Let’s think outside the Trash….. Recycle !

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little.

Humans being one of the most incredible creations of nature, hold the responsibility to hand over this planet to the next generation with the same love and beauty, we inherited it.

The students of class II were really seen busy on 30.07.2018, giving their whole in the activity on recycling. Taking the dream of "Clean India… Green India" in their eyes they performed the activity elucidating that why it is important to recycle, its benefits and abrupt positive effect on the climate. The programme also comprised of beautiful poems in English and Hindi. The song and Drama on wet and dry garbage were the bombshells to the spectators. The young hopes of tomorrow effortlessly showed the consequences of our heedlessness towards the environment. This journey  and dream of clean India started with the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, carried forward by our honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi needs to be supported and accomplished by the citizens of India. The tiny citizens of the country concluded the program with the message that “Not everyone can do great things but little things can do great change.” So let’s join hands and achieve the motto of 3R’s in our life – Reuse,….. Reduce,… Recycle.

The principal Dr. Ram Singh took this moment to realize that this is the peak hour when we open our eyes to feel the pain of mother Earth and not to forget that she has enough for our need but not for our  greed. Recycling is the alternate and of course the best way to save the sources and offer the next generation, a better tomorrow. Sustainable development is all we need and as our Prime Minister believes, "If 125 crore people work together, India will move forward 125 steps. So, let’s move forward to execute this great mission of  Swachh Bharat…. Swasth Bharat.

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Closing of Orientation Programme for Career Guidance at DPS Ranchi

The second day of the orientation Programme on training Prospective Resource persons in career guidance continued with the same spirit in DPS Ranchi. The Resource persons did a brainstorming session with the teachers to explore various dimensions of teaching. The teachers opined that teaching is inclusive of knowledge, improvisation, sustenance, enrichment, facilitation, character building, humanity and above all tapping of hidden talents, so that they can be articulated in the right direction.
Mr Alok Gadia further added to this and said that teaching is a process of self realization. Real teaching as per him is a journey in which a teacher helps a student to identify his/her self. It should be done as a natural development because naturally done things are harmonious. Teachers have to understand that everything around us is connected to education and therefore the students must be taught to adjust in different environments.

Dr Somu Singh took over the session and told that how teaching can be instrumental in changing the thoughts of people. He requested the teachers to teach their students the art of living together, the art of knowing, the art of doing and the art of being in order to develop their maximum potential.

The experts further continued conducting an activity in which they trained the skill to attain excellence in a particular profession through movies like Munnabhai MBBS, Tare Zameen Par, Jolly LLB etc by making them discuss that how these movies helped a child in identifying his hidden abilities.

In another activity carried out by the experts, they divided the teachers present in five groups: Languages, Humanities, Social Science, Science and Mathematics. Its objective was to enable the teachers to understand the relationship of subjects with careers and the role of teachers in relating their subjects with careers.
The second session began with the welcoming of the Chief guest Shri Naveen Kumar (IPS, IG) who was invited for the distribution of “certificates of participation” to the teachers.

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Measles and Rubella Vaccination Camp organised in DPS Ranchi

If we could have but one generation of properly trained, educated and healthy children, a thousand other problems of the government would vanish. Healthy children are more likely to attend school and better able to learn.

Reckoning this cause a ‘Vaccination Drive’ to immunize children against Measles and Rubella was organised by the National Health Mission, Govt. of Jharkhand, in the premises of DPS Ranchi on 28-07-2018; where students of Std II- V were vaccinated against these two miserable childhood diseases.

Principal, Dr. Ram Singh emphasized that physical health is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of every dynamic and creative intellectual activity; the greatest wealth is ‘Health’

A part from this, a two day orientation programme on ‘Training  Prospective Resource Persons’ in Career Guidance was organised in the School premises on 26th and 27th July 2018. The Resource persons did a brainstorming session with the teachers to explore various dimensions of teaching. The teachers opined the teaching is inclusive of knowledge, improvisation, sustenance, enrichment, facilitation, character building, humanity and above all tapping of hidden talents, so that they can be articulated in the right direction.
The programme was indeed on enriching experience for the representatives of the various CBSE schools of Jharkhand

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Young Scholars in action at D.P.S. Ranchi

