Living Book of DPS Ranchi -DR. H.S. Pandey

Sectional President of History (All India Oriental Conference Rohtak and Chennai session) and Archaeology (Yadavpur session, Kolkata) Dr. H.S. Pandey took session of Human Library at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 9th October 2017, Monday. 

Dr. H.S. Pandey interacted with the students and explained them the relevance of the subject history to the present day context, along with the values and philosophy of different historical character. He stressed in the importance of learning Indian Culture and tradition, as it motivates pupils to be ethical and follow humanity.

Dr. Pandey also shared some social aspects of life, such as family tradition and its values as the pillar of success and balanced life, and said that in order to achieve the goal one should think positive and be focused.

Dr. Ram Singh the principal of the school thanked Dr. H.S. Pandey for sharing his knowledge with the students and said that the knowledge of history will help the students to not only know and understand the core of the development and evaluation of mankind but also the cultural values, which will help them, walk in the path of life.

At the end of the session the students were highly motivated and said that the session helped them to know and understand the base of Indian culture, its basic morals and it is importance through Indian history.

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Jharkhand’s First SAT Examination

Delhi Public School, Ranchi successfully conducts its first Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) examination on 7th October 2017 (Saturday).

SAT is globally recognised as the standard test, taken for admission at US collages. It provides a yardstick for college to compare students for admission to their various programs. The purpose of this exam is not only to get admitted in a US collage but also to apply for scholarship, financial aid, or other programs that are required for the college admission test as a part of their application process.

71 Students of classes XI & XII from all over India appeared for the test. 

Dr.  Ram Singh the Principal of the school said it is great opportunity for the students of Jharkhand that they have such a facility in their own state. He also feels that it is a matter of pride and honour that DPS Ranchi has been selected as one of the centres for this prestigious exam.

The candidates who took this exam were of the opinion that they could answer the papers quite comfortably. They also said that the centre was well equipped with all the facilities and they were able to answer the papers in a relaxed manner and peaceful atmosphere.

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The First Human Books

Delhi Public School, Ranchi begins its first session of Human Library on 5th October 2017 (Thursday). The speakers of the day were Mr.  Chandan Singh the Director of Dreams VFX and Animation Academy Lalpur and Dr. Ravindranath Bhagat Ex- Vice Chancellor of Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribagh. The session was conducted for the students of classes IX-XII.

Mr.  Chandan Singh is the director of Dreams VFX and Animation Academy Lalpur.  He has worked in more than 100 movies namely Transformer 3, Narnia, Inception, Immortals, Dhoom 3, Baby, ABCD 2 etc.

Dr. Rabindranath Bhagat is an educationalist and the Ex- Vice Chancellor of Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribagh.

Dr. Ram Singh the principal of DPS Ranchi welcomed the guest and said that it is a great opportunity for the students to learn from the life of others. This will help them understand and face every phase of life.

During his session Mr. Chandan Singh shared the struggles of his life and said that patience and hard work are important to be successful and make a career in any of the field. He shared that a person should focus in the positive aspects of life and learn from the negative ones.

Dr. Rabindranath Bhagat shared the different phases of his life and said that in order to be successful a person should be focused and fix his target, which will help them become the best. He also inspired the students giving the examples of Dhiruhai Ambani, MS Dhoni etc.

The session also included of an interactive session which students asked several questions related to choosing a right career, how to tackle stressful situations, how to make a career in the different types of fields etc.

At the end of the session the students shared that it has guided them to tackle different phases of life and in choosing the right career option. 

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World Smile Day Celebrated

Delhi Public School, Ranchi celebrated ‘World Smile Day’ on 6th October 2017.  A session on happiness was organized by Art of living for the students of classes Prep-II to educate the students to combat with the stress and worries.

The session began with an energetic action song which filled the young kids with enthusiasm. The session was continued with yoga, dance and musical sessions. The students were educated about the importance of happiness and smile.

Happiness was spread among the children with the songs like ‘Bum Bum Bole’, ‘Galti se Mistake’ and ‘Give me the Sun Shine’.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school said that smile gives us the courage to face all kinds of problems. Bringing smile on people's faces makes us smile and happy too. We should spread happiness around us. This will lead us to happy and peaceful life.

Mr. Mit Prasanna the yoga teacher of ‘Sri Sri School of Yoga’ with his ‘Art of Living’ team and Mr. Saurav Verma singer of the ‘Bandish’ band and Mr. Avinash Mishra the mentor of ‘Indian Idol’ took the entertaining session.

