Celebrations of Life at DPS Ranchi

We not only celebrate festivals, we celebrate life !

The students of class II of DPS Ranchi on 23.08.2018, engaged themselves to celebrate the one of the sources of cultural instinct of human race "Festivals". They presented different forms of Indian festivals one after the other including Religious, National and Harvest festivals. The colourful activity showcased each and every festival like – Religious Festivals – Holi, Eid, Guruparv, Christmas etc., National festivals – Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti, Harvest Festivals – Makar Sankranti, Onam, Baishakhi etc. the moment was to cherish the memories and motives of different religion. It is the celebration of festivals which gives every time a chance to take a break from the ever busy schedule of ours. The happiness of festivals rejoices most in the eye and hands of young children. The activity further moved with showcasing festivals of different castes and tribes like- Karma, Sarhool etc. and since Music is the strongest form of human emotions, the young hearts spoke through a beautifully recited poem related to the same. The programme concluded its message coming to the closure, explaining the importance of each and every festival in detail. It gave a wonderful message of unity, happiness and equality.

The principal, Dr. Ram Singh caught the moment to talk about the essence of our country, our ‘Unity in diversity’. It explained how different festivals come to remind that "We all belong to one country, one race and one goal i.e. humanity, now and always…

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Human Library session on 20th August 2018

It is the positive approach that leads to success in life

DPS Ranchi conducted a Human Library session on 20th August 2018 at its premises for the students of class XI and XII. This time the guest speaker was Lt Commander Vikrant Malhan. Shri Malhan is a Logistic Corporation Officer from Indian Navy and has been instrumental in conducting two prestigious President’s Fleet in 2006 and 2012 with our honourable President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Smt Pratibha Patil. Shri Vikrant Malhan is the Member Secretary of Jharkhand State Sports Promotion Society and preparing young children of Jharkhand for Olympics.

Shri Malhan started the session sharing his experiences of armed forces. He gave clear picture about our forces. He sais that job in army is a lifestyle which demands a person to be awake, alert and have sense of responsibility. He specified that humanity is something that is beyond everything and thus he urged the students to work for a cause and contribute to protect the integrity of the motherland..

Shri Malhan shared one of his toughest experience which he had on the eve of 26/11 inside Hotel Taj in Mumbai which enriched him with lot of maturity. He urged the girls as well to consider the armed forces as a career. It turned out to be very informative for the students to get a closer glimpse of the armed forces.

The later half of the session was full of student  questions regarding bilateral excesses of armies and forces.

Shri Malhan said that getting worried is never a solution. We have to find out the solution of problems.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh expressed his thanks to Shri Malhan for motivating students with his positive attitude and said that students can really do well in their lives if all the advices are properly followed.

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Exploring the world of Money at DPS Ranchi

Money skills for life.
“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics”

Yes, practicing is the only requirement to make mathematics easy. Everything from counting pages to calculating money is mathematics. So, on dated 18.08.2018 class II of DPS Ranchi, held on activity to learn more about money in the most playful manner. They performed a small skit where they displayed different symbols associated with the concept of money like (.), (RS), (`) etc, through poems. They enhanced their calculating skills which would further help them in future. The performers also discussed about currencies of various countries, like Japanese-Yen, U.S. – Dollar, Europian – Euro, Sri Lankan – Rupiya etc. Little wonders have always shown curiosity about the valuable colourful notes and tinkling coins, but they hardly know how to use them effectively. So, taking the activity ahead, they picked up a very lovingly used term, “Pocket Money” . They learnt different ways to their small treasure in the pockets. Everyone in the audience was amused to see these young fellows dealing with the new concept so effortlessly. It was no late when all witnessed one more bombshell  of the small programme, the R.B.I. Yes, they discussed about R.B.I. and learnt about the present governor of the same, Sri Urjit Patel. They moved further by talking briefly about the working of the biggest bank of India, R.B.I. (Reserve Bank of India). They did not even fail to share their thoughts and views about the term "Charity". And thus, an informative activity came to an end.