“Knowing your country is as beautiful as knowing the purpose of  your life.”
So, you think you know your country better well, this was the what every little faces of class PREP of DPS Ranchi tried to exclaim on 28.07.2018. The tiny tots of class PREP never fail to amuse us  and this time they did it by exhibiting their ocean of knowledge. The children came together to stage an extensive programme to unbox the facts related to their home, country and dwelling state. The filled up their bucket of curiosity at this tender age by speaking about national flower, fruit, sport, animal, tree, bird, emblem and the politicians of India. Their curious minds also appended which included facts about P.M. President other facts also like C.M of the state, state bird, state animal, state tree (Sal) which is also known as the flame of the forests etc.. The audience were startled to see little ones detailed preparations. They even discused about foundation day of Jharkhand. The programme thus was a successful event to cater to young ones need of refinement of knowledge as school is th e place where one knows more about the surroundings.

The principal, Dr. Ram Singh on this ocassion spoke on how spell bound he was to see these little bundles of joy coming up to become great scholars in their life. He encouraged them by quoting what we should never forget is – “ Our true nationality is mankind.”

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Intramural Football tournament (Boys) ends at DPS Ranchi

A five  day Intramural Football tournament (boys) that started on 23rd July  by the students of Classes VI - VIII  and IX to XII at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended on 26th July 2018. 
In class VI to VIII, the final match was played between Jhelum and Jamuna House and Jamuna House won by one goal.
In class IX to XII final match was played between Jamuna and Satluj house in which Satluj won by 3 goals.
During the match all the houses gave each other a cut throat competition. 

On this Starting day of the tournament, the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

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Kargil Vijay Diwas 2018 celebrated at DPS Ranchi

And they died to live forever
"Warriors are not born, they are made in Indian Army."

Attack , deceit and bloodshed at every  step was the dreadful scene of the morning of 26th July, 1999 when Indian army fought the great Kargil War against Pakistan in Kashmir. Since that day, Vijay Diwas is celebrated to revoke the sacrifices of our soldiers. So, the day was summoned in a very unique way like no other celebrations. 

The teachers and children of class II at D.P.S Ranchi joined hands to come up with a commemoration ceremony where the young children learnt about the importance of this date in the historical calendar of Indian history.

They honored the contribution of our soldiers by reciting a rhyme. Uniquely dressed in the soldier’s costume children sung patriotic slogans in the programme adding to their spirit of courage and pride. Those trembling lips of soldiers who stand upon all odds spoke through the words of teachers and children accompanying them. At last but not the least, the condolence ceremony left everyone in tears.

The principal, Dr. Ram Singh who himself is patriotic soul, estouned by everyone's performance spoke  with little drops of shining love for his country. He expressed his wish to have more programmes like this so that the young hopes of tomorrow not only read but also feel the pain of soldiers and respect them in true sense. He ended up saying - "Being a soldiers is more than courage – It's sacrificing yourself for something greater than yourself .

So Let's salute them.

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Orientation Programme for Career Guidance at DPS Ranchi

