Let the Currency Change the Colour Not Your Character.

An interactive session on banking system was organised for the students of class-V on 29th November 2017. Mr. Amit Sinha Assistant General Manager RBI Ranchi was the resource person of the day.

Mr. Sinha interacted with the students and shared with them the different types of bank accounts such as the current account, savings account, fixed deposit account and the recurring account. He also enlightened them on interest, bank loans, inflation, market risk, merits and demerits of demonetisations, identification of notes etc.

While sharing the information about the identification of the notes he asked the students to not to be greedy for money and said “Let the currency change the colour not your character.”

During the session the students not only answered the questions but also asked Mr. Sinha several questions related which amazed him. While gathering knowledge from Mr. Sinha the students asked him several questions such as Ashit Vinayak asked about the designing of a note, whereas Sagar Roy asked about the identification of the guinea notes.  When Anmol Anand asked about the Micro ATM, Asifa asked about the use of credit cards with zero balance in account.

Answering all the queries of the student Mr. Sinha also informed them about the money related cyber crimes through calls and emails, the use of chip and strip in debit and credit cards, how is the note printed, non-performing Assets, What is EMI and how does it work, e- wallets, online transaction and safe online transaction.

He explained the students with the help of short stories and examples of a comic character Mani Kumar which made the session interesting.

At the end of the Session Mr. Sinha said that he was stun by the brilliance of the students. They amazed him with their answers and the knowledge they had at such a tender age. He also said that if the students are so bright at such a small age then the future of the country is brighter than it has ever been.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school thanked Mr. Amit Sinha for sharing his knowledge with the little ones and said that this session will encourage the students to be businessman of tomorrow and contribute towards the Indian Economy.

Sharing their view the students said that the session was very interesting which has help them know and understand the aspect which was unknown to them. 

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A Programme on Save Environment

On the theme ‘Earth Ko Bachao Verna Unearth Ho Jayega’, a short programme was showcased by the students of classes I-II. The parents of the students were also present on this day.

The programme began with a welcome song and was followed by a skit named ‘Kal Aaj Aur Kal’. With the help of skit, poems, slogans and speech the students not only presented the past, present and the future of the mother earth but also analyzed the ways to improve the current state of the environment. They also pledged to plant trees, contribute to stop global warming, and make a pollution free world.

The students also displayed a short act named Join Hands to Save Ganga and gave the message to save river Ganga. With this act the students depicted the pollutions spread in the river and shared their message to contribute towards its purification. They also gave message on Ganga Mahotsava through poems, slogans and speech.

The programme ended with an action song We Shall Overcome.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated and gave his blessings to the little ones and said that such kind of programmes make the students aware about the climate change, Global Warming and other problems that is harmful for the environment.



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An Activity on National Symbols and Indian Constitution.

In true spirit of the school’s motto “Learning through activities”, the students of class II showcased an imperative and informative act under “Role Play” on National Symbols and Indian Constitution and celebrated Constitution Day.

With role play the kids learnt about the National Symbols and Indian Constitution. The children played the role of ‘Father of the Constitution’ Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and gave a presentation on Preambles and Fundamental Rights.

The students also pledged to follow the rules and regulations in the constitution.       

At the end of the programme an interactive session on National Symbols and Indian Constitution also took place in order to know the students’ indepth understanding of the topic and subject.

The honourable Principal Dr. Ram Singh congratulated and gave his blessings to the little saplings for showcasing their talent and learning through the activity and encouraged them for ranking such activity in future also.

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Workshop for teachers by Quality Education Asia

A CBSE Certificate Training Programme on Pedagogy Strategies (with special Focus on Inter-disciplinary Approach) was organized for the teachers in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 27th November 2017 by Quality Education Asia (QEA) Delhi. The resource person of the workshop was Mrs. Rupam Sah lead learner and CEO of Quality Education Asia Delhi.

Quality Education Asia (QEA) is a team of committed professionals whose aim is to facilitate educators and learner in giving and achieving the best education.

50 teachers from the Ranchi Sahodaya School Complex attended the programme.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school welcomed the teachers and said that such kinds of workshops are important to train the teachers so that they can work for the overall development of a child in order to make them global citizens.

Mrs. Rupam Sah interacted with the teachers and enlightened them about the NCF Recommendations, Essentials of a lesson plan with focus on Differentiated Learning, Devising Innovative activities, Creating Active Lesson Plans, Crafting Innovative Formative Assessments, Adopting Interdisciplinary Approach (Theme Based Learning) and Designing Project Work.

The teachers were enlightened about the Pedagogy Strategies with the help of interactive sessions, different activities, group discussion and audio visual.

