Closure of the Summer Camp

The summer camp that started on 12th May 2018 at DPS Ranchi came to an end on 19th May 2018. The purpose of the camp was to teach students about various techniques of sports like Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Table tennis, Kabaddi etc. Around 363 children including students from class IV to class IX actively took part in this camp to make it a huge success.

During the camp, the students were put under the supervision of sports experts of the school who educated the students about the nuisances of various games. All the students who participated were greatly benefited from this camp and were happy that they got an access to know about all those rules and regulations of certain games which were earlier not known to them . The camp was highly fruitful for them as they also came to know about various techniques of practicing whichcan help them remain healthy. Students gave a positive feedback that the teaching learning experience which they acquired from their experts is going to help them a lot in pursuing sports as a career in future. The physical experts of the school not only briefed the students about various exercises but also taught about basic food habits and have engrained the spiritof sportsmanship in them. Students shared that in this camp they were never tired and always waited for the next day to learn more. Overall it was very enriching experience for them.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh congratulated all the students for participating in the camp and said that the knowledge which the students have earned in this camp is going to be an asset for their life. He said that in today’s fast moving lifestyle people must focus on their physical health as health is the real wealth of an individual .

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Students showed power lies in Unity and Togetherness

It is been six days, that the summer camp in DPS Ranchi has been progressing nicely under its premises. Students have been enjoying the camp much to their expectations. On the sixth day of the camp, students participated in cross country in which all the students who are engaged in different sports of the camp jointly had a road running in the Satellite colony of the city. This joint running activity of the students not only reflected unity among all the students but also represented what it means to be together and strength lies in togetherness.

Just a day before closing, the students, showed that they are not only expert in studies but also good in human relations by revealing a brilliant level of cooperation.

The closing of the camp will take place on 19th May 2018 in which all the students who participated in the camp will be felicitated with certificates. 

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh encouraged all the students who are the part of this camp and said that the level of energy shown by the students in the camp is really appreciable.

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The Mighty Mom : Saluting Motherhood at DPS Ranchi

Every mother should be felicitated for what they are doing for us, but practically it is not possible. So, DPS Ranchi decided to honour the hardships of some selected mothers by organizing a programme "The Mighty Mother" in order to commemorate the International Mother’s Day. The school’s motive behind organising this event was to salute the unsung efforts of the mothers in shaping and giving direction to a child’s life. Thus keeping this idea in mind the mothers of all those who have won National and International Awards in the academic year 2017-18 were honored for working as a solid foundation for their children and catering their interests in the respective areas.

On this occasion, the chief Guests were Shri Harpreet Singh(General Manager, Telegraph) Shri Abhijit Ghosh(CMD of HEC), Shri Deo Shankar ( Assistant Director General, Unique Identification Authority of India, Ranchi), Shri Narendra Sharma( General Manager, Jharkhand milk Federation) and Shri S.P. Agarwal(Pro Vice Chancellor, Sai Nath University).

The ceremony commenced with a beautiful welcome song by the students dedicated to the guests. 

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh said that it gives him a lot of pleasure that the institution is able to felicitate the mothers of the National achievers.

Further Mr. Harpreet Singh was given the chance to address the gathering in which he thanked the school Principal Dr. Ram Singh for giving them a chance to conduct the programme. Mr. Singh said that a mother cannot be defined as her service towards the family and upbringing a child is unique. Mr. Abhijeet Ghosh in his address quoted that a mother is an institution in her own. Mr. Deo Shankar in his speech said that for a child no day is complete without mother. Shri S.P Aggarwal showed a great concern over the condition of mothers in today’s scenario and suggested that a mother has to look after so many household activities so we all should be having a helping attitude towards her. Shri Narendra Sharma said that we all should be very active towards doing those work which can make our mothers feel proud.

The students of DPS Ranchi presented a song and a dance with great fervor and enthusiasm to express their gratitude to the mothers for their efforts and sacrifices.

