One should know & understand what they are good at-Dr. Pandey

Beginning this New Year with the motto One should have energy in self to gain success  Delhi Public School, Ranchi conducted an interactive session for the students of class IX on 10th January 2018. Dr. Hari Om Pandey Head of the Department of Chemistry, Ranchi University was the spokesperson of the day.

Dr. Hari Om Pandey the Head of the Department of Chemistry, Ranchi University is an expert guide and mentor to the IIT aspirants and a researcher. He has published more than 25 papers published in National and International journals on Chemistry and the topics related to it.

In the beginning of the session, Dr. Pandey gave the students an opportunity to ask questions related to the problems faced by them. Taking it as a golden opportunity the students asked several questions.

On being asked about what career option should one choose according to the present day situation? Dr. Pandey replied that one should know and understand what they are good at. This understanding helps them in consolidating the base to success. He also said that there are such situations when a student develops as an expert but fails due to constraint. He also asked the students to refer to internet to know which course and career is of their interest.

The students asked about how to develop interest in a particular subject, on which he answered that interest is developed when the person find new and gets attracted towards it. Therefore one should find what’s new in the subject with the help of internet and make the subject interesting.

Eger to gain knowledge from Dr. Pandey’s experiences students asked him that has becoming a lecturer always been the goal of his life. On this he shared that he had always dreamt about Allied services but due some circumstances he had to peruse Chemistry. But today he is happy to successful in the field of academics and he is pleased to guide and impart knowledge with the students.

During the session Dr. Pandey enlightened the students with information’s such as what is the difference between heat and work and gave them some tips to be successful in every spears of life.

At the end of the session Dr. Pandey expressed his joy of interacting with the students and said that the questions of the students amazed him as they seems too serious for their future and career at this age.

The Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh expressed his gratitude and thanked Dr. Pandey for giving his valuable time and sharing his knowledge with the students.

Sharing their views the students shared that the session was motivating and enlightening and said that that they that encouraged to find the goal of their life and achieve it.

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Goodbye 2017- A Promising New Year

A good beginning makes a good end.

On 29th December 2017, the students of Primary Wing bid a memorable goodbye to 2017 and hailed a frolic welcome to the upcoming year 2018 with joy and laughter.

Remembering their past experience of 2017 the children altogether took the New Year resolution. The students also made cards for their parents and pledged to contribute in preserving and protecting the mother earth as: Plants can survive without humans but no human can survive without plants.

On this beautiful occasion a small picnic was also organized for the children, in which the little ones enjoyed and shared their happiness with each other.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school appreciated these tiny tots and wished them luck for the new journey in 2018.

The day was indeed a noteworthy farewell to the past and a joyous welcome of the future.

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Training cum interactive Session for bus Conductors and Drivers onthe Use of Fire Extinguisher

Training cum interactive session was organized for the bus drivers and bus helpers on 29th December 2017. The session was on the use of fire extinguisher in case of emergecy. The resource person for the day was Mr. Vikram Das Technical and Machinery Expert Sales Fire Services.

60 bus drivers and bus helpers of the school attended the Training cum interactive session.

During the session Mr. Vikram interacted with school bus bus drivers and bus helpers and explained them about fire and how to control it. He enlightened them with the process of putting off the fire.

Mr. Vikram educated them with several examples such as; if any person is on fire, then the fire should be put off with the use of cotton cloths or with jute sacks before poring of cold water. The poring of water without putting off the fire will heat the body which may result to death.

He also enlightened them with three categories of fire namely Class A, B and C Fires. Class A Fires, which consists of ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, trash or anything else that leaves an ash. In this class water works best to extinguish. Class B Fires are fueled by flammable or combustible a liquid which includes oil, gasoline and other similar materials. Smoothening   effects which deplete the oxygen supply work best to extinguish this class. Class C Fires are Energized Electrical Fires. De-energize the circuit before using a non-conductive extinguishing agent such as carbon dioxide.

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A Journey to Space

Today the students of class III of Delhi Public School, Ranchi presented an ignited and wonderful skit on- ‘A Journey to Space’. 

The skit was informative and was presented in a play way manner. The movements of planets namely rotation and revolution were depicted through a lively dance. Many fascinating facts about celestial bodies were shared by the actor students among their audience friends.

The overall impact of the skit was to enlighten and educate the young minds on the wonders and mysteries of space.

The Principal Dr. Ram Singh appreciated the efforts of students and said that such kind of programmes enriches the students with information’s apart from books which they remember throughout their life.

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Thanks Giving Day

Students of  class IV of DPS Ranchi reinforced the age old saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away– for healthy life, through an interdisciplinary activity on
Eat an Apple Day.

