Result of International English Olympiad of Class I and II

Students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi have proved their academic excellence by winning coveted awards in the International English Olympiad.

Adarshini Samaddar, Dhairya Barnwal, Yashi Bhanu and Ananya Ghosh of Class I were awarded the 1st position in the international ranking and they received gifts worth Rs. 1000/- and Gold medals for the same.

Aditya Divya Amiya, Prapoon Kundu, Prithivi Raj, Atulya and Somya Prakash of Class II were also awarded the 1st position in the international ranking and they too received gifts worth Rs. 1000/- and Gold medals for the same.

Saarthak Anand of Class II bagged the 6th position in the International English Olympiad and he received a cash award of Rs. 2500/- and the Zonal Gold medal.

Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi congratulated the winners and remarked that such laurels add to the pride and prestige of the school.

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Delhi Public School, Ranchi becomes SAT Centre

Delhi Public School Ranchi strongly believes in imparting holistic education and providing the best facilities to the students so that they can make a mark in the society. In keeping with this idea DPS Ranchi become one of the first ‘Scholastic Assessment Test’(SAT) centre in Jharkhand. The school will also be a resource centre to make it easier for students to navigate a path from high school to college in foreign universities all over the world. Each year, millions of students take SAT at more than 7000 test centres in more than 180 countries and it’s a matter of immense pride that in the years to come DPS Ranchi will also enlisted in that list. Here its worth mentioning that it was only because of the Principal’s progressive thinking and visionary approach for the well being of the students that this idea has taken shape. Speaking on this issue Dr. Ram Singh Principal DPS Ranchi said that the students will be provided with all the essential materials required for the preparation of this exam under the same roof and they will also be able to take the test.

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Students return to the Home Land from World Debate Competition at Prague

Students return to the Home Land after proving their mettle in World Debate Competition at Prague


7 students of DPS Ranchi had gone to Czech Republic (Prague) for World Schools Debate Competition scheduled from 17th to 20 February. for students of + 2 level.

46 teams from 16 countries like India, China, Solovania, Canada, Slovakia, Denmark, Italy, Georgia, Syria, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Greece, and Czech Republic etc had participated in the 4- days Prague Debates Spring Tournament. It was held at Charles University Law Faculty, Prague, Czech Republic. Only 2 schools from India had participated in this competition.

After the opening ceremony on 17th Feb began the 1st round which was prepared round. The topic was “The western democracies failed to support the Democratic change in Syria by a timely military intervention.” This was followed by round 2, the impromptu round  and the topic was “ The house wishes to ban fortune telling” and “The house believes that the business  should be able to deny to impart service to a customer if the request conflicts with the owner’s religious belief.” DPS Ranchi defeated Georgia, Greece, Italy Hungary, Turkey and UAE in these rounds. Both teams from DPS Ranchi reached till the 6th round. 

Returning to the school the students were delighted to share their experiences.

Aditya Bose said “It was my first foreign tour and I am happy that it was planned from the school’s side. It was a privilege for me to represent my school at International level. I am grateful to my principal who gave me such an exposure to witness such a beautiful city and also a great opportunity to meet great debaters of the world.”

Shruti Bora said, “Being a part of DPS gave an opportunity to explore our skills. We got to interact with people around the world. This platform gave us detailed knowledge of PDS. Debating and talking to people was a great experience for me. We won against teams from Turkey. Greece, Italy, etc.

Raunak Prakash said. “Overall it was magical experience in the city of Prague as I witnessed and competed with hundreds of world level debaters from across the global. I am proud to be one of the world debaters and am blessed with this opportunity given to us by our principal sir, Dr. Ram Singh”

Suhani said she is indeed grateful to the principal and the school for giving her an opportunity to visit Prague and be a part of the World Schools Debate Competition. We gained to lot of knowledge and indepth information of PDS. Meeting students from different parts of the world cannot be expressed in words. This trip has undoubtedly polished and refined our debating skills.

Rishav Jalan said, “I thank our Hon’ble principal Dr. Ram Singh for bestowing as with this golden opportunity to be a part of PDS 2017. It was a momentous experience and a great learning curvature. It enriched our personality as a whole. It helped us to become friends with hundreds of debaters from across the globe.

The principal, Dr. Ram Singh, congratulated the students on their return and said that he had full faith in his students that they will definitely bring laurels to the school. He also said that he will try and provide maximum global exposure to the students of DPs Ranchi and make them Global citizens. 

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Ravi beats Ganges House by 3-0 in Inter House Football Final Match

A spectacular Inter House Junior’s football final was held on 15.02.2017 at DPS Ranchi for the students of Class IV. The players of Ravi and Ganges Houses participated under the captainship of Umang Chhetri and Sanyam respectively. The jubiliant audience witnessed a match full of thrill and excitement. Every player fought for the goal of victory for their respective House showing a perfect example of teamwork and unity.