At the end of the session the teachers shared that the time spent during the workshop was fruitful and will help them teach the students in an entertaining and interesting way which will make learning easy and effective.



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National Integration Week

Delhi Public School, Ranchi observed National Integration Week from 19th November to 25th November 2017.This project has been taken up by the Government of India to foster and reinforce the Spirit of Communal Harmony, National Integration and Pride in our Vibrant, Composite Culture and Neighborhood. As a part of the celebration of National Integration Week various events were organized namely Slogan Writing Competition, Speech Writing Competition, Painting Competition and Essay Writing Competition on the topic ‘How to Conserve Environment’.

The observation of the ‘Qaumi Ekta Week’ helped the students to know and understand the inherent strength and resilience of our country to withstand actual and potential threats to the eclectic and secular fabric of our country, and nurture a spirit of communal harmony in its widest sense.

The motive of the activity was to educate young minds about the importance of National Integrity, create awareness of a common identity amongst the students and to educate them that although we belong to different castes, religions, regions and speak different languages we must recognize the fact that we are all one.

Anushka Agastiya , Kingshuk Banerjee and Samridhi won the first, second and third prize respectively in Slogan Writing Competition.

Whereas, in Painting Competition Ankit Kumar won the first prize, Momita Das won the second prize and Prashasha Ipsa the third prize.

In Essay Writing Competition, Shally Kumar won the first prize Kumar Ankesh won the second prize and Diksha Arora the third prize.

Kingshuk Banerjee won the first prize, Shivansh Tiwari won the second prize and Asifa the third prize in the Speech Competition.

A cultural programme was also put up. In the cultural programme the students dressed in different outfits represented different states of the country and their culture and shared the message of a united India.

The National Integration Week ended with a rally on Flag Day. 500 students of the school took part in this rally. With the help of this rally the students shared the message of united India with slogans Ekta Main Anekta Hi Hamari Shaan Hai and Anekta Main Ekta Yahi Bharat Ki Visheshta.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school said that this occasion has provided an opportunity to reaffirm age old traditions and faith in the values of tolerance, co-existence and brotherhood in a multi-cultural and multi–religious society.


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Young Minds Blossom in the Human Library

Proceeding with the innovative approach to groom the children, DPS Ranchi conducted yet another session of “Human Library” in its premises on 24th November 2017.

This time the spokesperson was Dr Ravi Shankar Dwivedi, a renowned Dermatologist of Ranchi Shanti Skin Hospital and Laser Center. He happens to be the Chief Consultant of the respective center. Dr. Ravishankar Dwivedi has received his MBBS & post graduate training from one of the most eminent institute of the country, kem hospital mumbai. After his MD, he has done several fellowship trainings in aesthetic procedures, hair transplant surgery & vitiligo surgery at various National and International centers of repute. 

The students were from standard 1 who got the priviledge to have an Interaction with Dr Dwivedi. It was a highly interactive session and Dr Dwivedi went down to the level of the children to make the session even more joyful. While interactive with the students, Dr Dwivedi stressed the importance of hygiene to the kids. In this he emphasized on various points like the wearing clean cloths, washing hands with soap after eating food, after playing and brushing teeth to avoid any tooth decay etc.

Dr Dwivedi showcased a very playful way of reaching to the doubts of all the young minds present in the session to clear out the doubts of the children.

Students enjoyed a lot by asking different questions to Dr Dwivedi like,” how to remain healthy and fit, against which Dr Dwivedi advised to practice Yoga, eat at correct time and avoid taking junk food and further stressed on playing regularly. Students further asked how to tackle skin issues, against which Dr Dwivedi suggested to apply oil and moisturizers.

Students also had put the question of how to avoid dandruff as that happens to be a very common issue in winter, giving suggestion on this Dr Dwivedi emphasized the usage of shampoo atleast twice a week and washing hair regularly.

Speaking on how to avoid and tackle eye infection, Dr Dwivedi suggested that on having eye infection, one should not rub eys as it will simply aggravate the infection and rather one should splash clean water and avoid watching TV more than the need, he also advised not to have excessive use of mobile phones and computer as that also impacts eyes.

Students also surprised putting forward a very peculiar question like how can they increase their concentration, against which Dr Dwivedi suggested to eat properly and be strong. He further suggested that to increase concentration, one should only think about the work which he is doing and not leave unless until the work is done.

Dr Dwivedi giving his opinion about the workshop, said that it was a highly vocal and interactive session and felt realy amazed to see that students were so inquisitive to know about the preventive measures to stay healthy and expressed his desire to visit again for such noble events.