Children enacted the role of Sir Issac Newton to show how the theory of gravitation came into existence, after being hit on the head with a falling apple. Few students, in the role of doctors, focused on the benefits of eating an apple.

They also used an apple to explain the concept of  Fraction . This way they related the day to day classroom teaching with practical life.

Apple Logo used as company trademark for computers, laptops, I-pods and I-phones was also highlighted.

Lastly, students performed a dance programme on – Thanks Giving Day to show their greatfullness to their grandparents, parents, teachers and friends for their contribution and help in their overall development.

Principal Dr. Ram Singh appreciated the efforts of the students.

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Spread Happiness in Anchal Shishu Ashram

The young dipsites of class I shared happiness and joy among the orphans of Aanchal Shishu Ashram

The dipsites spent some time with the children of the Ashram. They interacted with the children and came to know about them.  They also showcased a small program and brought smile on their faces.

The students were celebrated Christmas with them by cutting cake and gave them some woollen clothes, pen-pencils, books, toys etc. as gifts and showed their love and affection.

Such kinds of activities help the students to build their character and stay rooted with the humanity.

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Dipsites Celebrated Christmas

The young dipsites of class Prep celebrated the symbol of brotherhood and mutual harmony Christmas on 22nd December2017.

On this occasion the Christmas tree and the crib as decorated with colorful gifts. The center of attraction was the young children dressed as Santa Claus and spreading the joy and happiness among the students.

The students performed a beautiful skit displaying the birth of Jesus Christ and gave the message of love and to end the discrimination in mankind throughout the world.

They also gave a great performance in the songs Joy to the World and Jingle Bell.

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Dipsites Create a Herbal Garden

An activity to arouse awareness on medicinal herbs was organized by the students of class V on 22nd December 2017, in Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

The main attraction and motive of the activity was to set up a “Herbal Plantation” and also to prepare herbarium sheets stating the benefits of medicinal herbs. This activity was undertaken for the project for “International School Award” conducted by British Council.

The medicinal herbs planted by the students were Neem, Periwinkle, Curry Leaves, Basil, Alloeovera and Sugar Plant.

With the help of the school gardeners and the guidance of their mentors the students shaped the garden of their dreams. They also poured water and applied pesticides on the plants.

Such kind of activity will help the students to connect with nature and know and understand about the medicinal plants used by our ancestors and elders popularly known as home remedy.

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Visit to Nav Jiwan

Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.

Under the mission and vision of Principal Dr. Ram Singh the students of class II paid a visit to Nav Jiwan.

The motive of the visit was to educate the students to help the needy and share happiness and joy of Christmas with the orphans.

On their visit the students presented a small programme through which they displayed the motto of the school Service before Self. With the help of games they interacted with the children and made them friends.

They gifted kids with some woollens, stationery items, books, toys etc. and celebrated the spirit of Christmas.

The parents appreciated the initiative taken by the school to sow the seeds of humanity in children and educate them that for it is in giving that we receive.

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A Session on Watershed Management

An interactive session was organized on the occasion of Watershed Management for the students of classes XI&XII on 20th December 2017in Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The spokesperson for the day was Dr. Birendra Kumar Prashad and Technical Expert Jharkhand and State Watershed Management, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of Jharkhand who was assisted by Mr. Lakhan Lal.

150 students of classes XI&XII attended the session.

The motive of the study was to enlighten the students about “Watershed Management”. This activity was undertaken for the project for “British Council International School Award” conducted by British Council.

Dr. Birendra Kumar interacted with the students and shared some valuable information with them about sustainable distribution of resources and the process of creating and implementing plans, programs, and projects to sustain and enhance watershed functions that affect the plant, animal and human communities within the watershed boundary.

The students were enlightened to manage water supply, water quality, drainage, storm water runoff, water rights and the overall planning and utilization of watersheds.

He also informed them about Landowners, Land use agencies, storm water management experts, environmental specialists, water use surveyors and communities who contribute in watershed management.

Mr. Lakhan Lal interacted with the students and shared with them that India’s GDP depends on agriculture therefore the Ministry of Rural Development of India uses space technology to in order to solve watershed problems.

He also shared with them about the importance and scarcity of water and the technologies used to monitor them.

While interacting with the students Mr. Lakhan Lal also shared that satellites are used to monitor and compare the present and past situations of the natural resources. In case of observation of any unusual activity action is taken.

During the session the students amazed the speakers with their questions such as Priyam Raj asked How to prevent groundwater pollution and Sarthak Wadwa asked what they do if there is a scarcity of water in rural areas.

At the end of the session the students seemed motivated to contribute in Watershed Management and said that session has not only helped them know and understand the value of water but has also encouraged them to preserve it for the future.

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