The match started with a toss won by Ganges House. With no goals before half time by any of the teams, Ravi scored three goals one after the other leaving everyone astounded. Two goals were scored by Agastya and one by Umang which definitely acted as catalyst for the players of the House. Ultimately, with the wonderful strategy of defense, Ganges gave no more chance to goal and at last Ravi House was declared the glorifying winner of the match with a score of      3 – 0 . The day ended with the flag of Ravi House flying high with pride in the air and leaving behind the essence of sportsman spirit everywhere. 

DR. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi congratulated all the players for their outstanding performance and said that game is an important part of life which nourishes the physical as well as mental growth of children. It also enlightens the flame of unity among the students.

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Career Counselling session for Classes IX and X at DPS Ranchi

Life is all about chances and opportunities. Never let an opportunity get away.


Yes!  Choosing or right career is one of these facts of life that can either build up or break you down. Therefore to deal with this confusion. Delhi Public School Ranchi organised a career counselling session for the students of classes IX and X along with their parents on 11.02.2017 in the school auditorium.

Dr. Sanjeev Arora, a noted public speaker, an experienced career and behavioural  counselor briefed the parents and the students about the best career option available today.

Being a part of this session on career counselling was itself a wondrous experience for the student of IX and X. It helped them to-

  • To find out their areas of intellect and interest.
  • Well equipped to take the right choice.
  • To identify their potential and choose the right subjects beneficial for their academic and professional growth.
  • Tap their innate ability.

This session was highly beneficial for the parents as well as they could understand and realize the importance of SWOT Analysis of their wards- Analysis the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.

It was a highly enriching session as the resource person explained each and every thing with live examples. He spoke about the various career options available other than medical and engineering and what are the procedures of enrolling in their professional courses. Career options like hotel management, law, defense service etc were dealt with extensively.


Dr. Ram Singh Principal DPS Ranchi who is ever ready to provide the best facilities on a platter for the students. He also said that children should be motivated to travel on there paths which are less trodden. 


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Mathematics at DPS Ranchi will now be taught using on 'TAMAI' Method of education from Japan

In order to nurture the global citizens of tomorrow, a workshop on TAMAI Method: a well known Japanese style education was organised by KIWAMI – A Japanse organization, having its branches in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Bangkok etc. Students of Primary wing participated in this programme. They learned calculation skills visualization ability, geometric concept that does not rely on formulae.

Chairperson of KIWAI Mitsuyo Tamai herself conducted the workshop. Along with her was Haruka Takano, the secretary, and a team of officials from New Delhi. The workshop aimed to develop a ‘Shape brain’ that does not rely on formulae and train the faculty of imagination. This system allows children to enhance their abilities regard less of their grade in school.

Education system is ever evolving and DPS Ranchi strives to keep pace with it in the benefits of the students. In the absence of in-depth knowledge, subjects like Maths and Science have created phobias in the young mind. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi the school has taken the initiative to uproot these phobias through such programmes.

Children learnt calculations using Ee SOROBAN. It is a unique calculation method called 'Imaging Calculation' which enables to visualize Soroban in mind. Students watched movies where the calculation is actually performed on a Soroban, which helps them to foster skills to calculate more accurately and quickly.

The children learned construction of shapes visually by watching solids in animation. The ability to be able to visualize the formation of shape is vitally important in solving geometry questions. Further more beautifully designed and exciting animations kept children focused and entertained.

The organization is working wonders by supporting teachers in educational institutions, held seminars and workshop more than 80 times a years all over the world including countries like India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore and also in Japan.

It helps in enhancing children’s abilities regardless of their grade in school. Cloud based learning program is adopted.



This organization also has a well developed science lab where kinds love science more. This lab is a continuous experience of discovery, thrill and joy where every kid is in a lead role.

Merely learning the concepts is not education. How students apply these operations matters.

Principal, Dr. Ram Singh advocated that the education method should keep evolving to foster children’s abilities and inculcate passion for learning. He said “We are futuristic and we always look forward to provide such opportunities to students which give them a global view. He also said the in this session we had invited the US consul General, organized overseas education fair, some students are also visiting Czech Republic this year for World Debate Competition because our mission is to nurture global citizens.

A one month pilot project for the students along with a traing programme for the teachers has also been scheduled. 


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Discover Peace and Joy within through SAHAJA YOGA meditation at DPS, Ranchi

A yoga meditation programme was conducted by Sahaja Yoga foundation under the ages of Col. S.K. Kochhar today 31.01.2017 at Delhi Public School, Ranchi for the students where upon children were taught some easy yoga techniques.

Saha Yoga means easy yoga helps to relieve stress and tension and balance our internal energy. It is an unique method of meditation by awakening of Kundalini ( the energy believed to lie at the base of the spine). It incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and mantras. It also aims at building physical vitality and increase consciousness. Speaking on the occasion Cl. Kochhar elaborated on the immense benefits of yoga for students. Children are always under stress to the speed up lifestyle and pressure of study.

They need to focus on the inner health which is an integral part of their personality. Effect meditation with proper technique can reset the system in a few short minutes. Practice should be regular as children need to be mentally clear. Kundalini practice can boost the brain chemistry and they will be able to perform better in their exams.  


