Celebrates Road Safety Week

An interactive session was organized on the occasion of Road Safety Week for the students of classes VI&VII on 20th December 2017in Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The spokesperson for the day was DSP Traffic Mr. Dilip Xalxo.

The motive of the study was to enlighten the students about “Traffic Rules”. This week was undertaken for the project for “British Council International School Award” conducted by British Council.

300 students of classes VI&VII attended the session.

During the session Mr. Xalxo interacted with the students and made them aware about the traffic rules and regulation and safety. The students were informed about the Traffic rules and symbols with the help of a small documentary.

Students were also shown a compilation of different accidents were made aware about the reason of accidents. They were instructed to follow the traffic rules and encourage the people around them to do the same.

While interacting with the students Mr. Xalxo also shared that taking selfie while driving is one of the major reasons for accidents and said “Have Concern about your safety not your looks”.

Mr. Xalxo also shared enlightened about the driving license and why it is been provided at a particular age.

On this occasion two short skit namely “Horn Mat Bajao Pagle” and “Zidd” was performed on Road safety by Jharkhand Film Academy

During the session the students also asked several questions related to Mr. Xalxo. When Shambhavi asked about the measures taken by the traffic department to decrease the percentage of accident, Kanishk asked how the traffic department controls the rash driving of the new license holders.

At the end of the session the students seemed happy with the information they received and said that these information’s will help them know, understand and follow the rules and help them avoid accidents and be safe. 

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Science Maths Talent Examination Level-II (2017)

DPS Society in association with Science Olympiad Foundation organized Science Maths Talent Examination Level-II (2017) in Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 17th December 2017.

115 dipsites of class IX appeared for the Examination, among which 21 students were from DPS Ranchi.

The students of DPS Ranchi, DPS Gaya, DPS Bhagalpur, DPS Bokaro, DPS Damanjori, DPS Digboi, DPS Howrah, DPS Dhanbad, DPS Dhuligaon, DPS Duliajan, DPS Durgapur, DPS Farakka, DPS Kalinga, DPS Megacity Kolkata, DPS Nalco Nagar, DPS Nazira, DPS New Town Kolkata, DPS Numaligarh, DPS Raurkela, DPS Ruby Park Kolkata and DPS Korba appeared for SMTE Level-II (2017).

The students who will qualify SMTE Level-II will be attending a special camp in Mumbai. In this camp IITIANS, mathematicians and scientists will train the students for the “International Mathematics Olympiad”.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school wished the students the very best and was happy that the Exam was conducted smoothly in the school.

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A programme on Seasons at DPS Ranchi

A programme on Seasons at DPS Ranchi

“For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

Class Prep students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi presented a programme on seasons on 18th December 2017.

The students exuberantly participated in the activity meant to assess their understanding of seasonal clothing, diseases, flowers, fruits, vegetables and drinks. The joyous activity was conducted at the fragrant and lively school garden, where the tiny tots became a part of insightful assessment process.

The children represented different seasons by portraying the characters of flowers, fruits, vegetables and drinks. Sharing about different pros and cons of all the seasons they asked the audience to take care and be healthy as it is said that precaution is better than cure. They also presented a poem and a speech on different seasons.

With the help of this activity the students enriched their learning not only regarding seasons but also learnt how to protect themselves from various seasonal diseases.

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A programme on Women Empowerment at DPS Ranchi

A programme on “Women Empowerment” was showcased by the students of class-III.

The programme started with a heart touching poem “Maa Mujhe Aane De....”  

The urge of a little girl to go to school along with her brother was presented through a beautiful skit.

The children portrayed the character of Rani Laxmi Bai, Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, Manushi Chillar, Mother Teresa, Lata Mangeshkar, Arundhati Roy etc. and presented their remarkable contributions towards the Indian Society.

The programme concluded with a mesmerizing dance performance illustrating the excellence of women in every arena.

Such programmes create awareness among the students regarding the importance of women in society.

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A Session on Mathematics at DPS

An interactive session on mathematics was conducted for the students of class XI in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi. Dr. Anagad Banerjee Assistant Professor Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore was the resource person of the day.

Dr. Anaged Banerjee is a researcher and has been a professor at University of California Los Angeles. He has also a alumni of the school.