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Noble Laureate Kailash Satyarthi

Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, who won the Nobel Prize for peace in 2014, was at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 25th September 2017 to interact with the children. The topic of the session was “Child exploitation and child abuse”. He is an iconic figure; he has been waging a war against child abuse who is on ‘Bharat Yatra’ in order to spread awareness across India. Smt. Arti Kujur Chairman, JSCPCR were also present for the occasion.

Mr. Kailash Sathyarthi is Indian children’s rights and education advocate and an activist against child labour. He founded the Bachpan Bachao Andolan. He has acted to protect the rights of more than 83,000 children from 144 countries. His work is recognized through various national and international honours and awards including the Nobel Peace Prize of 2014.

50 students from each school of the city were the part of this session. The session was organized to educate the students about child abuse and trafficking and make them aware and cautious from such activities.  

The programme began with a welcome song, followed by a felicitation of students for their best academic performance and the interactive session with Mr. Kailash Sathyarthi. Students of class IV to IX asked several questions.

Mr. Kailash Sathyarthi shared different types of children related problems like child marriage, child labour, child trafficking etc. and said that it’s a time to join hands with him to eradicate the moral epidemic of child abuse and trafficking.

On this day the head of the institution Dr. Ram Singh welcomed the speaker and gave an introduction on “Child Exploitation and Child Abuse”   and said that, this session has been especially organized to keep the   students updated and informed about the criminal activities related to the children of the country and help the students to know and understand about the problems faced by the kids. He also said that it was a golden opportunity for us to join hands with him in his mission to eradicate the moral epidemic of child abuse and trafficking.

The session ended with a rally from Delhi Public School, Ranchi to Birsa Chowk lead by Noble Laureate Mr. Kailash Sathyarthi. The rally had slogans like ‘Save Child Save India’, ‘Stop Child Labour’, ‘Stop Human Trafficking’ etc.

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India’s Second Most Reputed School Delhi Public School, Ranchi

Known for its unique and new ideas DPS Ranchi has ranked 2nd in India according to the survey done and published by the educational magazine Education World.

On compiling the 2017 -18 league tables of all day schools, the respondents, comprising parents, principals teachers and senior students  were  persuaded to rate them on different parameters or attributes.

On the reasoning that there is more to education than academic or scholastic election i.e, the reputation, co-curricular education, sports education, faculty competence, individual attention to students, value of money, leadership/ management quality, parental involvement, infrastructure provision, internationalism teacher, welfare and development, life skills education etc. DPS Ranchi has ranked among India’s most reputed schools holding the 2nd position.

On this achievement Dr. Ram Singh the Principal said that it is an honor for the school that it has ranked 2nd in India. He also said that he wishes that the school may rank in the days to come.

Mr. Kailash Sathyarthi congratulated the school and specially the principal for this achievement.

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Excursion by Class IV students

The greatest art of living happily and peacefully is caring for others and sharing ones belongings without any hesitation and worry. This wonderful gesture of sharing and caring was superbly initiated by the students of class IV of Delhi Public School, Ranchi, when they had an opportunity to visit a school for under privileged children i.e. Utkramit Vidyalaya of Pokharatoli, Doranda which is adopted by  ‘Lakshyam Butterfly’  of child education and welfare.

It was an emotional and heart warming experience for the students when they visited the place. The students were so passionate about sharing that they had brought things from their home to be donated along with the gifts from the school for the destitutes. They had even organised games to amuse these children and they themselves participated whole-heartedly.

It was an ardent sojourn for the students where they got an opportunity to repay back to the society with their small acts of benevolence.

Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi remarked that moral values like generosity and compassion need to be inculcated in the children from their early childhood and giving back to the society not only makes us more generous but also gives us a sense of purpose and happiness in doing something for others who need it more. He also stated that such activities offer a sense of fulfillment and an enriching experience.

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Inter school football tournament "Ranchi Cup-2017" finals

The two day Inter School Football Tournament: ‘Ranchi Cup’-2017 at Delhi Public School, Ranchi came to a close on 22nd September 2017 with Cambrian Public School  emerging as the winner. Mr. Subrata Dutta, Sr. Vice President AIFF was the Chief Guest and  Mr. Avijit Das M.D of Hermes Voyage was the Guest of Honuor of  today.

The semi final matches were played between Delhi Public School, Ranchi vs Central Academy and Cambrian Public School vs DAV Bariatu. Delhi Public School, Ranchi defeated Cental Academy by 5/2 in the 1st semi final and Cambrian Public School defeated DAV Bariatu by 7/1 in the 2nd Semi final and qualified for the finals.

