Intramural Basketball Tournament (Boys and Girls) starts at DPS Ranchi

A Three Day Intramural Basketball Tournament (Boys and Girls) played by the students of Classes IX - XII at Delhi Public School Ranchi started and will be  ended on 06th July 2018. 

Match summary:
 1st match - Ganges House VS  Jamuna House ( Score 5/0)
2nd match – Chenab House vs Jhelum House (Score 2/8)
3rd Match – Sutlej  House Vs Ravi  House (Score 2/5)
4th Match – Jhelum House Vs Ganges House (Score 4/14)

In first round Ganges House and Sutlej House got seeding on the basis of previous year match result.

During the match Rajshree Tigga of Ravi, Sandali Singh and Vaishnavi of Ganges House secured max. Basket for their houses. 

During the match all the houses gave each other a cut throat competition. 

On this Starting day of the tournament, the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

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Online Test on Poshan Abhiyan at DPS Ranchi

DPS Ranchi in collaboration with Jharkhand Government conducted an online test for its students to create awareness about the importance of nutritious food for them in their growing age under “Poshan Abhiyaan” scheme. In our country, we see that children suffer from malnutrition either because of lack of food or nutritious food. It is because of this reason, their development in terms of mental and physical health remains at stake. Nutritious food is the basic necessity of everyone’s life to have proper brain development. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer) and promote your overall health.

To create awareness about this, the online test was conducted to help students gain knowledge so that they become familiar about how nutritious food can help in the overall development of life. The online test helped students become more familiar about good food and also the impact of having under nutritious food.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh said that it is a good initiative taken by the Government as India is a country which has talents but because of lack of good food children fail to have complete development to prosper in their lives.

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Doctor`s Day celebrated at DPS Ranchi

'Doctors not only treat human but humanity'. The children of Nursery at DPS Ranchi paid a heartful thanks to the real heroes of the society, `Doctors`. A unique celebration of its kind was filled with little doctors with tiny feet everywhere. Doctors are the flag bearers of society. They treat not only diseases but the patient himself. The small hands who have just started their not so easy path of education also shared their dreams of becoming the hero without colourful costumes. They also played a mine show to promote the hard work, perseverance and commitment of doctors who have been serving selflessly. The unique celebration was really wonderful and surprising for the spectators. The dreams of the children spoke through their eyes.

The Principal, Dr. Ram Singh who took the moment to share how doctors are not ordinary humans and how desperately there is always room for the best ones. He encouraged children to fulfill their dreams and guided them by closing his speech with the quote -`There are no elevators to dreams, you have to take stairs`.

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Felicitation Ceremony in DPS for the New Responsibilities

Appointees 2018-19 Junior Wing

Appointees 2018-19 Senior Wing

DPS Ranchi organized a felicitation ceremony for the students of Senior and Junior Wing who will take on the responsibilities of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy/ Deputy Head Girl, Cultural Secretaries, and various respective sections.

In this the Chief Guest was Shri S.A Latkar (IG, CRPF, Jharkhand) who felicitated the Senior Wing Students for their new job responsibilities. The Primary wing students were felicitated by Shri Aman Kumar (City SP) and Shri Sanjeev Kumar (GM Corporate Affairs, MECON) in the second session of the Ceremony.

The Ceremony commenced with a beautiful welcome song dedicated to the Guests.

The School Principal Dr. Ram Singh thanked all the guests for coming in the ceremony to encourage the students. Addressing the students Dr. Singh said that the main aim of education is not to get good marks but to learn good skills. Education aims at nurturing qualities like, giving respect to elders, extending help to the needy, learn to be responsible in life and DPS Ranchi is effectively doing this by showing the right way to acquire all these qualities. He said that DPS Ranchi aims to make its students become global citizens imbibing all the required abilities in students. He said that life is about learning good aspects and further speard those among all.

A dance show performance was further performed by the students to emphasize the importance of mother in a child’s life. And the primary students performed a dance to reflect the importance of cleanliness. 

The students who got the responsibilities were then felicitated by Shri Latkar.

Shri S. A. Latkar while addressing the students congratulated all the students for the good skills which they have in themselves because of which they have got additional responsibilities.He encouraged all to be good human beings and learn to take responsibilities as their ability and intention to take responsibility will groom them to succeed in life. He motivated all to be disciplined in life and try to become role models and set examples for others.

