In order to inculcate the leadership quality in the students the school cabinet was formed and they were inducted through a grand investiture ceremony at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 04/07/2017 for the session 2017-18.

The event was presided over by Brigadier Sunil Kumar NV (Indian Army) as the Chief Guest and Mr. B.N. Thakur ED RDCIS SAIL as the Guest of Honor in the senior section and other distinguished guests, whereas Mr. Sanjay Rajan Singh IPS SP Traffic Ranchi as the Chief Guest in the juniors.

The program began with the melodious welcome song. Thereafter the newly appointed school appointees as well as the house appointees took the oath in front of the whole school. The oaths were administered by the honorable Chief Guest.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school explained the significance of Investiture Ceremony and said that it denotes the investment in being leaders and the trust and confidence we repose in our newly invested office bearers for the involvement of the student’s community in the day to day functioning of the school since we believe in child centric approach. He also said that leadership gives a sense of responsibility and dedication, and today’s school captains will go on to become tomorrow’s leaders.

On this occasion the school was made aware of the unique selection process in which it was highlighted that academics, discipline and behavior has been given utmost priority so that they become role models for not only their batch mates but also their juniors.

In the senior section of the school Aditya Bose was appointed as the Head boy and Gurmeet as the Head girl. Mayank Sharma was appointed as the Cultural Secretary (boys) and Ananya Suman as the Cultural Secretary (girls). Shlok Bashistha is the new sports captain (boys) and Smriti Bhagat Sports captain (girls).

The Chief Guest of the event congratulated the students and motivated them to be dutiful and responsible. Brigadier Sunil Kumar NV (Indian Army) shared the difference between the leaders and managers and said that develop your personality to become tomorrow’s leaders as the future of India is in the hands of the young generation.

The Guest of Honor Mr. B.N. Thakur ED RDCIS SAIL motivated the new leaders and said that leaders are the one to take out the best in all.

In the primary section of the school Yash Raj was appointed as the Head boy and Shreya Sarawat as the Head girl. Rishit Das was appointed as the Cultural Secretary (boys) and Pragya Pallavi as the Cultural Secretary (girls). Anshuman is the new sports captain (boys) and Arpita Sports captain (girls). Apart from these the children the house captains and the vice captains also handed over the house flags.

The Chief Guest of primary section Mr. Sanjay Ranjan Singh IPS SP Traffic Ranchi congratulated the students exported them to up hold the values and be honest in discharging their duties. He also appreciated the school for providing opportunities to imbibe democratic values through such activities.

A short cultural program was also presented by the Dipsites in honor of the Chief Guests. The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks, proposed by the head girl. The event was conducted with the high degree of sincerity and enthusiasm.

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KIWAMI Officials Interact with Dipsite’s Parents

Maths will no more be a nightmare for children of Delhi Public School, Ranchi, as they will be taught the TAMAI method to solve mathematical problems. A team of KIWAMI conducted an introductory workshop for parents in the school premises. KIWAMI is a Japanese organization and the team members present were from Japan and Delhi. They informed the parents about the new techniques of learning and their benefits of Ee Soroban, KIWAMI Geometry and Robotics.

Mitsuyo Tamai the CEO of KIWAMI was the chief spokes person. The other members who were there are Ms Haruka Takano (Secretary to the Chairperson), Mr. Siddharth Marwa (MD), Ms. Ketaki Kapoor (Sales Executive), Ms. Manpreet Marwa  (Central manager) and Ms. Kanika Bhatia (Teacher).

Ee Soroban is a unique method use for calculation which would enable children to visual Soroban in their mind. It is also known as imaging calculation because in order to complete grip over Robotics, Science and Mathematics it’s important for the children to be able to form an image in their mind. This will not only help them to solve problems quickly but also accurately.

KIWAMI Geometry- It would be useful for children for the perspective of viewing solid objects.

Robotics- This technique would be benef

icial for enhancing problem solving skills and time management.

The head of the institution Dr. Ram Singh being a visionary feels that we should not restrict ourselves and be open to new ideas and techniques in the fields of education.  He is a pioneer in introducing innovative techniques in the field of education and it has always been his mission to give the best facilities to his students, so that they may carve a niche for themselves in the global arena.

