A session on Paryatan Parv

To celebrate the spirit of tourism and motivate people to participate in activities showcasing the tourism potential of Incredible India, Government of India has launched the campaign Paryatan Parv. Delhi Public School, Ranchi is celebrating the Paryatan Parv from 5th October 2017 till 25th October 2017.  In this context a session for the students of classes VII & VII was organized for the students on 16th October 2017.

The resource person for the day was Dr. Alok Prasad, Department of Tourism, Art-Culture, Sports and youth Affairs, Government of Jharkhand.

The parv aims at supporting tourism in India and would revolve around elements like promoting tourism for all and organizing cultural activities.

Dr. Alok Prasad shared with the students about the tourism, culture and history of Jharkhand. He enlightened the students on how to develop these services according to the tourists, how tourism helps in employment from lower to higher class and different type of strategies of marketing and promoting tourism.

He encouraged the students to visit the historical tourism spots of Jharkhand and know about its history. He shared about the different kinds of tourism such as: religious tourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism adventure tourism, and mining tourism, heritage tourism etc. with the students.

While addressing the students he also informed the students about the tourism services which provide the tourists with information, connectivity, facility and safety.

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Closing of The international Chess Championship-17

The DPS International Chess Championship Girls (open)-2017 hosted by DPS Ranchi under the aegis of DPS Society, New Delhi was declared closed on 15th October 2017 (Sunday).  Mr. C. B. Sharma Chairman NIOS New Delhi graced the event as the Chief Guest.

With 9 Match Points DPS Gurgaon   won the Championship and Navya Tayal and Ishvi Aggarwal were the team members. DPS R.K. Puram New Delhi was declared as the runner up in which the team members were Saanya Mahesh and Eesha Shekhar.

The game of chess as we all know requires immense amount of mental concentration and the children should be encouraged to play this game as this enhances their sharpness. This was the main objective behind organizing this championship.

The Closing Ceremony began with a welcome song and a welcome dance.

The Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated the winning teams and said that that these kinds of competitions give the students a chance to showcase their mental ability; it also guides and encourages the young sportsman to peruse a career in the field of sports.  He also said that it is through these programmes we can help the children to remain mentally and physically fit. It was also stated by him that it is participation that is more important and not winning as winning and losing are the two sides of a coin.

The Chief Guest Mr. C. B. Sharma felicitated the winners with the winning trophy.

Congratulating the winning teams Chief Guest congratulated the brilliant performance of all the schools and said that hard work is the only key to

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Dipsites visit old age home

To satiate the innate attraction and desire of kids to care for the elders, a trip to Old Age Home was organized by Delhi Public School, Ranchi for the students of Primary Section on 16th October 2017. The Children of class V got an opportunity to know and visit the senior citizens.

The inmates though old and feeble gave the children a warm welcome. The Children greeted them with great enthusiasm. There was a huge smile on the faces of children and elderly people.

To break the monotony of their lives, the students performed a cultural show for senior citizen. They started with a prayer followed by a street play, stand-up comedy and a garland of yesteryears Hindi songs. They also distributed handmade earthen lamps and cards. These were whole heartedly enjoyed and appreciated by them.

It was a fest to the eyes and hearts to watch the children interacting with elderly people. They were elated and blessed the children and withed that they become good human beings and make their parents proud.

The students gave the elderly people a few moments of joy but came back with a life time experience.

Principal Dr. Ram Singh said that it was an attempt to develop empathy, compassion and sensitize students to the predicaments of aged people. He added that such trip makes them socially responsible which is very important aspect of personality.

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Dipsites visit Ranchi Veterinary College and Hospital

To satiate the innate attraction and desire of kids to care for animals a field trip to Ranchi Veterinary College and Hospital was organized by Delhi Public School, Ranchi for the students of class III. The Children get a behind-the- scene glimpse at life in practice.

The in charge of Ranchi Veterinary College and Hospital Dr. A.K. Srivastava and his assistants gave the children a very hands on experience on what it means to care for animals. The children were given a full tour of the hospital.

They were shown how to care for animals and how X-rays and Ultra- sound machines work. It was a wonderful experience and developed kindness and respect for animals in children.

Principal Dr. Ram Singh said that such trips builds character and helps our children develop into well rounded human beings that approach the world with a concern and respect for others.

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Human Library Session by Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Hindi Professor Ranchi University

A session of human library for the students of class IX & XI was organized on 13th October, 2017 in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The resource person of the day was Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Professor Hindi Department, at Ranchi University.

Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Singh is a senior Professor Hindi Department at Ranchi University. He is also a researcher and an author. He has researched on tribal culture ad has written books on it namely ‘Bakhbar’ and ‘Aadim Swaro ki Anugunj’.

During his session the Mr. Mithilesh shared his experiences of his early life. He enlightened the students about the struggles a person faces in his way to success. Sharing the struggle stories he gave example of prominent people like, R.K. Narayan, R.K. Laxaman, Amitab Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan etc. 