Since the Education Act 2011, schools have been required to offer career guidance to their students. Some of this goal has been achieved, but their exact role remains a bone of contention. There is a dire requirement of training teachers to become future resource persons in the field of career guidance. They can do this by applying their pedagogic skills to the delivery of career learning.
With this agenda, DPS Ranchi inaugurated a two day orientation programme under the guidance of CBSE’s capacity building programme through its center of excellences(CoEs) at Vivekananda Auditorium in its premises.
The Principals , Vice- Principals, Counselors, psychologists and senior teachers of around 70 schools across Jharkhand registered themselves to be a part of it. The Resource persons who trained and guided the teachers for becoming Prospective resource persons in (PRP) in the field of career guidance were Dr Alok Gadia and Dr Somu Singh. Both the Resource persons are Associate Professors at the Faculty of Education, (Banaras Hindu University).The respective Educationists have been Resource Persons in various reputed Organizations and National Institutions.
The program began with the rendition of the welcome song which was followed by bouquet presentation. Then, the lighting of the lamp was done by Resource persons and other guests to invoke the Goddess of Knowledge. 
After this, the scintillating performance of Indo-western Fusion Dance by students mesmerized the atmosphere.
The school Principal Dr Ram Singh further addressed the illuminaries and expressed his gratitude to the Resource persons for enriching the programme.He explained the importance of leadership skills in today’s time which plays a crucial role in shaping one’s life. He emphasized that the students must be updated with the new career options as per changing times which requires correct guidance from the teachers.
Dr Alok Gadia was further given the opportunity to speak in which he appreciated the work culture of DPS Ranchi. Speaking on the topic, he said that we have to break the traditional Indian concept of education and adopt the global concept. India promotes education for enlightenment whereas globally education means having a good career. Career refers to appointment in reputed organizations which demands the teachers to tap the latent potentials of the students in the right direction. 
The respective Resource persons conducted an activity in which the educationists present were asked to name a suitable career option which began with their initials. The purpose of this activity was to foreground the multiple professions popular these days.
The Orientation programme proceeded in a unique way wherein the Dr Somu Singh along with Dr Gadia  did a joint discussion under one roof with all the educationists present about how teachers can become good guides for their children so that they can select the career that suits their interests. The experts emphasized that teachers should be capable enough to analyse the needs of different students for their holistic development. This can be done by recognizing some unique quality of the child and by nurturing his/her creativity. Only then the child’s potential can be utilized to the fullest.
The Principals and Directors of various schools sportingly shared their experiences to upgrade the other teachers. Some of them were :Mrs Neeta Pandey( Principal Cambriam School), Mrs Golam Nabi Khan (Principal, SD  DAV Jamtara), Mr Sandeep R. Dey ( Principal St Thomas High School), Mr S.K. Singh (Principal , DAV Gandhi nagar), Mrs Seema Chitlangia (Principal , Bridgeford School), Mr Ajay Kumar Choudhury(Principal , Dr Bhaba Public School, Giridih), Mrs Kiran Yadav(Principal, Tata DAV Public School), Mrs Gurmeet Kaur(Principal, DAV Nandraj Public School), Mr Samarjit Jena(Principal JVM Shamli), Mrs Paramjit Kaur (Principal Sarla Birla Public School), Mr Srivastava (Principal, Sachidanand Gyan Bharti Model School), Mr Umakant Baral (Principal GGSPS, Dhanbaad), Mr Sunil Kumar Singh (Principal, RTCHS, Buti Ranchi) Mr BibhuDatta Mohanty (Principal, DPS Pakur), Mr Sanjay Kumar Maullick (Principal, SMSVM, Ghatsila) and Mrs Urmila Singh ( Asst Director DAV Barkakhana).
Mrs Uma Singh spoke on the importance of wise guidance as it never violates people’s free will.
Mrs Neeta Pandey spoke on the requirement of guidance in order to create nation builders.
Mrs Seema Chitlangia advocated career guidance by citing her own experience of how right guidance has always proved to be a life changing decision for her students.
Mr Jena said that guidance also requires the school to promote a highly developed value system which can work as a compass to guide the children towards the right direction when they are lost.  

The Orientation proved to be very fruitful and interactive for the participants. With the expectation of making it more enhancing and helpful for the teachers it will continue on 27th July as well.
The school Principal Dr Ram Singh said that such type of analytical discussions and training sessions builds up a faculty advanced enough to contribute in the Human Resource Development .  

The honourable Principal of the school Dr Ram Singh honored the Resource persons with shawls and mementoes to extend his gratitude for enriching the participants with their knowledge.
The orientation further proceeded with Dr Alok Gadia appreciating all for taking part in the programmeand he said that the efforts that all have put in this orientation will bring positive results in future. He encouraged all for working to achieve excellence.
Mrs Urmila Singh Assistant Director DAV Barkakhana that the orientation has actually helped all in understanding as what all career options are available and what all criteria are required to get success in those domains.
The Chief Guest Shri Naveen Kumar thanked all the teachers for participating in the programme and said that teachers are the future of the country and the role of the teachers is to bring out the natural hidden talents. He also specified that the main things that matters in life is the inter-personal skills, communication skills and organizational skills and encouraged all teachers to groom these in students.
The orientation ended with Dr Ram Singh presenting memento to the guest
The School Principal Dr Ram Singh expressed his gratitude to all for participating in the programme.