The team members were at their best and exihibited excellent skill students of Cambrian Public School put up a great show. There was a cut throat competition between the Cambrian Public School and Delhi Public School, Ranchi but finally Cambrian Public School was declared the winner by 4/2

Rahul Raj of Delhi Public School, Ranchi won the title of Best Player, Purnendu Upadhyay of Delhi Public School, Ranchi  won the title of the Best Goal Keeper and Man of the Match  trophy was won by  Kailash Kumar Singh of Cambrian Public School. Along with it these thre received the ticket to the FIFA Under 17 World Cup-2017, which is to be held in Kolkata by Hermes Voyage.

On this glorious day Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the winners and said that it was a great opportunity to showcase the sportsmanship and a great example of team work. He also appreciated the sports department for training the students making them grow into sportsmen.

He also promised that in the days to come he intends to organise more such matches so that the children can come out with their latent talents.

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Inter School Football Tournament: ‘Ranchi Cup-2017’ Declared

Inter School Football Tournament: ‘Ranchi Cup’-2017 was declared open on 21st September 2017 Delhi Public School, Ranchi.  The tournament was induced by the honorable Chief Guests Mr. Gulam Rabbani, Secretary JFA.

This tournament organized in association with Hermes Voyage this League cum Knockout tournament divided into two pools. Pool A consists of DAV Bariatu, DPS ‘B’, Sapphire International School and Central Academy whereas in  Pool B consists of Sarla Birla Public School, St. Thomas School, DPS ‘A’ and Cambrian Public School.

Dr. Ram Singh Principal of the school strongly feels that students should be encouraged to showcase their talent and sportsmanship. He also feels that fitness of an individual is as important as his mental growth, therefore this tournament is an opportunity not only to showcase their sportsmanship but also their team spirit. 

On this occasion Mr. Gulam Rabbani thanked the honorable Principal for giving this golden opportunity to organize this tournament here. This tournament will be a great opportunity for students and young professionals to connect with one another while cultivating a deeper understanding of football. It is good to catch the young as most of the football players join the game after finishing school.

 He also said that the tournament will create a Talent Repository and provide the best level of exposure to the participants.   

Today the matches were played between:

  • DAV Bariatu vs Central Academy
  • Sarla Birla Public School vs St. Thomas School
  • DAV Bariatu vs Delhi Public School, Ranchi ‘B’
  • Cambrian Public School vs Delhi Public School, Ranchi ‘A’
  • Sapphire International School vs Central Academy 
  • Sarla Birla Public School vs  Cambrian Public School
  • Delhi Public School, Ranchi ‘B’ vs Sapphire International School
  • St. Thomas School vs Cambrian Public School
  • DAV Bariatu School vs Sapphire International School
  • Sarla Birla Public School vs Delhi Public School, Ranchi ‘A’
  • Delhi Public School, Ranchi ‘B’ vs Central Academy 
  • St. Thomas School vs Delhi Public School, Ranchi ‘A’

Today every team played three league matches in each pool.

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Interschool Football Tournament 'Ranchi Cup-2017'

Delhi Public School, Ranchi in association with Hermes Voyage Kolkata is going to organize its first ever Inter School Football Tournament: ‘Ranchi Cup-2017’ and a press conference was held on 20th September 2017 (Wednesday) to discuss about the tournament. The prominent people Mr. Subrata Dutta , Senior Vice President, AIFF; Mr. Rajiv Ghosh SELVEL and Mr. Abhijeet Das M.D. Hermes Voyage will be the part of the this tournament.

The main objective of this tournament is to create awareness among the budding football stars of Ranchi and motivate the footballers of the U/17 age group. This will be a golden opportunity for young and aspiring footballers to get selected for specialized training by the finest coaches of FC BARCELONA.

The tournament will be a League Cum Knock out Tournament in which teams from various schools of Ranchi will be taking part.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal said that it is going to be a wonderful event for the school as it is going to promote sports with the motto ‘Right to Play as Per Right to Educate’.  He also said that physical growth is as important as the intellectual growth of an individual. It was also stated by him that we in DPS try to bring out the potential of the students in every field be it academics or sports.

Indrani Sarkar National Head of Hermes Voyage shared that they are sport and travel life style Company which promotes all disciplines of sports. She also said that after visiting various schools of Ranchi they found DPS to be the best place to host this event. 

In this tournament the teams of different schools of Ranchi will be competing for the winner’s title.  The Best Player and the Best Goal Keeper of the tournament along with the  winning team will be awarded with the ticket for U/17 FIFA World Cup.

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