Intramural Kabadi Tournaments in DPS, Ranchi

Intramural Kabadi Tournament organized in the premises of Delhi Public School Ranchi. In the Kabadi Tournament was played into Group A and Group B. Group A (Senior section) consisted of students of class X - XII and Group B (Junior section) consists of students of class VI-IX.   

In the Kabadi Tournament semi final in Group A was played between Ganges House vs Jamuna House and Ravi House vs Jhelum House. In the semi finals Ganges House defeated Jamuna House by 54/22 and Jhelum House defeated Ravi House by 20/12 and qualified for the finals.

In Group B the final match was played between Chenab House vs Ganges House and Ravi House vs Sutlej House.  In the semi finals Sutlej House defeated Chenab House by 30/21and Ravi House defeated Sutlej House by 23/1 and qualified for the finals.

In the Kabadi Tournament final in Group A Jhelum House defeated Ganges House by 44/35 and Ravi House defeated Ganges House by 43/11 in Group B and won the tournament.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the winning teams said that along with mental ability physical fitness is also important and therefore these activities are important for the students. 


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Robotics Classes at Delhi Public School, Ranchi

Robotics classes were organized in Delhi Public School, Ranchi for the students of class III-VI by the trainerss of “Tamai Onettom Private Limited”.

Robotics is a technique that would be beneficial for enhancing problem solving skills and time management. Along with it, it helps in science and technology education and develops analytical and problem solving skills. It trains to create, design and build a robot model that looks or behaves like a human athlete.

 In a class room Robotics benefits the students in several ways:

  • It can be launching pad for students to realize their passion.
  • A strong robotics curriculum can create leaders.
  • Robotics can teach students how to communicate across different technology platforms.
  • It can lead to community involvement. 
  • Robotics teaches essential teamwork skills.

 Principal Dr. Ram Singh remarked that Robotics is an effective way of learning and these classes will help the students know and understand the benefits of Robotics classes. He also said that these classes will create an educational bridge between India and Japan.

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Intramural Badminton Tournament (boys) at DPS Ranchi

Intramural Badminton Tournament (boys) final was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School Ranchi for students of class V. 

 In the Boy’s Singles Shreyash Vinay Maharaj won the match defeating Vaibhav Chandra.

Whereas in the Boys Doubles the match was played between Rashik Raj and Ruhan Hussain vs Atharv Aryan and Kumar Sanyan, Rashik Raj and Ruhan Hussain won the match.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of DPS Ranchi congratulated the winners on their victory.

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Lets Harvest Good Character Programme, at DPS Ranchi

Neither money pays, nor name, nor fame nor learning, it is character that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties. - Swami Vivekanand

 A cultural programme on "Lets Harvest Good Character" was held in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 31st July 2017. This program was showcased by the students of class III.

The programme began with the children laying emphasis on the importance of good character, which was followed by various presentations on virtues like honesty, patience, kindness, punctuality etc. 

The Children highlighted the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand on the importance of good character and its benefits in life. They also quoted the famous quotes of some prominent personalities. 

The programme ended with a beautiful song.

The Principal, of the school Dr. Ram Singh remarked that family and social values are most important in an individual’s life but in today’s world the values are at the verge of extinction. Therefore with the help of this programme the students were motivated to inculcate good character in themselves.

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Road Safety Workshop at DPS Ranchi

A workshop for the school bus drivers and conductors was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 30th July 2017. More than 200 drivers and conductors of  18 different CBSE schools of Ranchi attended the workshop. Mr. Sanjay Ranjan Singh the traffic S.P. of  Ranchi Jharkhand was the Chief Guest for the day along with Mr. Radha Prem Kishore (DSP, Traffic), Santosh Kumar (Traffic Inspector, Jagganathpur) and Dr. Ashok Kumar ( Santevita Hospital) are also present as guest at this ocassion. The resource person for the occasion was Mr. Rishab (from RISE UP NGO) and Mr. Rajeev Sinha (from Jharkhand Film & Theatre Academy) .