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MR Awareness Session in DPS Ranchi :

A MR (Measles Rubella) awareness session was organized for the students between the age group 9 months – 15 yrs in the premises of DPS Ranchi on 25th July 2018. The programme was conducted by UNICEF in coordination with Central Government and Government of Jharkhand. The guests who were present in the session was Dr Vanesh Mathur (Health Officer INICEF), Smt Sheela Kumari (Secretary) and Moira Dawa( Communication Officer).

In the session, All the guests briefed about how dangerous these diseases are for the children and what all steps can be taken to prevent these. The guests explained the basic causes of these diseases and who are vulnerable to it. At the end of the session a quiz was conducted in which students were asked different questions related to the session itself to educate the students more.

This is a special initiative taken by Central Government of India along with Government of Jharkhand in Jharkhand to make all aware of these two diseases (Measles and Rubella) so that self preventive measures can be taken by people to remain free from these. The main motto of this programme was to create awareness among the students about these diseases and what measures can be taken to prevent them.

India has launched one of the world’s largest vaccination campaign against measles, a major childhood killer disease, and congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), responsible for irreversible birth defects. The campaign aims to vaccinate more than 35 million children in the age group of nine months to 15 years with MR (measles and rubella) vaccine. It demonstrates India’s commitment to improve health and well-being of its people by protecting children against vaccine preventable diseases. A total of 750 schools have been mapped for this vaccination programme and 1crore and 17 lakhs of children are targeted to be vaccinated under this programme.
The whole programme will run in three stages in our country:

1t Stage s: Students of all the schools  of Jharkhand will be vaccinated in the first two weeks, 
2nd Stage : Stuydents of  Primary Health centers/ Community Health Centers (Aaganbari Kendra) of Jharkhand in the next two weeks.
3rd Stage :  All Left out school Children of Jharkhand in the last week.

For the MR campaign to be effective, it is important that throughout its duration, and in routine immunization thereafter, no child is left behind.

 The school Principal Dr Ram Singh said It is indeed pleasure to announce that Government of India’s 4th phase of vaccination is going to be launched in Jharkhand on 26th July 2018 and Jharkhand happens to be the 15th State of India to initiate this. It is a matter of privilege for DPS Ranchi, that it has got the opportunity to join hands with the Government of India in collaboration with Government of Jharkhand to start this campaign in Jharkhand.

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Plantation of Trees to protect Forests at DPS Ranchi

With an objective to create a sense of importance of trees among all the students of the school, the School Principal initiated a tree plantation programme in the school premises. The prime objective of this workshop was to make students aware about the importance of trees

Trees play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance of the atmosphere.  If trees are being cut at regular intervals, then it leads to deforestation which creates ecological imbalance. Trees play a major role in keeping the atmosphere clean and pollution free. It helps in generating fresh air. Now a days people cut tress randomly to create space for construction of houses and buildings, In this process they forget that they themselves are becoming part of creating pollution in the atmosphere which leads to various diseases and human sufferings. Trees help in rainfall as well which control the problem of scarcity of water.

In order for making students aware about all these, the school initiated this programme to nurture a sense of love towards plantation of trees among students to help protection of forests.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh in this said that trees are the base of nature and we must protect trees and encourage people to plant more trees as this will act as service to society and nurturing nature.

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A Measles & Rubella Awareness Camp at DPS Ranchi

A MR (measles Rubella) awareness camp was organized in the premises of DPS Ranchi on 21st July 2018 at the school premises in which doctors of different Government hospitals were there. Dr Anubhawi (MBBS, Sadar Hospital, Ranchi) Dr Khalid (UNICEF, Govt of India) and Mr Shisir (Health Manager from Government of Jharkhand) were the coordinators present in the camp.

This is a special initiative taken by Central Government of India along with Government of Jharkhand in Jharkhand to make all aware of these two diseases so that self preventive measures can be taken by people to remain free from these.

 The parents of the students were called in this camp. The main motto of this camp was to create awareness about the diseases and what measures can be taken to prevent them. Parents raised different questions like would there any side effects of the vaccination that will be given to students and what preventive measures can be taken to remain free from these diseases. The parents were really satisfied to get so much of details from the doctors. The school is scheduled to conduct the vaccination camp of this on 27th July 2018 for the students.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh was happy to see the camp being organized and said that if parents are given details about these diseases and the preventive measures then they can play a major role in developing a healthy country.

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