The students of primary wing were felicitated by Shri Aman Kumar who emphasized that every student has ability and it is important to keep trying to improve that ability to gain perfection. He in his speech shared his own life experience to encourage all. He said that one should be strong from heart and mind and never lose hope as it is hope that keeps us going. Finaly the vote of thanks was given to the guests by the students.

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Intramural Cricket tournament (boys) 2018 Ends at DPS Ranchi

A four day Intramural Cricket tournament (Boys) played by the students of Classes VI-VIII at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended on 28th June 2018

 Two semi-final matches were played, The first semi Final was played between Chenab and Ganges House. Chenab scored 68/3 in seven overs and Ganges scored 48/1 which Chenab won the match by 19 runs. The second semi- final was played between Sutlej and Jhelum House. Jhelum scored 68/2 and Sutlej scored 69/2 which Satluj won by six wickets. The final match was played between Sutlej and Chenab House in which Chenab came out victorious. Chenab scored 51/5 in 8 overs and Sutlej scored 32/8.

On this victorious day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning team.

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The green Thursday at DPS Ranchi

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
That plants trees loves others beside himself.

The Thursday morning was greener at DPS Ranchi when the young plants of class PREP came to actions to identify nature as their friend. An activity was held by the young children where they smartly learned about different kinds of plants such as trees, herbs and shrubs. They also acknowledged the facts related to different parts of plants and how they are used as vegetables and fruits. Children were seen enjoying nature and exploring their curiosity at the same time. The young hands touching plants with utter care and tenderness was a great bliss to the eyes of spectators. The participation of students wonderfully enhanced their learning appetite.

The principal on the occasion took up the moment to amplify the need to save trees. he also emphasized on variety of plant’s species and their uses in day to day life. thus program came to its end with the beautiful quote by the statesman of the school -"Plant your dreams by planting trees."

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Intramural Cricket Tournament (Boys) starts at DPS, Ranchi

A four day Intramural Cricket Tournament (Boys) played by the students of Classes VI-VIII at Delhi Public School Ranchi started on 26th June, 2018.

The first match of the tournament was played between Ganges House vs Jamuna House.

During the match both the houses gave each other a cut throat competition of 10 overs. Jamuna House batted first and scored 50 runs and Ganges House achieved the target in seven overs and defeated Jamuna House by 5 wickets to register its victory in the school.

On this victorious day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

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Felicitation Ceremony in DPS Ranchi 2018

List of  Felicitated Students

With an objective to  felicitate the Class XII pass out students 2018, DPS Ranchi conducted an award ceremony for all those students who have scored 90% and above in AISSCE 2018 in which the parents of the students were also invited.

The ceremony was graced by  Mr. Sudhir Tripathi (Chief Secretary of State ) and the Guest of honour was Shri Sanjay Prasad ( Law Secretary of State).

The ceremony commenced with a welcome song dedicated to the guests following which the lighting of Lamp was done.

The School Principal Dr. Ram Singh addressed the students by congratulating them for their brilliant academic performance in class XII and said that every year DPS Ranchi has shown improvement in its academic performance. And this year as well students have shown their talents by scoring good result. Dr. Singh in his speech thanked all the teachers for the good guidance given by them to motivate the students and further thanked the guests for the time they have managed from their busy schedule to come to the school as their presence will certainly increase the spirits of the students. Dr. Singh stated that for a student to perform well good , there should be a good coordination between students, parents and teachers. He appreciated the role of parents which they play to groom their child  and gave his good wishes to all the students for a bright life ahead.

A dance performance was given by the students to show the importance of education and how education can bring enlightment in life.

Shri Sudhir Tripathy was further given the opportunity to address in which he firstly congratulated all the students for their brilliant performance. He said that it is a milestone which they have achieved in life and this should further continue for which hard work is needed. He specifically congratulated all the parents for the sacrifices they make to groom their wards  and stated that one should remain positive in life and should never get depressed and should be receptive enough to take new ideas and do new things in life.

Further Shri S.K. Prasad, in his speech encouraged students to take regular guidance from parents and teachers to do well in life. He also said that life has different phases and every phase needs new strategy for which it is utmost important to work hard and never get involved in wrong activities.

The ceremony ended with the School Principal thanking all and wished all a good life ahead.

