Intramural Basketball Tournament (Boys) Declared open at DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School Ranchi organizes a two day Intramural Basketball Tournament (boys) for the students of classes VI-VIII. The Intramural Basketball Tournament will take place on 26th April to 27th 2018 in the basketball court of the school premises.

The tournament was inaugurated by the honorable Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh with high spirits. On this opening day of the tournament the Principal said that it is very important to have these tournaments in the school as sports are equally important along with studies and it relaxes the mind. Now days, because of spread of technology, children are more inclined towards laptops, mobile and other technical gazettes which though increases the technical expertise but puts mental pressure as well, in such a situation, it is involvement in sports that acts as a stress buster and gives mental relaxation to children.  

The houses are divided into two pools, Pool A and Pool B. Pool A consists of Sutlej, Jhelum and Ravi, and whereas, Pool B consists of Ganges, Chenab and Jamuna. 

Today total 4 matches were played between the two pools.

In the semifinal Chenav house played against Jamuna and in the second semifinal, Ganges house played against Jhelum.

Jamuna Won the semifinal and Jhelum won the second semi final.

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Street Play on Animal Compassion at DPS Ranchi

Showing compassion is one of the best ways to make the world a better place.  The students of Grade III of Delhi Public school Ranchi performed a street play in SAIL city to urge people to stop cruelty against animals and treat them with empathy and love.
The students dressed themselves like different animals namely Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Dog Tortoise and Rabbit. and communicated with audience as how they are treated and what problems they face from human beings.

Young learners suggested people to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and gave the message ‘God Created Animals, Love them’. 

Witnessing, the act Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that it was really nice to see that such small children with so much love and affection for the creature who cannot speak. He also that such kind of programmes helps the students to inculcate humanity within themselves.

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Intramural basketball tournament (Girls) Ends at DPS Ranchi

A two day Intramural basketball tournament (Girls) played by the students of Classes VI-VIII at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended on 25th April 2018. 

The final match of the tournament was played between Ravi House vs Jamuna House.

During the match both the houses gave each other a cut throat competition and Ravi House defeated Jamuna House by 26-24 and registered its victory in the school.

The highest scorer of the match was Anisha with 20 score. 

On this victorious day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

The Intramural basketball tournament (Boys) for the students of classes VI-VIII will begin tomorrow. 

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DPS Ranchi Felicitated the Primary Students with 100% Attendance

List of Primary students with 100 percent attendance (Session : 2017-18)

Delhi Public School, Ranchi felicitated more than 394 students of classes Prep to V with cent percent attendance in the session 2017 – 18 and the students with two, three, four and six years of cent percent attendance consecutively, at an efficacious programme to motivate them on 24th April 2018.

The ceremony was graced Shri B.B. Pradhan DGP Home Guard and Fire Ranchi as the Chief Guest of the day.

The programme commenced with a melodious welcome song which was followed by presenting of bouquet to the esteemed guest as token of love and gratitude and lighting the lamp.

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated the achievers and said that DPS Ranchi is a school with a difference. Its mission is to nurture global citizen and provide platform to the students for the holistic development. He stressed that attendance at school is very vital to help children achieve and get the best possible start. It helps the students to succeed not only academically but also develops their personality and team spirit. He said that being in school everyday is half the battle won. He also appreciated the parents of the students with cent percent attendance as it reflects on the disciplined family environment. He added that all the stake holders should join hands together to provide proper and overall education to children.

The Chief Guest Shri B.B. Pradhan DGP Home Guard and Fire Ranchi congratulated the students for their accomplishment and exhorted them to carry on with the same spirit in future. He specially took the note of the students who secured 100% attendance consecutively for three years and 6 years. He also urged to always remember the values they have ingrained at the school as these will help them to embellish success in their life.

Students were overwhelmed by the appreciation. 

The students consecutively expressed their gratitude to the school and their parents and said that they will try their best to follow the same path in future.

The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks followed by National Anthem

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DPS Ranchi Felicitated the Senior Students with 100% Attendance

List of Senior students with 100 percent attendance (Session : 2017-18)

With an objective to encourage students for their hundred percent attendance record in last academic session 2017-18, DPS Ranchi conducted a felicitation ceremony for its students who present throughout in the academic session 2017-18 at its premises on 24rd April 2018.

The Chief / Special Guiest of the ceremony was Mr. Dinesh Oraon who is the present Speaker of the Jharkhand State Assembly, Mr S.A Latkar IG(CRPF), MR R.K Burman General Manager CET SAIL were there to felicitate the senior wing students belonging from class VI to class IXth.

