A session on ‘No one is failure’

Delhi Public School, Ranchi in association with Prayaas-The Effort organized an interactive session on No one is failure on 2nd February, 2018.  The resource persons of the day were Dr. Raman Kumar Jha, Vice Chancellor Amity University and Mr. Sanjay Singh, Commanding officer BSF. 
150 students of various schools of Ranchi namely, Surendranath School, Sachindanand School, St. Thomas School, Bishop Westcott Girls School Doranda and DPS Ranchi were present in the session. 

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh welcomed the resource persons and student participants and said that the future of a person is in his own hands. He also said that day dreaming is important for determination and determination is important for achievement of goal.  He also highlighted that knowledge is the only thing that cannot be stolen. 

The session began with Dr. Raman Kumar Jha interacting with the students and educating and briefing them about the interest, skills, the value system and personality and asked them to follow them which will lead to success and not failure.

He also asked the students to know themselves and try to know where they want to go in order to choose the correct path.  He also said that change comes to those who want to change.  He encouraged the students to discover their interest.

Dr. Raman Kumar also said to them to not to be responsible for destroying your mind and life.

 On the other hand Mr. Sanjay Singh addressed the students saying
“Learning from failure is the pillar to success” and motivated the students to work hard. He also shared that skill, determination and knowledge is important but will power is more important.

He also shared several inspiring and motivational stories of the prominent people and said that failure and success is an endless process.

The students asked several questions to the speakers such as, how to keep balance between the school student and interest study, how to convince parents to support them in their dreams and interest etc.

After the session students were awarded with a merit certificate. At the end the students shared that the session was encouraging and motivating. The session has helped them understand their interest and goal in order to be the person with no failure. 

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Santoor Player Mr. Abhay Rustum Sopori

With the belief to groom a child to his utmost potential, both academically and culturally Delhi Public School, Ranchi in collaboration with Spic Macy organized a programme for the students of classes IV-VII, on 2nd February, 2018.

Sri. Abhay Rustum Sopori a renowned instrumentalist and composer was the performer of the day.  He is a player of santoor, an ancient stringed musical instrument native to Kashmir.  He was accompanied on the tabla by the famous tabla player Mr. Mithilesh Jha.

Popularly known for his energetic performances and rhythmic and melodic patterns Sri. Abhay Rustum Sopori  played Raag Patdeep, Aalap, Jod, Jhola, Tarana and various other compositions of santoor and tabla.

He had a mesmerizing effect on the students. He also interacted with the students.

Dr. Ram Singh, the Principal of the school extended a warm welcome to all the guest performers and said that such kind of programmes are meant to connect the young generation with the rich heritage of Indian Classical music which in turn helps to foster Indian values.

On the whole the programme was a huge success and the students were of the opinion that it was an experience of a life time.

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Flares of Universe

On 1st February, 2018, the children of class–II staged an activity to gear the facts related to the almighty sun and ever revolving planets around it.

During the programme the children shared amazing facts with each other and enjoyed enacting the same. A brief quiz related to the facts of our solar system was also conducted by the curious minds of tomorrow.  

Children were also noticed showing a great interest to see that another world with their own eyes. They explained their wish to become an astronaut and explore the universe. The curious eyes and minds showed that how much they want to fly high and measure their dreams as- The Sky is the limit.

Principal Dr. Ram Singh appreciated the amazing performance of the students and exhorted that knowledge comes from practical learning.

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Martial Art Training Session

An training session was organized on Martial Art for the students of classes IX on 1st February, 2018 in Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The instructor for the day was Sensei Ranjit Mehta, Black Belt Five Da, Shotokan Karate-Do Federation of India.

89 students of classes IX attended the session.

The motive of the study was to educate the students about Martial Art. This activity was undertaken as a part of project for “British Council International School Award” conducted by British Council.

In this session Sensei Ranjit enlightened the students about the basic self defense techniques and how martial art helps in keeping an individual fit and healthy.He also update them with several techniques of attack and block. He educated the students about two types of attacks namely; Suki and Cita Uchey.

Suki consists of two types of attacks Jodan and Chudan. Jodan is the face block/attack where as Chudan is the belly attack/ block which is popularly known for hurting a person in the face and the belly.