During the session Dr. Banerjee interacted with the students and shared some valuable information with them about mathematics and its opportunities. He mainly focused on mathematical thinking process and exhibited it through examples.

Sharing different tips for solving mathematical problems Dr. Banerjee said to the students that, mugging up of formula and solving mathematical problems kill the vigour of learning mathematics. Dr. Banerjee also said that an independent thinking of questions is important, as it is also applicable in our daily life which is important to trigger the vigour for learning mathematics.

Dr. Banerjee encouraged the students to be passionate towards mathematics to be a part of prestigious institutions that may prove as the stepping stone. He also shared his struggles and hardships he faced in his journey from being a school student to an Assistant Professor.

While interacting with Dr. Banerjee students asked several questions related to mathematics and the career options in this field.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school thanked Dr. Banerjee for sharing his experiences with the students and enlightening them with the career options in the field of mathematics. He also said that it a pride to know that a dipsite has reached such a height.

At the end of the session students shared their views and said that the session was enlightening and it gave them an opportunity to know and understand the interesting aspects in the field of mathematics.

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Education Fair “The Knowledge Confluence” comes to an End

The two day Education Fair “The Knowledge Confluence” organized by Knowledge Confluence, Delhi in association with dNotes Ranchi and EduTv Delhi at Delhi Public School, Ranchi came to an end on 13 December, 2017.

The aim of the fair was to give global exposure to the students and help them to spread their wings far and wide.

Knowledge Confluence, dNotes and EduTv organizes such programmes across the globe to help the students to know and understand their ability and prepare them to be a part of this competitive world.

Today the students of DPS Ranchi, DAV Alok and Oxford Public School, attended the fair. The universities shared information which helped the students in getting acquainted with the minute details related to the courses available, admission procedure etc. The students were also enlightened about the new upcoming trends and the new career options across the globe.

The children were also provided with tips for passing their Board Exam and were also told about the life of prominent and successful people in order to attain success.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school strongly feels that this global exposure will help the students to gather information about the opportunities in different field which will help them to achieve their goal.

At the end of the day the students seemed happy, satisfied and ambitious. Sharing their views they said that the session and the fair was a wonderful experience, where on one hand they came to know and choose the university and institutions of their choice whereas on the other hand they were guided to fulfill their dreams and be successful in life.

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Education Fair in DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School, Ranchi organized a two day Education Fair “The Knowledge Confluence” in association with dNotes Ranchi and EduTv Delhi on 12 December, 2017, with the aim to  give exposure to the students and help them to spread their wings far and wide.

The leading universities of India as well as abroad namely Ashoka University, Flame University, DIT University, G.D. Goenka University, Presidency University, London School of  Trends and ISB&M participated in the fair and imparted authenticated information through their desks.

More than 500 students from various educational institutions of Jharkhand attended the fair and benefitted out of it. The universities shared information which helped the students in getting acquainted with the minute details.

The aim of the fair was to provide information to students about the opportunities of higher education in the prestigious universities in India as well as abroad and the admission procedure by providing a one on one interaction with the university representatives. The students were give free profile evaluation with universities of their choice.

A session was also organized for the students where they came across different career options available after class XII. Issues like Time Management during board examinations and Board Preparations and Stress Management during examinations were also taken up.

It was a great opportunity for the students and their parents to procure information about the courses and curriculums offered by these universities.

Dr. Ram Singh who is known for his innovative ideas came up with this brilliant concept of education fair. In his view it will urge the students to break stereotypes and broaden their horizon in the field of academics.

At the end of the fair the students shared their views and were of the opinion that, this educational fair was an excellent opportunity for the students of class XII and their parents to meet the representatives from different universities under one roof and take a concrete decision about their career.

List of Schools attended the fair


School Name


DPS Ranchi


Vikas Vidhyalay


Firayalal Public School Ranchi


Army Public School


Guru Nanak School


Central Academy


Cambrian Public School


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Human Library session at DPS Ranchi

With the message of position yourself strong to be successful, another session of Human Library was conducted on 12th December 2017 under the premises of DPS Ranchi. The spokesperson of the session was Mr D.K. Ambasta (Joint General Manager of MECON Limited). Mr Ambasta, a Mechanical Engineer from Indian Institute of Science also holds a MBA Degree from IGNOU, New Delhi. He joined MECON in the year1985 and has got 32 years of experience in steel industry. Mr Ambasta has experience of working in different steel plants in India like Bokaro Steel Plant, Durgapur Steel Plant, Rourkela Steel Plant etc. Mr Ambasta has received an excellence award from MECON in the year 1999.