The ceremony commenced with a welcome song sung by the students to welcome the Chief Guests, further lighting of lamps was done by the Chief Guests. The School Principal Dr. Ram Singh was then invited to give a welcome speech in which he thanked all the Chief Guests for coming in DPS Ranchi to felicitate and encourage the students. Dr. Singh stated that hundred percent attendance by students is really incredible and not only students but also the parents have to struggle a lot for this type of performance of their wards and he thanked all the parents for this. He said that  attendance reflects the discipline of a student and his dedication towards studies and it is this dedication that works for him in his future development. He said that in today’s time success is not easy to achieve. Students of today have to think differently and fast. They have to set their goals correctly to be successful in their lives. Dr. Singh effectively gave example of our Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who was from a small underdeveloped place but how he worked hard to make his dreams come true. He said that India is a country where everything is possible because it is is only in India where a boy from South Kolkata became a popular saint called Swamy Vivekananda and went to address the Chicago Religious Conference and his words are still remembered.

A dance programme was presented by the students to explain the importance of education in life and thereafter students were felicitated by the honourable Guests. At the end of felicitation of the senior students, the honourable Speaker Mr. Dinesh Oraon addressed the students by saying that he is humbled to attend such a type of ceremony as such a ceremony gives him the opportunity to encourage the future of the country who will be the pillars in the nation building. He said that it is very important now a days for students to be disciplined in all areas as it will promise them long term success.

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Intramural Basketball Tournament (Girls) declared open at DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School Ranchi organizes a two day Intramural Basketball Tournament (girls) for the students of classes VI-VIII. The Intramural Basketball Tournament will take place from 24th April to 25th 2018 in the basketball court of the school premises.

The tournament was inaugurated by the honorable Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh with a Jump ball. On this opening day of the tournament the Principal said that it is very important to have these tournaments in the school. Today the children are found busy in their mobile phones and laptops which lead them to become physically unfit. Therefore, it’s important for the children to be to a part of sports activities for their overall development. He also encouraged the students to play at the state and national level in the days to come.

The houses are divided into two pools, Pool A and Pool B. Pool A consists of Sutlej, Jhelum and Ravi, and whereas, Pool B consists of Ganges, Chenab and Jamuna. 

Today total 4 matches were played between the two pools.

In the first semi final match Ravi defeated Jhelum by 10-5 and the second semi final match Jamuna defeated Ganges by 06-02, and qualified for the finals.

Tomorrow the final match will be played between Ravi and Jamuna.

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Felicitation Ceremony for Highest Mark Achiever (Session : 2017-18) at DPS Ranchi

List of Felicitated Students (Class- Prep to V)

List of Felicitated Students (Class- VI to IX)


Success, medals, certificates, smiles full of pride and happiness defined the aura of the ‘High Achievers Award’ ceremony 2018 for the students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi

This event brought together Principal, teachers, students and parents to applaud the endless hours of hard work of our true champions.

The day commenced with the welcome song, lighting the lamp and a heartfelt mesmerized dance performance based on importance of Gurus in student’s life.

The students were awarded with medals and certificates. The ceremony was graced by Shri A.P. Singh IAS Secretary Education, Jharkhand and Dr. Raman Kumar Jha Vice Chancellor Amity University Ranchi as the Chief Guest and Shri Sunil Burnwal IAS Principal Secretary to Chief Minister of Jharkhand and Shri Kuldeep Drivedi SSP Ranchi as the Special Guest of the day.

Chief Guest Dr. Raman Kumar Jha Vice Chancellor Amity University Ranchi and Special Guest Shri Kuldeep Drivedi SSP Ranchi and Shri Sailesh Kumar Chaurasia ( Director Primary Education ) felicitated the students of classes Prep-V, whereas, Chief Guest Shri A.P. Singh IAS Secretary Education, Jharkhand and Special Guest Shri Sunil Burnwal IAS Principal Secretary to Chief Minister of Jharkhand felicitated the students of classes VI-IX and XI.

Some of the special awards were also given to the students.

The Chief Guest Shri A.P. Singh IAS Secretary Education, Jharkhand congratulated the students and delivered a key note address to them. He strongly emphasized that the latent potentials in the children should be honed to perfection in the school itself. He advised the students that success did not necessarily mean happiness and that they must find ways of giving to their communities.

Congratulating the students Dr. Raman Kumar Jha Vice Chancellor Amity University Ranchi said that he was to see percentile of the students. He also said that DPS is unique in itself which puts competitions in front of the students in order to make them a responsible citizen.

Principal of the school, Dr. Ram Singh said that DPS Ranchi is dedicated to creating leaders of tomorrow. He exported that curiosity, adaptability and right mentorship will help these students to achieve the heights of success.