The motive of the workshop was to make them aware of about the traffic rules and regulation and safety. The attendees of the workshop were informed about the Traffic rules and symbols with the help of documentaries and a play like “Horn Mat Bajao” and “Zidd” on Road safety done by Jharkhand Film Academy. 

There is a Medical Check-up camp for all bus staffs done by Santevita Hospital.  
At this occasion Dr. Ashok Kumar demonstrate on First-Aid Information.
Mr. R. P. Kishore said about the responsibility of School Bus Staffs who takes future of the nation.
Mr. Santosh Kumar took the Alcohol test through breath analyzer.
On addressing the audience Mr. Sanjay Ranjan Singh firstly discuss about Medical Check-up result of different drivers and bus staffs and focused to avoid alcohol during duty hours. He also interact with different school bus staffs on stage and said all the staffs to take oath to avoid use alcohol. 

The rules and regulations they were informed about are as follows:

  • It is compulsory to write "On School Duty" both at the front and back of the bus.
  • It is compulsory to write the “Police Help Line No. 100” in the bus.
  • The fire extinguisher should be placed at the right place in the bus. The bus driver and conductor should know how to operate the fire extinguisher.
  • First Aid box should be kept at its place.
  • The bus driver and conductor should be in their proper uniform. Both of them should carry I-card with their name, post and blood group written on it.
  • Both the bus driver and conductor should were shoes along with their uniform.
  • The bus driver and conductor should not consume any kind of intoxication on duty.
  • The bus driver should have a license of driving a heavy vehicle for minimum 5years. 

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks.

At the end of the attendees seemed happy with the information they received and said that these information’s will help them know, understand and follow the rules and help them avoid accidents and be safe.  

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Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated at DPS Ranchi

Celebrating the "Kargil Vijay Diwas" the young buds of class II commemorated the contribution of Indian Armed Force with an activity programme, on 29th July, 2017.

The students paid homage to the soldiers with a beautiful act and a few patriotic songs. During the programme a child delivered an amazing speech on "The word solider gives us a selfless feeling", which left the parents gallery stunned from within. The program was followed by a heart touching poem "If I Die", which left the audience in tears. The patriotic show ended with an inspirational song "Kandhe se Milte Hain Kandhe" which made the audience salute the students for their commendable performance. 

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the students for their heart touching performance of the Indian Army and their efforts to accomplish such a wonderful programme. He also said that such type of patriotic programme helps us to give birth to patriotism in the heart of kids at a tinder age.

The parents felt extremely proud on the sense of gratitude toward the soldiers, shown by their little ones.
On the other had the students of class I performed on the theme "Welcome Monsoon" and gave a wonderful performance on the importance of monsoon. They also shared how to protect oneself from various diseases in an entertaining manner.

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An Interactive Session on GST at DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School, Ranchi organized an interactive session on 21.07.2017. The session on “Goods and Service Tax” was especially conducted for the commerce students of classes XI and XII. The resource person for the event was Mr. Pawan Periwal Chartered Account of “Danspark and Company” Jamshedpur.

The “Goods and Service Tax” is an indirect tax applicable throughout India which replaced multiple cascading taxes levied by the central and state governments. GST is being considered to be the biggest tax reform in 70 years of independence.  It was initially proposed in order to replace a slew of indirect taxes with a unified tax and was therefore set to dramatically reshape the country's 2 trillion dollar economy. 

On this day the head of the institution Dr. Ram Singh welcomed the speaker and gave an introduction on “Goods and Service Tax” and said that, this session has been especially oraganised to keep the students updated and informed about the new developments and changes of the nation.  He also said that this session will help the students to know and understand GST more clearly.

During the interactive session the students were informed about GST and its importance. The students were also enlightened about its benefits and which taxes and levies will it replace. The information on different GST rates on several products was also an integral part of the session. 

