The Semantic Orientation at DPS Ranchi

“The Beginning is always today!!”- Shelly

The happy children, the toiling teachers and the well pleased parents… Yes, the morning sun of 23.03.2018, Friday shone to light up the path of new journey for the nonchalant little minds.

The orientation session held at the school on the day was the first ever chance for the parents and teachers to have a better understanding of the school environment and children respectively.

The session was a big success as new admitted students of classes Nursery, Prep and IX could witness their second home for the rules and regulations of the school. The school strongly believes in the School-Parents Partnership as they both form the roots of a child’s personality and career development.

The session also took a major turn when it emphasized on conscious parenting. The parents were then asked not to make the child the mirror of their aspirations as the major concern is not only to make them an academic performer but also cater to the basic motto of education i.e., to bring in the world a good and global citizen. We should not forget what Herbert Spenser once quoted- The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

The Principal of the school, Dr. Ram Singh on the occasion, congratulated all the exciting faces while addressing them for the new beginning of the ward’s life. He did not fail to emphasize that how important the role of School-Parents Partnership for the betterment of child is as- No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

 And thus, the hustle-bustle at the school ended with the really contended smiles on parents’ faces.

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Session Break Sports Camp-2018 Ends

A 10 days Session Break Sports Camp-2018 comes to an end on 22nd March, 2018 at Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The camp was organized for the students of classes V-VIII.
In this camp the students were trained in various indoor and outdoor sports namely; Cricket, Chess, Basketball, Athletics, Football, Yoga and Table Tennis. 
In the beginning of the camp the students were provided with a diet chart and were divided into two groups Beginners and Advance.
The students in the Beginners group were taught about the basic skills in different sports activities, whereas the students of the Advance group were educated about the different type of skill training related to the nuances of the game.
 In the yoga session the students were taught about the different aasana namely; Ardha chandrasan, vibhakhat pachimotasana,  dimbhasana, shirsaasana,  chakrabandha aasana, Purna shalbhasana,  kondiyan aasana, padam shirs aasana, pachimotasana,  shalbhasana and veerbhadrasana.
The camp ended with a friendly cricket and football match between the cricketer and the footballers followed by the distribution of participation certificate and the selection of students to represent the school at different levels.
Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated the selected students and said that games are important for the development of a child. It enhances a healthy mind in a healthy body. He also encouraged the students to be a part of the summer’s sports camp for their advanced training session.
The students thanked the Principal for providing them an opportunity to be trained at such a higher level and said that it is a great privilege to be a part of the school which looks after their mental and physical development simultaneously. 

The students selected in different sports are as follows:

  Yoga       Cricket  
Sl. No. Name Class   Sl. No. Name Class
4  FARHAT  VII        



  Basketball       Football(Boys)  
Sl. No. Name Class   Sl. No. Name Class



  Chess       Athletics  
Sl. No. Name Class   Sl. No. Name Class
5  SHRUTI VII        
6 SAMRIDHI VII        
7 VANYA V        



  Football (Girls)       Table Tennis  
Sl. No. Name Class   Sl. No. Name Class
2 ANSHITA VIII        


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DPS Ranchi Organizes Session Break Sports Camp-2018

Delhi Public School Ranchi organizes a 10 day Session Break Sports Camp-2018 from 12th March - 22nd March 2018 for the students of classes V-VIII.

The motive of the camp is to train the students in both indoor and outdoor sports namely; Cricket, Chess, Basketball, Athletics, Football, Yoga and Table Tennis.

The respective coaches will train students with the basic skills in different sports activities. The best players of all the games will be selected to represent the school at different levels. The selected students will also be provided with the advanced level of training.

Dr. Ram Singh, the Principal of the school said that both academics and sports are important for the overall development of a child. He also said that children of today are over burdened with studies and such sessions will enable them to remain fit and healthy as a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

The students thanked the Principal for providing them an opportunity to get trained in the sports they are interested in and said that they are lucky enough to get a chance to refresh themselves before the beginning of a new session.

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Medical Fitness Camp for Bus Drivers and Conductors at DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School, Ranchi in association with Orchid Medical Centre organized a medical fitness camp on 12th March, 2018, for the school bus drivers and bus helpers. Consultant Ophthalmologist of Orchid Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh and his team were present for this medical fitness camp.

70 bus drivers and bus helpers of the school attended the camp.

The motive of the camp was to check the fitness of the drivers and helpers.

During the camp Blood Test, Blood Pressure Check, Sugar Test, ECG and Hemoglobin Test was conducted for them.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school thanked Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh  and his team for their time and support and said that such kind of initiatives are important not only for the safety and security of the staff but also the students.

At the end of the camp they seemed to be happy and said that they are highly grateful to the principal for providing them a medical checkup from such a good medical institution. 

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Active Learning Workshop for Active Teachers

“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn” - Phill Collins

A two- hour workshop on Active Learning for teachers of class Prep-II was post humously held at DPS Ranchi. The inquisitive teachers were seen deliberately participating in the workshop.

The school has taken a step more towards the path of producing smart workers who zeal to become successful persons the one who may not do different things, but they do things differently.

Teachers were also upskilled to cater to a more innovative and ingenious generation with new thoughts and ideas. The idea of the workshop also idealised the better and more effective time management.