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International Yoga Day Celebrated at DPS Ranchi

DPS Ranchi has always been very active towards motivating students not only in studies but also in other fields for an all round development to be a global citizen. With this objective, on 21st June 2018, the school celebrated the International Yoga Day. Student of classes of standard IV till standard IX class students participated in this session.

The session was addressed by the school Principal Dr. Ram Singh, who addressed the students and explained the benefits of Yoga and how it can bring benefits in one’s life. Dr. Singh said that In today’s fast proceeding world , it is very important to keep a good mental health so as to keep the pace at par with success and the general lifestyle , it is utmost important to have a relaxed brain. A relaxed and cool brain is far more capable to act efficiently as compared to a busy brain. People do a lot of activities to keep and maintain a cool brain for an effective life to be lead by them.

Experts guide us to one of the ancient practices for a good and ideal mental get up to be maintained and achieved and that is “Yoga”. Dr. Singh in his speech motivated students by saying that great people like Swami Vivekananda is our inspiration and he also practiced yoga to remain mentally fit.

Dr. Singh extended his thanks to our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who did a lot for Yoga to be accepted internationally and because of his efforts only, Yoga has gained international status. He further said that through yoga, one can gain spiritual, physical and mental solidarity .

The session further proceeded with students chanting of Omkar followed by prayer. Students were further given the knowledge of how to practice breathing exercise and joint excercises.

Under the guidance of Yoga experts of the school Smt. Kabita Panigrahi (Senior Faculty) and Smt. Nikki Rani, students were told to practice different postures like Half Padmasana, Yog Mudra, Pachmitosana, Vakrasana, Vajrasana, half camle pose, Tadasana, Triyak Tadasana, Katichakrasana, Arrdha Chakrasana and further Padhostasana.

Students were also taught about Kapalbhati, Anutomvilom and Bharamari. Finally the session concluded with Shanti Mantras.

Dr. Singh encouraged all to practice yoga regularly for its benifits  in life.

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Counselling Session in DPS Ranchi

A counselling session was conducted on 19th June, 2018 for the students of class XI and their parents in Vivekananda Hall of the school. The main purpose of this session was to make the students aware about the school’s vision, infrastructure, system and its working.

The Chief Guests of the session were renowned counsellors of the city Mr Santosh kumar, Mr Vikas and Biology Expert Mr A.K. Singh. The session began with a beautiful welcome song sung by the students of the school dedicated to the Guests.

Dr Ram Singh, the school Principal was further given the opportunity to address the gathering in which he welcomed all the parents and their wards and explained how DPS Ranchi is different from other schools . He said that the school gives great emphasis on holistic education and works hard to prepare students to become global citizens by grooming their personality, communication skills, developing organizational ability and global values in them. He shared the achievements of the students of the school in the last four years in which students have showed their excellence in different competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY, IMO, JEE Mains , JEE advance etc. He said that DPS not only aims at educational excellence but also believes in nurturing moral values among students.

Mr Santosh Kumar in his speech educated students about the importance of e-commerce in today’s time and updated students about various other fields like Animation, creative writing and management courses which can be highly benificial for students if they choose these as their career.

Mr A.K. Singh, a renowned expert of Biology from the City motivated all the students by saying that, every child is a national asset and therefore it is our responsibility to work for nurturing the hidden potentials in them for their all round development. He in the speech encouraged students to stay focused towards the goal. He said that the role of parents to prepare their wards is also very important and they should also understand this by working as a helping hand whenever they see their child is facing problems. This increases the confidence of the child to do well in all spheres of their life as the role of parents cannot be denied behind the successful students.

Mr Vikas, urged students to stay away from social medias like facebook or whatsapp as these distract students from their goals  and advised students to work hard and stay positive to get success in life.

In the session ex students of the school , Anirudh Anil Ojha and Miss Tiyasha Mitra:presently in IIT Kharagpur very effectively briefed various ways by which students can succeed in any kind of competition. Tiyasha  emphasized about setting a goal in life which helps a lot to excel. Further students like Prateek Parawar (JEE Mains City Topper 2018), Prakhar Kumar (Class XII Topper), Ritul Garg (NEET Qualified 877 rank) and Shaan Ul Haque (JEE Advance City Topper 2018) all stressed the students of Class XI to work hard, stay focused and stay away from social media, practice difficult questions of sample Question papers are the ways that can lead to success.

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