The program ended with the vote of thanks. At the end of the session the students shared their views and said that the session was fruitful and would help them to understand GST in a lucid manner. 

In this session the resource person explained the benefits of GST through live examples.

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World Plastic Surgery Day & Awareness Programme from Fire at DPS Ranchi

On 20th July 2017 in the remembrance of the “Father of Plastic Surgery”  “Sushruta”, the contributor of the advancement of medicine in India between 1000 and 800BC, a workshop and awareness program was organized in the premises of DPS, Ranchi. Over 500 students of 36 different schools of Ranchi took part in the program.

Honorable IPS Director General Home Guard and Fire Services Mr. B.B. Pradhan was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The resource persons for the day were Dr. Anand Sinha Chief Plastic Surgeon and CEO Dev Kamal Hospital and Research Center, Dr. Raj Kumar Pathak Plastic Surgeon and Director Burns and Trauma Division Dev Kamal Hospital and Research Center, and Mr. R.K. Thakur State Fire Officer.

In this program students were made aware of the importance of plastic surgery and why it is done. Students were also informed about the skin donation and Skin bank for the purpose of treatment.

Further in the program the students were also informed about the safety and awareness related to fire. The Fire Brigade Department of Jharkhand demonstrated the fir extinguishment ways and its facilities. They also displayed the message in the form of banners saying “Jalne Par Pani Dale Jab Tak Jalan Cum Na Ho”.

On this occasion the Head of the School Dr. Ram Singh said that it is a great opportunity for the students to know about the fire extinction techniques and the importance of plastic surgery.

The Chief Guest of the occasion appreciated the initiatives of the principal and felt he is honored to be the part of such activities. He shared the types of surgery and said that each and every person needs plastic surgery in every wound they get. This mainly happens with the kids.

The school likes St.   Anna’s Intermediate Collage, Don Bosco High School, Balika Siksha Bhawan, Ursuline Convent, Governmet Inslamic Boys School etc. were present for the occasion.

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Delhi Public School Ranchi Celebrates its 28th Foundation Day

Delhi Public School, Ranchi celebrated its “Foundation Day” with an extravagant display of talent to mark the 28 years of existence of the institution par excellence. 17th July was a much awaited day when the students, staff and parents were enthused with a new vigor to witness the extraordinary endeavors of the dipsites who have worked relentlessly for the last one week.  

The Chief Guest for today’s programme was Shri Dinesh Oraon the honorable Speaker of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly.   The event was graced by Shri Chandreshwar Prasad Singh Minister for Urban Development, Housing Registration and Disaster Management Jharkhand, Shri Chandra Prakash Chaudhary Minister for Water Resources, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Shi Saryu Rai Minister forParliamentary Affairs, Foods, Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs, Shri RamChandra Chandravanshi Minister for Health, Medical Education and Family Welfare, Smt. Neera Yadav Minister for Human Resource and Development and Shri Randhir Kumar Singh Minister for Agriculture and Sugarcane Development, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries of the Government of Jharkhand, as the Guest of honor. The programme took place in the Vivekananda Auditorium of the school premises. The members of the school managing committee, Principals of eminent schools of Ranchi and  other dignitaries of the city were also present for the occasion. 

The program began with the rendition of the welcome song which was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the honorable Chief Guest and the Guests of Honor.  

The Principal of Delhi Public School Dr. Ram Singh greeted everyone present very warmly on this momentous occasion. He also expressed his heart felt gratitude to the honorable guests for taking out time from their busy schedule to be a part of the celebration. In his speech he spoke about the achievements of the school and how it has gradually come up as one of the best schools in the state of Jharkhand. For him education is not only restricted to academics but he also wants to ensure that every student should be given an opportunity to perform on stage. As a leader he believes mentoring his staff and students to understand the value of hard work and perseverance. He emphasized on the theme one world one family, so that each and every person in the world lives in harmony and peace. While delivering his speech he expressed his gratitude to the founder members and former principals who have contributed in turning DPS Ranchi a pioneer institution which is recognized nationally as well as internationally.    