The ceremony ended with the vote of thanks which was followed by a Photography session.
There were students who were given Gold Medal for securing more than 90% marks in the session 2017-18, They were :

  1. Aayush Kumar Kumar from XIth
  2. Shally Kumar from XIth
  3. Syed Farhan Haider and Kumari Shikha from XIth.
  4. Setika Raj from XIth
  5. Sai Shubham from XIth
  6. Shruti Shreyashi from Class XIth
  7. Ankit Kr Jain from XI
  8. Rayaan Shahid from XIth
  9. Amisha Lodha from XIth
  10. Shreyal from XIth
  11. Anant Kr Agarwal from XIth
  12. Jhanvi Modi from XIth.

Apart from these there were students from class XIth who were awarded with Silver Medals for scoring marks between 85 to 89.9%. They were :

Dhruv Sinha, Shaswat, Om Krishna, Sejal Priya, Himanshu Kumar, Udit Yadav, Rohit Kumar, Samridhi Priya, Saman Aafreen, Mishal Aziz Rana, Sneha Sing, Abhisekh Anand, Gitanshi, Priyanshi Shree, Sakshi Pathak, Apoorva, Aditi Verma, Rudra Priya, Shatakshi, Amisha Raj, Adarsh Raj, Priya Ranjan, Anurag Anand, Sanidhya Singh, Utkarsh Anand, Harsh Kumar Jha, Sarv Verma, Tarun Kr Singh, Tushar Kumar, Sarthak Vadhwa, Aditya Gaurav, Ananya Mittal, Lalchand Prasad.

There were students who scored more than 95% but were not included in Rank Holders. They were :

Rishit Khemka, Pratik Ratan, Shanbhavi Rani, Shilajeet Mukherjee, Milan Sinha, Savni Srivastava, Aryan Kumar Singh, Mohd Afanul Haque, Praganya Raj, Vidit, Satvik Choudhury, Aryan Jha, Amish Anand, Nandini Maroo.

There were some students who were overall toppers and they were:

Aadya Chavi Mishra, Shreya Bhaskar, Snigdha Saumya, Asfia Fatma, Adya Aditi Parida, Ankit Kumar Jain, Anant Kumar.

There were some special Awards given to those students who won felicitation for some special category, They were :

Harshit Panjwani and Shivanshu Dwivedi won the best Orator Award.
Sinchan Mishra, Spriha Anvi and Pankhudi Jha won the best dancer award.
Best Vocal Music award was given to Sumit Dutta and Debanjan Ghosh
Best Instrumental Music was given to Ahaan.
Adrija Sarkar, Prasansha and Suminder Kaur was given best in Art.
Best in Debate was given to Ayushi Sarangi.
The best creative writing award was given to Archisha, 
The best creative writing award was given to Rishita Sanya.
Aakash Kumar got the Best in Quiz award.
The best in Foreign Language (French ) was given to Shakeb Arsalan.
The best in Foreign Language award(German) was given to Divyansh Shadeo.
Best in Robotics was given to Vaishnav Garodia.
The best uniform award was given to Amritanshu Aditya , Nashita Imam and Mansha Mishra.
Neil Roy, Aiman Firdaus and Prachi Baskiyar got the Most Discplined award.






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An Interactive Session Conducted by Dr. Ram Singh with students of Class XI- 20th April 2018

An interactive session was conducted in Vivekananda Hall of DPS Ranchi on 20th April 2018 by the school Principal Dr. Ram Singh. Dr. Singh was addressing the parents of the external students who appeared in the written test for further admission in standard XIth .

In this renowned counsellor Mr. R. Srinivasan was invited who effectively explained as how parents can make their wards more efficient to be successful in life. He stressed on the development of internal qualities among the children which shapes life. He said that only by getting degrees, a person cannot be successful in life and grooming of internal qualities are important.

Dr. Singh was happy to see that the students were very optimistic to appear in the exam and advised the parents that this is a phase which is very crucial and correct decision has to be taken by the students and parents should support their wards. Dr. Singh further quoted that a child cannot be good in all areas but will always have some qualities in him which plays a major support for his entire life. As a parent we have to identify that quality and encourage him to work on that so that he comes out successful in life. Dr. Singh said that these days internet is a very efficient means to get information about studies and students by accessing internet can get all details about various courses which are being pursued in different institutions.

Dr. Singh advised students that they should not follow others and their saying and should rather make their own paths which will not only make good future for them but also they can drive joy out of that. He said that this phase of schooling life is very crucial and the performance which they show at this stage will build up their career.

Dr. Singh as well quated the importance of Leadership abilities which are foremost important and said that school and groom the internal abilities in one but it is the skill that holds importance in life. It is the personality of a person that carries weight and takes him to heights.  He said that throughout its journey, DPS Ranchi has been continuously focusing towards education a every student and because of its efforts, , students here have been successful in all the competitions taking place everywhere and the standard of education has also increased with students cracking IITandMedical examinations.