While interacting with the commerce students of class XI, Mr. Ambasta stressed that one should have a clear conception in his life to be able to position himself strong for achievement of his/her goal of life. Encouraging the students further Mr Ambasta stated that he belonged to village where infrastructural facilities were equivalent to nothing but in spite of that nothing could distract him to continuously focus well for the goal to be achieved. He said that during his school days, he did not get proper amenities in class as there were no benches to sit and even no proper electrical gadgets. After studying in a village school for four years , he moved to a city school where facilities were more but he had to struggle there as well due to financial issues but all these could not stop him to study to excel in life and because of his continuous efforts,he has reached to this level wherein he is today.


Further interacting with students, Mr Ambasta asked the students about the goal of their lives and what they would like to become in future, against which students expressed their desire of becoming an IPS officer, an engineer, a scientist etc and also wanted to know what all struggle they will face in course of this? Mr Ambasta was happy to see the ambitions among the students and suggested that they will only have to remain focus on their targets and success will surely come at the end.


Mr Ambasta motivated the students by sharing his experience in foreign countries and said that he has got chance to visit countries like France, Germany, China where people are really very serious about their work. In Germany ,people have an unique habit of remaining faithful towards work as they consider that as bread and butter and do not leave it unless until perfect resolution is obtained in it. In China people treat everyone with all respect and dignity and there is no difference. Mr Ambasta encouraged the students to adopt good aspects from foreign countries and apply those in real life.The school Principal Dr Ram Singh expressed his utmost thanks to Mr Ambasta for giving his time to students and said that such a type of interactive session will further boost up the students and their morale to shine in their respective lives.

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Dipsites learn about Community Supported Agriculture

35 students of class VIII of Delhi Public School, Ranchi visited “Divyayan” a farm of Ram Krishna Mission on 11th December 20017.

The motive of the visit was to study about “Community Supported Agriculture”. This activity was undertaken for the project for “International School Award” conducted by British Council.

The Students visited “Divyayan” and interacted with the farmers and came to know about the farming techniques and the growing of different fruits and vegetables. They also learnt about animal husbandry which included apiculture, pisciculture, dairy farming and poultry.

The students gained firsthand experience of watching the animals and their feeding and caring techniques. The children specially enjoyed that part of their visit where they got information about animal husbandry.

The farmers shared their experience of getting support from the community in financial terms, because the consumers paid them before the product is ready to be marketed. In fact the demand for their goods was so much that people had to wait maximum 15 days to get the farm produce. The best part is that if due to any reason the produce is destroyed or damaged, even then the farmers don’t have to bear the loss as the community is there to support them. This gives the farmers a lot of financial security.  

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school feels that such kind of activities and projects help the students to stay connected to the roots and helps them know and understand more about the agricultural methods used in India.

At the end of the trip the students shared their views and said that the trip has helped them to realize how much pain and hard work the farmers have to undergo to provide us with basic food items. They also got a chance to understand the various steps followed in agriculture.

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Meet and Greet our Samaritan's.

An interactive and engaging activity titled ‘Meet and Greet our Samaritans' was conducted in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

On this occasion students of class-I presented a radiant programme to felicitate the Samaritans who facilitate their lives every day to make them safe and comfortable.

The activity was conducted with an objective to instill in them respect for all professions and learn to value them better.

Students showcased a fancy dress ramp walk dressing up as various helpers and professions. The students enacted the roles of teacher, gardener, driver, conductor, sweeper, doctor nurse, police, tailors etc. with realistic props. They also presented songs and poems related to the profession to thank the Samaritans.

The Principal Dr. Ram Singh encouraged the students by witnessing the programme and said that such kind of activities are highly learning and enriching. With the help of this activity the students will learn the importance of each and every individual and their profession around them.


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