The List of mothers who were felicitated were :

S.No Student Name Mother Name Achievement
1 Shubham Saha Mrs. Roma Saha Got Qualified in Intl Mathematics Olympiad, won Bronze medal in Brazil in July 2017.
2 Rehan Shahid Mrs. Ayesha Shahid Got Qualified in KVPY.
3 Madhur Jain Mrs. Mansi Jain National topper in Election Commission Quiz among 29 states and 7 Union Territories.
4 Aditya Kumar Mrs. Sikha Kumari National Topper in Election Commission Quiz among 29 states and 7 Union Territories.
5 Ankit Jain Mrs. Saroj Jain Got qualified in KVPY.
6 Utkarsh Anand Dr. Archana Kumari Got qualified in NTSE and KVPY.
7 SAI Shubham Mrs. T. Premlata Got qualified in NTSE and KVPY
8 Sanidhya Singh Mrs. Meenal singh Got Qualified in KVPY.
9 Suminder Kaur Mrs. Simrat Kaur Won 2nd Rank in Indo China Winter Olympic 2018 organised in collaboration with Govt of India and South Korea and won 75k scholarship.
10 Adrija Sarkar Dr. Binita Sarkar Won 2nd rank in All India Level in painting Competition on water Conservation and won 25K as scholarship.
11 Rohit Priyadarshi Mrs. Sumitra Devi Won National award in photography in Inter DPS Photography Competition on earth Day and got 3rd rank.
12 Samar Iqbal Mrs. Snehlata Gupta Won national award in photography and won 3rd rank in Inter DPS photography Competition on Earth Day.
13 Prashansha Ipsa Mrs. seema Lal Won national award in photography and won 3rd rank in Inter DPS photography Competition on Earth Day.
14 Ankit Kumar Mrs. Mona Rano Won 2nd rank in Indo China Winter Olympic 2018 organized in collaboration with Govt of south Korea and India and won 75 thousand scholarship.
15 Aditi Raj Mrs. Jyoti Verma Won 2nd position in CBSE National Chess Tournament
S.No Student Name Mother Name Achievement
16 Vanya Mrs. Anamika Maini Won 2nd position in CBSE National Chess Tournament
17 Sweta Prabha Bisyoi.

Mrs. Susmita Bisoyi

Won 2nd position in CBSE National Chess Tournament
18 Arpita Kumari Dr. Priyanka Kumari Won 2nd position in CBSE National Chess Tournament


The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh, thanked all the guests for their presence in the school for such a noble ceremony. He expressed his desire to conduct such felicitations in future as well.

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Sports Summer Camp Begins at DPS Ranchi

DPS Ranchi has always been active in terms of motivating all its students in different dimensions. We have always believed in agenda of all round development.

 Keeping the same motto in mind the school inaugurated the summer camp for students of class IV to class IX on 12th May 2018. The camp started at 7am in the morning

The events included different sports activities like  Cricket ,Football Volley ball and Atheletics for boys ; Chess and Basketball for both boys and girls and Kabaddi only for girls. 

About 290 students of the school participated in these games under the expert supervision  of the sports teachers of the school. The camp will continue till 19th May 2018 in which students will be trained in these games under the experts.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh encouraged the students for positively participating in this camp and emphasized on the physical well being of all. He said that by participating in sports, one not only gains physical well being but the one's mental development also gets facilitated.

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International Children's Book Day - 'Books the Perfect Buddy'

Delhi Public School Ranchi celebrated International Children’s Book Day- “Books the Perfect Buddy” with great fanfare. The event was a celebration of authors, books, characters and reading along with various fun activities.

Reading books is like a journey-when we read, we learn new words, language, culture and gain knowledge.

The event started with importance of reading and a skit. There was a parade of story book characters like Harry Potter, Mowgli, Mr. Been, Little Red Riding Hood Cinderella etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ram Singh said, “Reading is an investment, which has great returns and books are our true friends.” 

Everyone left the event with a promise to read more.

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Summer Time is Fun Time

“Doing good not only feels good, it leads to more good.”