The cultural fiesta was based on the theme “We are the World” and was marked by a series of exotic talents thus creating a festive mood. The instrumental music of the back score  has been adopted from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Summer of 69” which is the harbinger and precursor for today’s programme.
The cultural program continued with the display of a variety of international dance forms which included the power packet Chinese Dance, the disciplined Russian Ballet,the percussive and Technical Latin Tap, the glamorous Flaminco, the fun filled African Dance, and the sizzling Arabian Dance were a feast for the eyes. 

Then came the turn of the exquisite dance forms of ancient India - Bharatnatyam and Odissi which left the audience awestruck with their magical postures and graceful “mudras”. The performance of the leading dancers Smiriti Bhagat, Sakshi Vinay, Isha, Suvigyashree and Sandali were highly appreciated by the audience.
A powerful display of rhythmic yoga was put up by the students highlighting the importance of physical and mental well-being of every individual.

The auditorium rang with loud applause as dipsites fluently performed sang a French song. Presentation of Tagore’s song in German was also immensely applauded by the audience.

The ending was marked by the gathering of all the participants on stage as a display of unity in diversity with “Haste Hi Jana Hain” being played as the background score.

The whole show was successfully compered by Gurmeet, Raunaq Prakash, Aditya Bose, Kunal Roy, Naman Modi, Sarthak Wadhwa, Tabishi Garodia etc.

Later in the event the school magazine for the primary and senior section were released by the honorable guests.
Speaking on this occasion the Chief Guest congratulated the principal for doing a commendable job in grooming the students as global citizens. He said that it was heartening to learn that the students of DPS, Ranchi have spread all over the world, thereby keeping the name and fame of Jharkhand and their alma mater flying high. The honorable Chief Guest emphasized on the fact that true education means selfless service to the nation. He also gave his good wishes and blessings to the students of DPS.

Shri Ram Chandra Chandravanshi the Honorable Minister of Jharkhand for  Health Medical Education and welfare said that he was  content and gratified by the splendid show put up by the students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi. He also appreciated the commendable performance of the school and said that DPS Ranchi is not only a big name in the state but in the nation as well.

Shri Chandreshwar Prasad Singh Minister for Urban Development, Housing Registration and Disaster Management Jharkhand said that it’s a matter of immense pride that this school not only imparts quality education to the one’s staying in Ranchi but also to the children staying in the neighbouring states as well. He was all praise for the principal of the school because it is his hard work and dedication that has taken DPS Ranchi to such great heights.
The vote of thanks was given by the Head Girl Gurmeet.

Over 500 students joined hands in making the program a kaleidoscopic display of immense talent which was a clear reflection of the ideals of the school.

The parents left the hall feeling energized and overwhelmed with happiness. Brimming with smiles on their faces and they also appreciated the exhilarating show. They were of the opinion that their children were able to learn a lot about the global culture through this exquisite show for which they were highly indebted to the head of the institution.

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A Seasonal Clothing based activity for Class I at DPS Ranchi

An activity for class I was organized in the premise of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 15th July 2017. The activity was conducted on “seasonal clothing”. The students exuberantly participated in the activity meant to assess their understanding of seasonal clothing.

The joyous activity was conducted at the fragrant and lively school garden, where the tiny tots became a part of insightful assessment process. The students deliberately got divided into different seasons and were asked to select and segregate appropriate clothing. The teachers assessed their understanding.

With the help of this activity the students enriched their learning not only regarding clothing meant for different seasons but also learnt how to protect themselves from various seasonal diseases. While selecting the appropriate cloth, they also spoke about it that how and why is it useful for the specific season. The candid sharing of the learning not only strengthened their confidence to speak but also felicitated peer learning.

Dr. Ram Singh the head of the institution said that these activities not only help to monitor students learning but also offers them a playful mode of reinforcement

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