While enlightening the students about the block, Sensei Ranjit said that it is the way to defend oneself from any kind of attack. He told them about the different type of blocks namely Ageuke, Uchiuke and Giden Barai. Ageuke  is the upper block used to save the face from getting hurt, whereas  Uchiuke is the belly block used to protect the belly from getting hurt and Giden Barai  is the side block used for the save oneself from getting hurt from the  side .

Sensei Ranjit also demonstrated the attacked and the blocks and trained the students.

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh thanked Sensei Ranjit for training the students and said that into day’s world martial art is an important part of our life. Each and every individual should be ready for all sorts of situations in their life. He also emphasized on empowering girl child and said that martial art education should be provided to all the girls in order to make them ready to face any kind of problems and cultivate a sense of inner defense among them.

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69th Republic Day Celebrated

The 69th Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 26.01.2018.

On this occasion, the flag was hoisted by the honourable Principal of the School, Dr. Ram Singh along with the rendition of the National Anthem.

On this occasion children presented a short programme called 'Kal, Aaj aur Kal'. In this programme, the students portrayed characters of the freedom fighters, namely Rani Lakshmibai, Bhagat Singh, Bhim Rao Ambedkar and reminded us about the sacrifices made by them to give us this glorious gift called ‘Freedom’. The children also remembered many prominent people of today namely M.S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Sania Mirza etc. and portrayed the characters sharing their motto of life.

The children also presented a poem based on soldiers, 'If I Die'. This poem depicted the desires and feelings of a soldier after he dies.

On this Republic Day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh recalled the freedom fighters of the country and said that we are an independent citizen of independent India and it is our duty to give the best to our nation. It should be our aim to eradicate all the evils that exists in our society and make it the best nation in the world.

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Annual Sports Day Celebrated: 2018

List of Winners of Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports day of Delhi Public School Ranchi was held on 25th January, 2018. This gave the students of classes Prep-XII a golden opportunity to exhibit their skills in the field of sports.

Shri Atul Bhatt Chairman & MD Mecon Ltd. Ranchi was the Chief Guest for this mega event and Shri S.K. Das General Manager C.E. & Env. RDCIS, SAIL and PVC DPS Ranchi was the Guest of Honour on this occasion.

The inaugural ceremony commenced with a spectacular rendition of a melodious welcome song by the school choir consisting of 340 students.

Principal, Dr. Ram Singh extended a warm welcome to the gathering and said that games and sports is an integral part of a student’s life. It teaches self discipline and dedication which is important to excel in life and bring out the best in them. He also highlighted that the aim and focus of DPS Ranchi is to identify the inherent potential of children and encourage them to participate in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

This was followed by the unfurling of school flag by the chief guest and then the school choir took the stage to instill the spirit and aim of DPS with the presentation of the school song ‘March DPS March’. This was followed by the March-Past in which the children of 6 houses Ganges, Jamuna, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi and Sutlej marched precisely to the excellent beats of school band.

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The Ardent Republicans

“A nation’s pride resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people – “Mahatma Gandhi”.

On 24th of January, 2018, students of classes Prep - II of Delhi Public School, Ranchi celebrated the untold sacrifices by one and all who gave their life to flair the Indian flag proudly in the air of freedom and prestige.

 The program was a show to manifest the true spirit of patriotism. On one hand where the tiny tots of prep came with the heroic colours of freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi and many more, on the other hand Class I enlightened the stage with the knowledge of our constitution. It was surprising to see the young minds dealing with the complete concept so effortlessly.

The show also comprised the presentation of sportsperson who have never failed to bring India in the International race of progress. The program proceeded with a heart touching poem by our soldiers speaking their heart out in the voice of young minds of today.

A short skit was also performed which decorated the stage with an ideological message that, “We may have different religions, different costumes, different languages but we all belong to one country.”

The Principal Dr. Ram Singh congratulated and encouraged the children to cultivate the spirit of oneness among us as we all know that “The child is the father of man.” And let’s not forget that – India is all about Unity in Diversity.

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ENT Specialist Dr Kumar

An interactive session was conducted today at the premises of DPS Ranchi to groom the students of standard second about how to keep ear nose and teeth healthy. The principal spokes person of the session was Dr Harsh Kumar a renowned ENT Surgeon of Orchid Hospital Ranchi.

Dr Kumar gelled himself with the temperament of the kids who were all between the age group of seven to eight years and educated the kids with his expertise of keeping ears nose and teeth healthy.