The parents who attended the introductory workshop were of the opinion that children will be highly benefited as it will help them to faster skills to solve problems comfortably regardless of grade in school.

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Intramural Basketball Tournament (Finals)

Today on 30th June 2017 the final match of the Intramural Basketball Tournament took place in the premises of Delhi Public Ranchi.

The final match were played between Jhelum vs Jamuna (boys) and Ravi vs  Jamuna (girls).

Jamuna defeated Jhelum by 20/2 in boys category and Ravi defeated Jamuna by 6/0 in girls category and won the tournament.

On this of Final of Intramural Basketball Tournament the principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated the winning teams and said that it feels proud to see the sportsman sprit of the students.

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Students of DPS Ranchi (Primary Wing) showcased the versatility of Summer Months

Students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi (Primary Wing) showcased the versatility of Summer Months through their monthly activity programme which was held on Friday, June 30, 2017.

The blooming kids of Pre-Primary came-up with an inspiring and informative programme titled “Good Bye Summer”. The cherub of Std.- I started the event with welcome song. They showed the important facts, Do’s and Dont’s about the season through their dance and songs which was surely an eye-treat to the parents present over there. Followed by Std.- II who brought some eye-opening information through their act. The little angel enlightened us with the important events which fall in the month of June. Like Summer Solstice, International Yoga Day, World Environment Day. Each event was showcased through wonderful poems, songs and dance.

The programme took place under the gracious presence of the Principal Dr. Ram Singh; who threw light on the importance of on-stage performance of kids and appreciated their hard work and efforts to accomplish such a wonderful programme.

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Intramural Basketball Tournament at Dps Ranchi (Day 2)

Today 29th June 2017 was the 2nd day of the Intramural Basketball Tournament in Delhi Public Ranchi.

The semifinal matches were played between the teams of both boys and girls. In today’s matches among boys Jamuna defeated Ganges with 4/0 and Jhelum defeated Ravi with 4/0 and qualified for the finals.

Whereas among girls Jamuna defeated Ganges with 10/0 and Ravi defeated Jhelum with 4/0 and qualified for the finals. Tomorrow’s final match will be played between Jhelum and Jamuna in boys, and Ravi and Jamuna in girls.

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Intramural Basketball Tournament in DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School Ranchi organizes an Intramural Basketball Tournament for both boys and girls. The Intramural Basketball Tournament will take place from 28th June to 30th June 2017 in the basketball court of the school premises.

The tournament was inaugurated by the honorable Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh with a Jump ball. On this opening day of the tournament the Principal said that it is very important to have these tournaments in the school. Today the children are found busy in their mobile phones and laptops which lead them to become physically unfit. Therefore, it’s important for the children to be to a part of sports activities for their overall development. He also encouraged the students to play at the state and national level in the days to come.

The houses are divided into two pools, Pool A and Pool B. Pool A consists of Chenab, Ganges and Jamuna, and whereas, Pool B consists of Jhelum, Ravi and Sutlej. This tournament is organized for the students of class VI to IX.

Today total 4 matches were played between the two pools. The basketball matches were played between Chenab vs Jamuna and Jhelum vs Sutlej. In the match between the girls Jamuna defeated Chenab by 8/0 and Jhelum defeated Sutlej by 4/0, whereas in boys Jamuna defeated Chenab by 3/0 and Jhelum defeated Sutlej by 6/0. Tomorrow the matches will be played between Jamuna vs Ganges for both girls and boys.

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Two Festivals of Diverse India were Celebrated Together in DPS Ranchi

India has always enjoyed the essential unity of culture amidst diversities that kept her people united.

The two different festivals of diverse India were celebrated together in the primary section of DPS Ranchi. On this occasion of the celebration of the two festivals  Id-ul-Fitr and Rath Yatra, the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that such celebrations bring friendliness and bonding at a very young age. These kinds of celebration also bring togetherness and inculcate respect and independent thinking in young minds.

It was a colourful foray by the tiny tots who were in the traditional attire of salwar-kameez, pyajama-kurta and Dhoti-Kurta. Children came out of their classroom to mark both the occasions together. Young ones were with the chariot of “Lord Jagannath” and greeted each other “Id-Mubarak” as well to celebrate both the festivals.