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DPS Primary Wing students trip to 'Fun Castle'

Students of primary wing had a great day as the school organized a trip to ‘Fun Castle’ for them on 28th January 2017. The trip was a perfect blend of fun, frolic and amusement. Everyone was excited when buses reached the venue. They spent about 3 hours roaming around with their friends and teachers. They enjoyed different rides along with their teachers which gave them a warmth of togetherness. Some of the joy rides they cherished with their friends are – Dragon, Sky Train, Tornado, Catter Pillar, Striking Car and Harakiri.

They had lunch with friends in shades of trees and experienced real life situation of sharing and caring, team spirit and felt the joy of being independent in their life. The day was full of fun packed, adventure for them. It was a whole new experience for them which they will remember for many years from now.

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Interactive Session for parents of class PREP at DPS Ranchi

‘Introductory Session’ for the new entrants  at DPS Ranchi


Starting school is a major milestone for parents as well as the young new beginners and a start of a new journey for both of them.


Keeping this in view Delhi Public School, Ranchi organised an introductory session for the parents of new entrants in its school premises on 28th January 2017.  This was mainly for the parents to understand the teaching methodology implemented in the school. It was a one session program for parent’s comfort. Apart from teaching process, parents came to know about fee structure, school rules and regulations. 


The session commenced with welcoming of the parents followed by welcome song by the tiny tots. A colourful and stupendous cultural programme presented by the little ones of class one and two made the audience enthralled.


During the briefing session Incharge of Primary Wing Mrs. Jaya Prasad provided the parents with an insight on the school curriculum. While briefing she laid emphasis that parents should ensure that their wards come to school regularly in neat and clean uniform and their Tiffin must contain healthy and nourishing food.

Principal, Dr. Ram Singh in his address speech welcomed the parents and their children to the DPS community and said, DPS encourages a child’s learning by providing an environment to explore and by encouraging his natural curiosity. He added, even in the crowd DPS students look apart and it is a matter of great pride that DPS, Ranchi has been declared as the 3rd best school of the country and the best school in Jharkhand. Moreover he said DPS is a part of strong and vibrant education system which ensures, every child gets opportunity to thrive, learn, grow and shine.


Parents came to understand and accept that starting school is a part of their children’s long term progression from dependence to independence.

The session provided a platform for the parents to visualize the activities carried in the school. It was for the betterment of their children and was an opening gateway to the success of their tiny tots.


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Farewell for Class XII (2016-17)

Hasta La Vista – Until We Meet Again


Today on 24.01.2017, DPS Ranchi organised a grand farewell ceremony for the outgoing batch of students of 2016-17 at the school’s Auditorium with great enthusiasm. It was a memorable day for the children who enjoyed an emotional last day with the school which has left an indelible mark on their entire childhood. The function began with a somber prayer service as is customary. The school choir then performed a melodious rendition of the classic swagatam song. The Principal, Dr. Ram Singh, then addressed the students. He narrated a story to the students about two students of class 6 and class 8. He through the story, emphasized on the importance of being positive. He said, ‘the world may be against you, but it only depends on you how optimistic you are and a negative eye into positive one.’ He also asked the students to hold on to the values ingrained in them in this temple of learning. He wished all the students ingrained in them and asked them never to bow down when faced with obstacles and miseries of life for “Failures are the killers of Success”.

After this followed the cultural programme which included superb dance performances on Bollywood smash hits like Kamli, Kala Chashma etc. Yuvraj Pradhan and Reyan of Class XII also performed dance. They said that it was really a touching moment as the school’s stage was danced upon for the last time.

Then came the most the announcement of Miss and Mister D.P.S. Ritika of Class XII F got the Miss DPS title whereas Pranay Ghosh of Class XII I was Mister DPS.

Some special awards were also given:

Miss Mega mind          -           Tiyasha Mitra

Mr. Mega Mind            -           Anirudh Anil Ojha

Voice of DPS   -           Tithi Ghosh

Athlete of DPS -           Shreya Singh

Miss Social B   -           Ananya Samanta: Mr. Social B- Ayush Mayank

Magnificent and Marvellous Award- Tithi Ghosh


Eminence student award- Rehan Arshad, Ayushi Mehta and Shubhankar Shekhar.

Headboy Shubh Mishra and Head Gir Snigdha Chatterjee were awarded with Best Debators Award. &

Yuvraj Pradhan & Urvashi got the Popular Person Award. 


Then came the most sentimental part for the students. The departing students came up to speak about their experiences. Each one was filled with emotion. They said that they would never forget the days spent in DPS Ranchi. Shubh Mishra the Head Boy of the school said, “I owe a lot to DPS Ranchi especially our honorable principal, Dr. Ram Singh. It is this school which has helped in identifying the immense potential which each student has “He said that he would always keep with him the values which has been taught to him at DPS Ranchi. He thanked everyone for helping him in some way or the other.


Towards the end the Principal told all the students that the gates of DPS Ranchi is always opened for its students and whenever they wish they can visit their alma-mater. With these words the function came to an end with almost all eyes filled with tears be it the students or the teachers. 


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