The Principal,  Dr. Ram Singh, delighted by the program took the opportunity to talk about the subject and encouraged the tots to have more programs like this. He also said that activity like this helps students to cope up the fear of numbers. He was moved to see young hearts talking so thoughtfully about how their parents are working day and night to earn how they should serve humanity with this as – "It is in giving that we receive"

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Inauguration of Lift at DPS Ranchi

In a major infrastructural development , DPS Ranchi inaugurated lift at its premises on 16th August 2018.

Shri S.K. Das (General Manager , Incharge RDCIS) and Shri K.J Chauhan(DGM and Incharge, F&A, RDCIS)  who were present to inaugurate were happy on this development done by the school and opioned that it is an asset for the school.

Features : 

  • The lift will have the capacity of 408 kg /6 persons.
  • The lift is equipped CSB belt drive and inbuilt Auto rescue device, inbuilt regeneration drive, door sencor.
  • The lift is also equipped with an inbuilt telephone system, microprocessor based controller with with regen drive.
  • There will be a person to take care of the operation during the school operation time.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh, said that the school has started this facility to give relief to physically disabled persons and other. He further added that DPS Ranchi is always actively to improve its infrastructural features for the benefit of its students and employees.


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Intramural Table Tennis Tournament (Boys and Girls) ended at DPS Ranchi

A Four day Intramural Table Tennis tournament (Boys and Girls) played by the students of Classes IX - XII at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended today in DPS Ranchi.  

Match Summary:

 Girls Final Match
The final match was played between Jamuna House and Jhelum House and Jhelum House won the match by 2/0

Boys Final :
The Final Match was played between Ravi House and Jamuna House and in this Jamuna House came out as a winner by 2/0.

During the match both the houses gave each other a cut throat competition. 

Speaking on the tournament, the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning team.

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72nd Independence Day Celebration at Delhi Public School, Ranchi

The 72nd  Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 15.8.2018.

On this occasion, the flag was hoisted by the honourable Principal of the School, Dr. Ram Singh along with the rendition of the National Anthem.
On this occasion, students of class XII did parade. Following the parade, a patriotic song was presented by students of the senior wing devoted to the nation. Further a poem recitation was done by the students of the junior wing.

On this Independence Day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh recalled the freedom fighters of the country and said that we should never forget the sacrifices done by our freedom fighters as it will be a disrespect of all they did for the country to get freedom. He quoted that it is our duty to put our strong efforts for the proper building and development of our nation as we all have some qualities within us and should try to use that quality towards positive work for our country and that will be our real duty. Dr. Singh said that every year we celebrate independence day and all these look very formal if we do not work for the betterment of the nation. Dr. Singh urged all to join hands together and make India a country full of prosperity and moral values.

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Intramural Table Tennis Tournament (Boys and Girls) starts at DPS Ranchi

A Four day Intramural Table tennis tournament (Boys and Girls) played by the students of Classes IX - XII at Delhi Public School Ranchi started today in DPS Ranchi.  

Tournament Summary:

League Girls

  • 1st Match      :   Ravi House Vs Jhelum House      Ravi House won by 2/1.
  • 2nd Match      : Jamuna House Vs Chenav House Jamuna won 2/0.
  • 3rd Match      : Jhelum House Vs Satluj House     Jhelum won 2/0.
  • 4th Match      : Ganges House Vs Chenav House  Ganges won by 2/1
  • 5th Match      : Ravi House Vs Satluj House           Ravi won by 2/1
  • 6th Match      : Jamuna House Vs Ganges House  Jamuna won by 2/1.

The Semifinals will be played tomorrow.