Mr. Mithilesh asked the students to learn from their failures of life and not to get disheartened. He also said that failures are important to be successful in life. He encouraged the students to read and think as it is the key to success.  Mr. Mithilesh also shared that to achieve your goal an individual should target it with its whole soul and mind and work for it.

While addressing he said that the students should not be pressurized but should be given the freedom to do what they want to choose for life.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal thanked Mr. Mithilesh for motivating the students and said that the knowledge given during the session will help the students in the days to come.

At the end of the session the students said that the session was very motivating and they were encouraged to be focused in order to achieve their goal.

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World Students Day Celebrated

Paying tribute to the missile man of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Delhi Public School, Ranchi celebrated 'World Students Day' on 13th October 2017.

Dr.  Ram Singh, the Principal of the school offered garland to the picture of  Dr.  A. P. J.  Abdul Kalam. He shared with the students about Dr. Kalam and his works for students.

Plethoras of activities were organized to mark this significant day in history. The celebration started with a presentation on the life of Dr. Kalam in which the students brought it alive. The students also recited poems and the some of his inspirational and motivating quotes.

The students pledged to follow the principles of Messiah of down trodden to rebuild the nation through his message 'End is not the end; in fact end means "Effort Never Dies" '.

Addressing the students he said that the students should learn from this inspirational leader, who said you cannot your future, but you can surely change your habits, and surely yours habits will change your future. He also said that the kids are like a blank sheet of paper, in which we can write what we want to. Therefore the school organizes such programme for the  formation of a better society.

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Basketball tournament Girls(Open) 2017

The students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi became the runner up of the Zone IV Inter DPS Basketball Tournament Girls (open) 2017, held in the premises of DPS Raurkela.

The final match of the open was played between DPS Ranchi vs DPS Raurkela and DPS Ranchi was the Runner up.

The Winning and the Runner up team will be playing the National Inter DPS Basketball tournament Girls (Open) 2017 which will be held from15th December- 17th December 2017 in DPS Mathura Road. 

Anisha sharma of DPS Ranchi was also awarded with “Rising Player award”.

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated the winning team and wished them luck for the National Inter DPS Basketball tournament Girls (Open) 2017.

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Intramural Cricket Tournament (Finals)

Intramural Cricket Tournament (Boys) final was played in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 11th October, 2017.   

The final match of the tournament was played between Chenab House vs Ravi House.  Ravi House won the toss and decided to field. Chenab house gave Ravi house the target of 57 runs and Ravi house won the match in 7.5 overs. The match played was of a cut throat competition.

On this glorious victory Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the winners on their victory and said that it was a great opportunity to showcase the sportsmanship and a great example of team work. He also appreciated the sports department for training the students making them grow into sportsmen.

Full of enthusiasm and zeal the winning teams thanked the principal with whose help they have been provided them with the best infrastructure and training.

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Think and Do Different Mr. Ravi Bhamba

An interactive session of human library for the students of class XI was organized on 12th October, 2017 in Delhi Public School Ranchi. The resource person of the day was Mr. Ravi Bhambha Company Secretary, Mecon Limited.

Mr. Ravi Bhambha is a Company Secretary, Mecon Limited and a sports coach at Mecon Society. He also has a background of Finance and Law.

Mr. Bhambha interacted with the students and shared with them to how to become an ideal student and said that for a student time management, stress management and putting efforts honestly and sincerely to achieve the target and goal of students life to be a complete individual. He also said that an individual should be focused in the work they do.

He shared that a student should not worry about what the others think and clear his/her doubts by asking questions to their teachers. Mr. Bhamba asked the students to know their priorities and list down the works they have to do through the day, which will be helpful for them in time management. He also told them that in order to make individuals life work systematically a person should plan what have to do at the beginning of the day.

While speaking about time Mr. Bhamba also told them about its important and asked them do spend their time in quality studying instead of quantity studying and spending more time with the books and gaining less amount of knowledge. He encouraged the students to identify the way to acquire knowledge which will help them gain more and study with an interest instead of a thinking it a burden.

Stressing on time management and keeping the focus in studies Mr. Bhamba said that waking up early in the morning helps us in time management of the day and the one who doesn’t wake up early in the morning has a dual state of mind and is not confident about his life.  

In order to increase knowledge Mr. Bhamba asked the students to read books with interest specially while traveling, as it is said that books are the best companions.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school thanked Mr. Bhamba for enlightening the students and said that such kind of life related knowledge will help the students walk in the path leading to success.

At the end of the session the student felt motivated and said that the session was motivating and they learned how to tackle time related problems, how to solve basic problems and try to learn without thinking that you are learning.

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DPS Ranchi wins the future 50 schools shaping success award

Known for its unique and new ideas Delhi Public School, Ranchi has won the ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success Award-2017’.  

The evaluation parameters for recognition focused on the efforts made by the school and the results achieved by the students.  The schools were mainly evaluated on the quality of education the school provides, the holistic development of the pupils, educational skills of the teachers, infrastructure, and extra-curricular activities.

On this achievement Dr. Ram Singh the Principal said that it is an honor for the school that it has been awarded with ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success Award-2017’.   He also thanked and congratulated the students and staffs for their contribution and hard work to win this award.

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