In the very beginning, Dr kumar advised the children  not to view TV in high volume as that can have adverse impact on ears and might even lead to damage. He also suggested of not using earbuds/ safety pins/mustard oils as that can also have negative impact on ears.  He further suggested that one should take precautions while bursting crackers and the volume of high intensity coming out of that can have major negative impact and thus said that low sound making crackers should be used in festivals like Diwali and all. He also advised that crackers should be kept away from eyes. Speaking further he also emphasised on how to keep nose healthy, Dr Kumar at the very first advised to prevent the practice of inhaling water to wash noses as that can create major issue.

 Children who all are fond of ice creams were also advised by Dr Kumar  that intake of excess of ice cream can lead to tonsil, one can have ice cream once in a month which is ideal. While advising the children about how to take care of eyes, Dr Kumar said that practice of excessive watching TV should be avoided and children should not watch TV more than half an hour  and even should not be using head phones more to have a good ears, He further clarified that children should retire to bed by 9pm.

Students showered various questions from their daily life schedule like whether they should use cosmetics products like shampoo, powders like elders? Against which Dr Kumar significantly advised the prevention of use of these products and suggested that kids should not use the cosmetics products of their mother and rather should be using products of kids only .

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Capacity Building Programme Comes to an End

The two day Workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics conducted by CBSE; Centre of Excellence Kolkata at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended on13th January 2018. The spokespersons of the workshop were Mr. R.S. Pandey, Principal K.P.S. Bhilai and Ms. Kakali Bagchi Mathematics teacher of Haryana Vidhyamandir Kolkata.

The second day of the workshop began with the motto to “construct the knowledge among students through teachers.” On this day the teachers were enlightened about the teaching methodologies of mathematics, planning’s to teach and the ways of assessment.

The session began with the teachers discussing about the teachings of the previous day sessions. They were given a rough sketch of the topics which were discussed throughout the day.

Mr. R.S. Pandey interacted with the teachers and said to them, “Don’t transfer but construct the knowledge.”  He asked the teachers to ask questions to the students but not give the correct answer. This will help the students enrich and identify the thinking path.

Ms. Kakali Bagchi gave the teachers some guidelines to prepare question paper, marking scheme and lesson plan. She enlightened the teachers to prepare the lesson plan according to the difficulty level of Blooms Taxonomy and prepare the question paper with respect to the time constraint, chapter wise weightage to be maintained formation of balance question paper.

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Dr. Ram Singh Inaugurates Capacity Building Programme

List of different schools of Jharkhand attended the workshop

A two day Workshop on Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics was conducted for the teachers at Delhi Public School Ranchi by CBSE; Centre of Excellence Kolkata. It was inaugurated by the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh on 12th January 2018.

 Mr. R.S. Pandey, Principal K.P.S. Bhilai and Ms. Kakali Bagchi Mathematics teacher of Haryana Vidhyamandir Kolkata were the Resource Persons of the workshop.

The motto of the workshop was to enlighten the teachers about the teaching Pedagogy of Mathematics and to percolate it among students through teachers.

76 teachers of 58 different schools of Jharkhand attended the workshop.

Dr. Ram Singh welcomed the teachers and said that it was an honour for the school to conduct such a workshop. He also said that it would be a golden opportunity for the teachers to grab knowledge and understanding different aspects of Mathematics. It was also highlighted by him that thinking develops only when we allow our mind to struggle and its Mathematics that helps our mind to struggle.

In this workshop the teachers were enlightened on the topics; challenging areas and common errors of mathematics, teaching diverse learners and gender sensitization.

During the session the teachers were divided into 12 groups and several activities were conducted for the teachers. With the help of such activities they interacted with each other and shared their experiences and gave presentations on the above topics.

Ms. Kakali Bagchi interacted with the teachers and educated them to reduce fear of Mathematics among students. She discussed with them about the common errors made not only by the students but also by the teachers. The reasons and remedies related to this topic were also discussed.

Mr. R.S. Pandey shared with them about the challenging areas and common errors of mathematical topics namely Algebra, Number System, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Geometry, Mensuration   and Statistics & Probability.

Mr. R.S. Pandey and Ms. Kakali Bagchi asked the teachers to cater pay special attention towards multiple intelligence and gender biasness.

At the end of the teachers shared that the workshop was fruitful, it has helped them know and understand the challenging areas and common errors of Mathematics, teaching diverse learners and gender sensitization.

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