial stage life is between  B C D ( Birth à Choices à Death)
  • Identify your time robbers like Social Sites
  •  30% of students expenses are avoidable by finance management.
  •  Live happy, spread happiness

Dr. Ram Singh Principal DPS Ranchi while addressing the gathering said that as long as we can manage stress and tension properly we can prevent the consequences of having too much stress as the saying goes- prevention is better than cure. He also said that the children today need a lot of support from their parents and teachers for their sound mental growth.

On the whole it was a huge success and earned a lot of appreciation. The students and parents who attended this workshop strongly felt that such workshops should be conducted more frequently because the adolescents today need such valuable tips to steer them on the right track.

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Children come up with brilliant ideas to fight corruption in a debate competition at DPS Ranchi held on 03-11-2016

A debate and poster making competition was held in Delhi Public School Ranchi on 03-11-2016. This was organised in association with C.C.L. part of the ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ initiative.

Children came out with extra ordinary concept of spreading awareness through their artistic skills in the form of posters – on the topic “Role of Public participation in preventing corruption’. The students came up with innovative ideas and discussed on the issue ‘Public participation in providing integrity and eradicating corruption.
There was much to learn and every participant went back home with more knowledge and wisdom their what they had before the event.
In debate competition
1st Prize           -           SIDDHANT RANJAN  & RAUNAK PRAKASH
2nd Prize           -           AAKRITI SAHAY
3rd Prize           -           RAGHAV AGARWAL
Consulation Prize-       1) RISHAV JALAN    2) ADITYA BOSE

In Painting and Poster making competition.
1st Prize           -           PRIYANKA URVASHI
2nd Prize           -           PRASHANSA IPSA
3rd Prize           -           ADRIJA SARKAR
Consulation Prize        - 1)  RITI RAJ                          2) AMAR SAKSHAM TOPPO

Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi congratulated the winners and said that such programmes used go a long way in resolving most of the problems related to corruption in our country. He also said that it is the youth of our country who can do a lot to eradicate corruption and take our country to greater heights.

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