Boys League :

  • 1st Match : Ravi House Vs Jhelum House                Jhelum Won  2/1
  • 2nd Match : Jamuna House Vs Chenav House          Jamuna won 2/0
  • 3rd Match : Jhelum House Vs Satluj House             Jhelum won
  • 4th Match Jamuna House Vs Ganges House             Ganges Won
  • 5th Match   Ravi House  Vs Satluj House                  Satluj won
  • 6th Match : Ganges House Vs Chenav House           Ganges won.

The semi finals will be played tomorrow.

During the match both the houses gave each other a cut throat competition. 

Speaking on the tournament, the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning team.

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Rurban Connect Programme at DPS Ranchi

With an objective  to  promote the concept of growing safe organic food in gardens, DPS Ranchi conducted a programme called Rurban connect at its premises, in which students of Class V to class VII were taught about the benefits of organic food in today’s time.

In this workshop, the experts gave demonstrations to the students on how to cook tasty food with safe food ingredients. The experts gave presentation on the development of nutrition garden to boys wherein girls were given demonstration as how to fulfill the nutrition gap. The main objective of this workshop was to create an awareness about the value of nutritious food for children and develop a better and healthy society.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh, said that such type of workshops helps a lot in creating a responsible society as the children of the society are the base of the country and play a major role in its development.

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De-worming Day Campaign at DPS Ranchi

De-worming Day is an initiative by the Ministry of Health and Walefare that focuses on reducing the rate of parasitic worm infection. The campaign was launched in Feb 2015 with an objective to deworm all children between the age group of 1 to 19 years.

In this regard, DPS Ranchi in coordination with the Government of Jharkhand, initiated this campaign in which the students were given medicines on 10th August 2018.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh termed this programme as a measure to make India more healthy and encouraged all to cooperate in this to make it a big success.

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DPS Ranchi Hosted Inter School Commerce Festival

“DPS performed well but because it hosted the event, did not accept any prize”

DPS Ranchi was proud to host the "Vanijya Mela" in which nine schools of Ranchi participated. The students were filled with zeal and gave their best in every event organized.

"Nukadd Natak" gripped the audience with the awareness message spread about child trafficking and the harmful effects of social media. Participating groups of SBPS and DAV Public School were extraordinary and did not fail to give the audience goose bumps throughout their plays.

To lighten up the mood, ‘stand – up comedy’ was organized in which a due from each participating school did their best to tackle the audience funny bone. In their endevours, the duo from SR DAV gave everyone a good dose of laughter therapy.

The event also had ‘Biz – mania quiz’ which was a comprehensive learning experience. The teams had their brains picked with interesting facts and trivia. SR DAV emerged victorious along- side DPS. Questions were asked from Indian and international business, the history of commerce and world of economics.
The participants of various schools came up with their innovative start up ideas and pitched them in front of the audience and the judges in this interaction of ‘shark tank’. There was active participation and a healthy discussion after every presentation.

The poster making competition, titled ‘Inventive’ showed vibrant and cheerful participation with posters made on ‘demonstration’ and ad making on commercial value of Indian economy.

The students got to experience the dynamics of a stock market in which they were given news that would affect the stock pricing and they had to make investments, as they deciphered the news. DAV Pundag emerged as the final winner in this. The overall event was ruled by the students of SR DAV Public school who bagged amazing positions in almost every event.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh, was extremely happy that the school hosted this event and gave credit to all the participating schools for coming to DPS. He said that the activities which were performed in the event will certainly boost up the knowledge of all the students and help them build up their career and become a good human being.

Winning Teams :

In Mock Stock 

  • DAV Pundag
  • DAV Hehal
  • Sarla Birla Public School

Street Play

  • Sarla Birla Public School
  • SR Dav Public School& DAV Public School (Hehal)
  • DAV Gandhi Nagar

Stand - Up Comedy

  • SR DAV Public School

Shark Tank

  • Kairali Public School
  • SR DAV Public School

Biz- Mania

  • SR Public School Pundag
  • DAV Hehal
  • DAV Gandhinagar


  • Cambrian Public School
  • Kairali School
  • Sarla Birla Public School
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