The little hearts of primary wing, on 11.05.2018 at DPS Ranchi, celebrated their last day just before their summer vacation with utter happiness and responsibilities at the same time. 

Students also participated in the vow taking activity where the little hands fisted to help society and environment in this vacation. 

Their list of promises included things like taking care of birds by keeping a bowl of water for them, helping their parents at work, have enough fruits and to keep themselves hydrated etc.

It was a treat for the spectators to watch these little minds speaking so intensely. They bid bye filling their hearts with excitement and curiosity. Their smiles reflected their delightful thoughts and several plans. 

The Principal Dr. Ram Singh wished them a very enjoyable vacation. He also stressed on how proud he was to see the young future filled up with responsibilities. Being a social buzz himself, he quoted that –

“A person with a dutiful life is a person worth remembering for ages.”

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Intramural Cricket Tournament (Boys) Ends at DPS Ranchi

A two day Intramural Cricket tournament (Boys) played by the students of Classes IX and XII at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended on 10th April 2018. 

There were two semi-finals played. The first semi-final was between Chenav House and Ganges in which Chenab House won the match by 6 runs. In the second semi – final Jhelum house played against Ravi house and Jhelum came out as winner by 4 runs.

The final match of the tournament was played between Jhelum House vs Chenav House. Chenav House scored 70 runs and Jhelum scored 71 runs to win the match.

On this victorious day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

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Work is Worship Programme at DPS, Ranchi

Students of class V of Delhi Public School, Ranchi emphasized on the point that empty verbal prayers are not as valuable as real achievement in any field through their small programme.

The students enacted a small skit and showcased that all kinds of works rank the same in the eyes of God, as it is said ‘each has its own use and purpose’. 

In the skit the students presented themselves as different craftsperson and wage earners and shared their importance in our daily life.

They also related the different human body parts with society and stressed on ‘each work has its own worth’.

Witnessing the programme Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that it is of great importance for a child to know and learn to respect each and every working person around them. Such kind of activity will help the students understand and respect the different craftsperson and wage earners.

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A Tribute to Motherhood by DPS Ranchi

'A mother is a one who can take the place of everybody else but whose place nobody can take'.

God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers to let the world witness the most selfless side of human nature. To celebrate this ever blooming nature of motherhood at DPS Ranchi on 8th of May, 2018 students of class II held an unforgettable programme in the auditorium of the school.

The occasion was to remind ourselves the importance of mother in real sense and pay gratitude to most beautiful creation of God. 

The programme unfolded various chapters of a mother's busy life where she gives her all and asks for nothing. The little hearts could be seen realizing the real value of their mothers love and their eyes filled with tears to imagine a day without her. The curtains opened with a welcome song and a short skit with beautiful message followed the sequence. There were number of activities like singing, dancing and ramp show where mothers explored their self and burnt the stage with their confidence.

The students could not held their ineffable happiness to see their mothers in action. The smiling faces of mothers glared the auditorium making everybody joyous. 

The Principal, Dr.  Ram Singh on the occasion expressed his gratitude towards the young thoughts to pay respect to their mothers. He discussed her irreplaceable role in family and how a family depends on her love and care.  So let's not leave her in disguise and celebrate this gift with our actions and not only by words because we all know that. 

'We are what our mothers make us.  We owe our life to her... today and always.. '

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Intramural Cricket Tournament (Boys) at DPS Ranchi

A two day Intramural cricket tournament (Boys) played by the students of Classes IXth to XIIth at Delhi Public School Ranchi  on 9th May 2018. 

The first match of the tournament was played between Ganges House vs Jamuna House.

During the match both the houses gave each other a cut throat competition and Ganges House defeated Jamuna House by 4 wickets. Jamuna House scored 81 runs in ten overs and Ganges House scored 82 runs to register their victory.

The second match was played between Jhelum house and Satluj House in which Jhelum house won the match by 9 wickets. In this match Satluj House scored 46 runs and Jhelum house without loosing any wicket won the ten over match.

On this victorious day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

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