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Delhi Public School Ranchi welcomed the fresher’s of class XI

Delhi Public School Ranchi welcomed the fresher’s of class XI in its premises on 22nd June 2017. Welcoming the students the Principal of the School Dr. Ram Singh addressed the children. He spoke about the achievements and what the school expects from them. He also said that in DPS we give equal importance to both co curricular and extracurricular activities because it not only helps in shaping the personality but also making confident global citizen.

The science and commerce toppers of the school shared their views and gave valuable tips to the newly enrolled Dipsites. Anirudh Anil Ojha the science topper and the JEE Advanced topper of the school emphasized on smart work, determination and dedication.  Manya (Science Topper) said that along with hard work needs to be contented and happy only then it is possible to give your best. She also said that solving sample papers will be highly beneficial.

 Muskan Khowal (Commerce Topper) was of the opinion that concepts should be clear so that application based questions can be dealt comfortably. The importance of class room teaching, regularity and punctuality was also highlighted by her.

Tiyasha Mishra who has clinched a seat in AIIMS Spoke about the importance of being thorough with the NCERT books especially in Biology.

While concluding this session the head of the institution cited the works of Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose and Swami Vivekananda and promised that he will not leave any stone unturned to provide the best facilities to the students so that they can achieve their goals.

The students who attended the program found the entire session to be extremely useful and enriching. They said that it was the outstanding performance of the school that motivated them to enroll themselves in this school.

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International Day of Yoga Celebrated at DPS Ranchi

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga day Delhi Public School Ranchi celebrated the day with great enthusiasm and vigour. The event began with a short prayer.

Initiated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of our country the  entire nation along with the rest of the world celebrated International’b Day of Yoga, on 21.06-2017 Delhi Public School Ranchi too celebrated this day with great pomp and show where the entire school performed an array of "Asanas" in unison with the Principal taking the lead. This day was celebrated for the first time on 21st June 2015.

Sharing his view on International Day of Yoga, in his speech the head of the institution Dr. Ram Singh said that yoga is important for remaining fit and healthy and it is more important for students as it increases their concentration level as well as it helps them to fight stress. Therefore yoga should be practiced daily at least for 20 minutes.

It is important to mention here that yoga is not only a physical exercise where one twists, turns, stretches and breaths in the most complex way but, rather a technique that teaches you how one can perform wonders by gaining control over ones breathing.

The teachers liked the event and said that it was the best opportunity to know about yoga and its importance. Children also felt that yoga is beneficial for them for their physical as well as mental growth.

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Musical Evening on the occasion of World Music Day at DPS Ranchi

DPS Ranchi believes in grooming a child to their utmost potential both academically and culturally. In keeping with this idea a soulful musical evening was organised on the occasion of World Music Day in the Vivekananda Auditorium on 21-06-2017.

Mr. N.N. Sinha (IAS) Additional Chief Secretary Government of Jharkhand was the chief guest for this programme and Mr. Rahul Sharma (Sec. Tourism Jharkhand) as a special guest.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school extended a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests and thanked the audience specially the children for attending this programme. In his speech he also made the people aware about the differences between western and classical music. He also said that such kind of programmes were meant to connect the people specially the young generation with the rich heritage of Indian Classical music which in turn in help to foster Indian values.

The Chief Guest for today’s programme said that its indeed a wonderful coincidence that International Yoga Day and World Music Day is being celebrated on the same day because both music and yoga are equally beneficial for the relaxation of the mind.

After this the internationally acclaimed musician were felicitated by the Chief Guest and the Principal of the school.

The eminent artists of the evening were the great Flute Mastero Pt. Rakesh Chaurasia and
Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya a Santoor player of great acclaim. They were accompanied by the renowned Tabla player Pt. Ram Kumar Mishra. This musical extravaganza enthralled the audience and created a beautiful musical atmosphere.

‘Spic Macay’ is basically a voluntary youth movement which promotes intangible aspects of Indian cultural heritage like Indian classical music, classical music, folk music, yoga, meditation, crafts and other aspects of Indian culture.

On the whole the programme was a huge success and the audience was of the opinion that it was an experience of a life time and the melodious presentation was extremely soothing to their minds especially when life today has become extremely mechanical and mundane.

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