Dr. Singh said that hard work has no substitute and success definitely comes out of that. He said that India is a country with full and nothing is impossible here as It is this country which has produced talents like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda who are considered to be examples and they all worked really hard to bring name and fame for themselves and for the nation. 

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Earth Day Celebrated at DPS Ranchi

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"- Robert Swan

'What we save, saves us' was all you would get to hear from the little bundles of joy at DPS Ranchi of Class II on 20th April, 2018 celebrating Earth Day. It was a day to remind that the planet we live on is not our property, but responsibility. A day to remind that as we destroy earth’s forest, reefs, wetlands and other ecosystems, we light a fire to our storm barriers, our air filters, our water towers and our medicinal cabinets, all at the same time. The young learners staged the glorious for past of our home planet, the dangerous present and the horrifying future. The children in action left everybody thinking about the consequences of our deeds in future. ‘The gift of earth is the gift to all.’ The melting glaciers, the frequent occurrences of earthquakes, the sudden change of environment … and what else are we waiting for? It’s high time to act than to just think. The children discussed how and what can be done to save our home because it’s never too late to start. A thoughtful program ended with the colourful activity where every little hand lend to paint the planet green for now… forever with the promise to paint the canvas of live earth also in the same way.

The Principal, Dr. Ram Singh on the occasion took the moment to remind that, 'we don’t have planet B', so the call of our mother earth is worth listening and responding too. Let’s not be the part of society who takes oath of saving earth by cutting numerous trees and writing the same on paper. The day is a call to put a full stop to this hypocricy. He ended up saying "We belong to the earth and the earth belongs to every creature it fosters."

So, let’s be the change we want to see in the world, let’s lend a hand to nurture.

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INTRA-MUN Closing Ceremony at DPS Ranchi

Second day of the MUN debate session started at DPS Ranchi which students were highly motivated in their spirits. In the first day, students played roles of different eminent politicians like Sonia Gandhi, Sashi Tharoor, Prakash Javadekar, Mehbooba Mufti, Akhilesh Yadav etc as per their respective committees to put up their notions related to the assigned committees. Students were really very energetic to pose as same characters in the second day of the debate session as well and were completely in new minds to present more thoughts with justifications.

There were five committees and each committee were given an agenda on which the debate was conducted by the students who posed as different political characters to present their opinion on the respective agenda.

 The first committee was given agenda of Reconstruction of Ram Mandir in which students were energetic enough to present their opinion and tried to figure out the core issue in this. The students were neutral enough to express their points and kept in mind that the religious sentiments of people of both community should not be hit and to respect to both religions, at the end they all agreed that there should not be any construction in the disputed land as any establishment constructed will lead to problems all over the country.

The second committee had agenda of Futuristic Crisis Committee and in these students basically discussed as what all steps should be taken if there is any attack on India in future. Students role playing as different politicians presented their opinion as what all steps and security measures India should be taking to secure itself from any kind of attacks. In this students also highlited the countries from whom we should buy arms and weapons like France, Russia seeing the armed power of our enemy countries. Students also suggested that the intelligence departments should be made more active so that they can gather more informations of our enemy countries.

The third committee was given the agenda as how to tackle Global Terrorism. In this students discussed on what terrorism is all about and what leads a person to become a terrorist. Students quoted that there should be proper education given to all the youths as due to lack of literacy students face the problem of unemployment which further forces them to get engaged in anti social activities and terrorism is one of those. 

The fourth committee had the agenda of Article 370. In this topic as well students were very active to present their opinion as Article 370 should be still active in Jammu and Kashmir or not . In this students expressed their opinion in favour of this article and its benefits like the protection of the cultural aspects of Jammu and Kashmir and on the other hand some students even said that if this article is removed from the state government can bring so many changes and innovations in the state which will be good for the youths and their future.

In all the debate done on all the topics were excellent and students said that they enjoyed this very much as it gave them a platform which enhanced their confidence level and their spoken skills. They further stated that MUN conference gave them a new atmosphere under which they could come out of their normal schooling schedule and expressed their views which if implemented can bring development in the country.

In the closing ceremony, students who role played the characters of different politicians like from Lok Sabha students playing the characters of Sushma Swaraj, Ram Vilas Paswan, Sashi Tharoor etc were given certificates. From Stake Holders Meets students posing as Rajnath Singh, Uma Bharati , Arun Jeteley etc were awarder with certificates., Like wise from other committees also students were given certificates.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh congratulated all the students who took part in this debate event and said that such type of events not only does a morale boost but also brings innovations among youths.

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