During the workshop several activities were conducted for the teachers such as Puppetry, Role Play and Drama, Jodo Gayan, Toss and Talk, Rhyming Words etc.

In the Puppetry activity the teachers were given materials to make puppets and were asked to present a puppet show giving a value based story, whereas in the Role Play and Drama the teachers enacted stories from the Panchtantra . They were enlightened about the interesting mathematical play way strategies in the Jodo Gayan.

The teachers were given the idea to make the classroom colourful and attractive to provide children with a creative environment of learning. The resource persons asked the teachers to conduct innumerable play-way child centered innovative activities to make the learning interesting.

The Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that the school has always believed that -‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but building the new’

Thus the very belief on one’s potential makes the school really stand out to become a school with difference.

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Live Telecast of Pariksha Per Charcha

On January 16, 2018 the students of Classes VI-XII of Delhi Public School, Ranchi witnessed the live telecast of the interactive session with Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ‘Pariksha Per Charcha’.

With the motto ‘Subko Shikha Achhi Sikh’ PM Modi began the session and interacted with the students briefing them about handling stress at school level caused due to studies/ exams and how to tackle it.

During the session he gave them tips to overcome fear during time of examination and said that self confidence is important to reduce fear. He also said that one should try to go high from where he is now and not to give up on their goals.

In order to pass an examination he said that one should forget that he is giving an examination or anybody is judging them or going to mark them on their performances. This will help them pass all the examinations they will be appear in their lives.

On concentration Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that each and every individual had a concentration power but a person only concentrates in which he is interested in. Making the subject interesting will help the students concentrate in their studies.

On being asked about stress management PM Modi said that there are several ways to release stress and it varies from person to person. In order to release stress a person can dance, paint, do yoga etc.

There were also several questions in the minds of the dispites which was unasked due to the lack of connectivity. The questions unasked yet answered by the students were; ‘How to release stress which results to lack of concentration?’, ‘How to handle pressure in student life?’, ‘How to do time management?’ etc.

On this momentous occasion the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that we are indeed privileged to have a person like Sri Narendra Modi as our PM who not only leads the country but also guides the upcoming generation to make the future of our country safe and secure. He further expressed that our PM is very passionate to groom our generation for the betterment of the society to put a mark of the country in front of the entire world.

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Awareness Programme

Class V students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi organized a bundle of activities on 15th February, 2018.

The youngsters enacted a play on Macbeth and spread the message of How destructive, over ambitions can be.

Some of the students presented a beautiful programme on girls’ child education and self dependence, which can lead to a better tomorrow.

Lastly, the students created awareness on pollution with a small play and also gave valuable advice to have a pollution free environment.

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh motivated and appreciated the beautiful show and said that such programmes develop awareness in the children.

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Math’s Mania

On 13th February, 2018 Class-IV students of Delhi Public School, Ranchi made a lively presentation on How Mathematics is useful in day to day life.

In this programme they justified that life without knowledge of Fraction, Measurement, Area and Perimeter Estimation Geometry, Time and applications of simple operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division is just impossible.

Through this programme they conveyed the message that Mathematics is not just a subject of fear but also a subject of fun.

The programme ended with a beautiful song Deep, Deep, Deep which expressed how should our inner values and behavior like faith, trust, walk and talk be nourished and implemented.

The programme was appreciated by the Principal Dr. Ram Singh and said that thinking develops only when we allow our mind to struggle and its Mathematics that helps our mind to struggle.

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Shooting stars

‘We are the stars wrapped up in skin-The light you are seeking has always been within.’

The morning sun of 9th February, 2018, shone in the light of enthusiastic young thoughts of class Prep at DPS Ranchi.

Students colorfully dressed in the several costumes of celestial bodies showed that it’s not only the universe where stars are created. Children were immensely excited and thoughtful to share their not so mere knowledge of ‘Universe’.

Facts such as, sun is the only source of Vitamin D came floating in their river of knowledge followed by the others as the uses of solar energy. The round shape of Earth and Moon added to their appetite of curious mind attended by the teachers witnessing the programme.

Children were astonished to learn the fact that even a dog Laika has visited the moon. However, they were also told that Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon.

The curious eyes became wider as they came across the fact of constellations in the sky which makes it really vast. Thus the efforts of parents, teachers and students blended to produce this successful show.

The Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated all those smiling faces and boosted their zeal to become one of the explorers of the universe. He said that these young stars will add to the sky of humanity and make this world a better place to live in. They won’t fail to bind the scattered pieces of the world in one thread of love. He also said that they should never forget that they were taught ‘to look up the stars; not down at their feet’ and prove to be ‘the stars which are street lights of eternity.’

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Intramural Badminton Tournament (Final)

Intramural Badminton Tournament (final) was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi for students of class IV.

After a cut throat competition in the Girls Singles, Ananya of class IV-H won the match defeating Kashvi of class IV-G, whereas, in the Boys Singles, Snehasish Dey of class IV-E defeated Snehal Raj Singh of class IV-F.

In the Girls Doubles, Pawni Gupta and Anisha Kachchap of class IV-C won the match and left Mannat and Prachi of class IV-D as the runner up,  whereas in the Boys Doubles, Saksham Sharma and Kumar Aryan of class IV-G were declared the winner and Sai Shubham Sahu and Kaushik Shrivastav of class IV-B the runner up.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the winners on their victory.

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