Dr Ram Singh, principal of the school, expressed his heartiest gratitude to Dr Dwivedi for his visit in the school to bless the children with his knowledge and said that the knowledge gained through this session will surely help students to move ahead in their lives.


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Chinmaya City Geeta Chanting Competition

Chinmaya City Level Geeta Chanting Competition was organized by Chinmaya Mission, Ranchi at DPS Ranchi. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Swami Madhavanand.

Among the 2100 students 175 of them were selected for the City Level Geeta Chanting Competition.

Chief Guest Swami Madhavanand interacted with the students and enlightened them with the knowledge of the Geeta. He shared the word of God with the help of verses and explained its meaning with several examples of life. He also said that the spiritual development of a child is important along with the academics and non-academic activities.

Anushka Ghosh, Kanishk Choudhary and Riya Singh won the first, second and third prize respectively in Group A.

Whereas; in Group B Aadrika Praveen won the first prize, Patruni Yami won the second prize and Muskan the third prize.

Shreya Bhaskar , Shambhavi Rani and Sai Deep won the first, second and third prize respectively in Group C.

In Group D Tripali Tah won the first prize, Shivangi Sinha won the second prize and Ayusi Sarangi the third prize.

The winners will represent the school in the Chinmaya State Level Geeta Chanting Competition, at Chinmaya Mission Ashram Ranchi on 10.12.2017.



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Demo Workshop on Life Skills

A demo life skills (i SMART) workshop was organized for the students of classes VII-VII by Quality Education Asia Delhi, on 22nd November 2017 in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The workshop was taken by the trainers of Quality Education Asia Delhi, Ms. Deepika Anand and Mrs. Diksha Tandon.

The main motive of the workshop was to educate the students regarding the life skill which helps an individual to live their life in a happy and meaningful manner.

During the workshop the students were informed about the 10 essential skills which are important for our life i.e, self awareness, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving, empathy, decision making, managing emotions, interpersonal relationship, coping with stress and effective communication.

The students were enlightened about the skills with the help of different activities, group discussion and audio visual. The students were educated to be satisfied with what they have and not to be jealous about with the help of a shot film ‘My Shoes’. They learnt not to be afraid, not to give up, keep trying, to take risks believe in yourself etc.

In order to create self awareness an activity named ‘Know yourself’ was conducted, in which the students wrote about themselves and tried to know about the positive and negative points about themselves.

To educate the students about critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving, a human knot activity was conducted. In this activity the students made a circle holding each other’s hands and moved according to the instructions without leaving each other’s hands. They also discussed on the topics.

The students were also informed how to cope up with stress and complete their work. They were given some tips to release stress such as; meditation, deep breathing for five minutes, laugh out loud etc.

At the end of the session the students shared that the time spent during the workshop was fruitful as learning in an entertaining and interesting way has made it easy and effective.

Dr. Ram Singh the principal of the school feels that such kinds of workshops are important for the overall development of a child in order to be a global citizen.

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Shweta Prabha Bisoyi wins the First Board Prize in Chess Championship

Dipsites Shweta Bisoyi, Vanya Maini, Arpita Kumari and Aditi Kumari of Delhi Public School, Ranchi ranks second in the U/11 CBSE National Chess Championship Girls (Open)-2017, held at Sarla Birla School, Ranchi on 14th -18th November 2017.

800 students representing the different States of the country competed in the U/11 CBSE National Chess Championship Girls (Open)-2017.

With 8 Match Points Delhi Public School, Ranchi won the 2nd position in the Championship leaving Amity School Noida in the 3rd Position with 6 Match Points.

Winning all the 5 matches Shweta Prabha Bisoyi also received the First Board Prize of the Championship.

The Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated and appreciated the students for their performance and said that it was an opportunity for the students to showcase their mental ability.  He also encouraged the students to excel in this field.

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Children Discovered the World of Shapes

Shapes are the important part of our life. We come across objects of different shapes in our day to day life. Therefore in order to introduce the tiny tots of class Prep to the World of Shapes a class activity was organized.

The main purpose of the activity was to educate the students with the help of objects they are surrounded with, following the motive of today’s educational trend ‘We See, We Learn’.

In this activity the students learned about various shapes with the help of objects used by them daily. The kids presented several objects which displayed different shapes. They also portrayed themselves in the form of circle, square, rectriangle, triangle and cylinder and enlightened their fellow mates about it with the help of poems and presentations.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school said that class room activities make teaching and learning easy. He also said that such kind of activities helps the students connect their class room education with their life.

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