Indian Sri Lankan Skype Session at DPS Ranchi

A skype communication related to the medicinal plants was shared between the students of Delhi Public School Ranchi and Delta School Srilanka.

During the session the students interacted and exchanged their knowledge about medicinal herbs grown in their respective countries.

The students of both the countries also had a question answer session between them. Thereafter, dipsites shared with them about Van Mahotsav, Visit to Ayurvedic Center and the Preparation of Ayurvedic Medicines.

Apart from the knowledge of medicinal plants the students of both the schools also shared about their culture, tradition and heritage.

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that it was a great privilege for the student to gain knowledge about medicinal plants of not only India but also abroad. He also said that it’s just the beginning; school will try to provide facilities and opportunities possible in order to make the students  global citizens.


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Intramural basketball tournament (boys) Ends at DPS Ranchi

A two day Intramural basketball tournament (Boys) played by the students of Classes VI-VIII at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended on 27th April 2018

The final match of the tournament was played between Jhelum House vs Jamuna House.

During the match both the houses gave each other a cut throat competition and Jhelum House defeated Jamuna House by 16-04 and registered its victory in the school.

On this victorious day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

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Opening Ceremony of IIMUN at DPS Ranchi

DPS Ranchi believes that it is the internal development in a student that constructs his life and prepares him for life struggle. With this objective DPS Ranchi conducted the Opening Ceremony of IIMUN(Indian International Model United Nations) Event. An Event in which students of different schools of Ranchi and Jharkhand will participate.  In this the students will be divided into different Committees with a Topic on which debate will take place.  

The Chief Guest of the ceremony were Ambassador Skand Tyal, Indian Television producer Mr. Vikas Gupta, IIMUN President Mr Rishabh Shah and popular singer Mr. Leslie Lewis.

The ceremony started with the National Anthem followed by a dance performance. Mr. Tyal was then invited to the stage to address the students and he said that the time has passed from stone age to modern age where children are very smart to conduct themselves. He said that the time of today is full of opportunities where students learn quickly but one thing that people of all times have needed is the peace and without peace development cannot take place. He further encouraged students to dream big, stay focused and work hard to achieve goal. He also said that one should have faith in himself and never. 

Mr. Vikas Gupta in his speech explained the importance of education and said that we should always remember the contribution of our elders towards us and said that all countries of the world are equally good and can get a seat in UN by their good work.

Rishabh Shah thanked DPS Ranchi for giving him an opportunity to come here and said that Ranchi though a small city has produced stars like Mahender Singh Dhoni and this place is full of talents which if properly used can do wonders. 

Thereafter a dance performance was there to showcase the national patriotism by the students.

At the end there was a brilliant performance given by singer Lesley Lewis who mesmerized everyone with his voice and quality of songs sung.

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World Book Day Celebrated at DPS Ranchi

“Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life of everything”

Books are the windows through which a soul looks out and the little geniuses of class Prep of Delhi Public School Ranchi opened all of them by celebrating ‘World Book Day’.  The Programme was a reminisce of our childhood, enjoyable present and hopeful future. 

The curious minds discussed how important the books are in our lives. Poems and rhymes were also formed the tune in the song.

A person who reads is a person who is actually alive. The children discussed few great writers and their creations who took the reader to the next level of imagination and delight with their writing. Books have always been a mirror of the society we live in. They had been the armours in the battle of freedom.

To add more colour to the programme, the tiny tots staged short stories such as Cinderella, Akbar and Birbal Tales etc. which have always enlightened the childhood of every young child.

The last but not the least the tiny little hands were found unfolding the big preachings of our holy books as Gita, Quran, Bible and Guru Granth Sahib.

With the keen co-operation of teachers, parents and children, the programme ended   with a beautiful message that ‘Books are like your friends; they should be few and well chosen’, since they guide our thoughts and build our personality. 

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A Skit on Medicinal Herbs

The students of Class V of Delhi Public School, Ranchi presented a skit on Medicinal Herbs in the assembly. 

In the skit the students displayed different medicinal herbs namely Turmeric,  Neem and Tulsi. 

The skit also displayed how these medicinal plants are used in a family in order to cure common diseases such as chicken pot, cold, headache, wounds and cuts. 

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that in this modern era where people use different kinds of medicines, this is a golden opportunity for the students to know and understand the use of medical herbs in the form of home remedies.

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Intramural Basketball Tournament (Boys) Declared open at DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School Ranchi organizes a two day Intramural Basketball Tournament (boys) for the students of classes VI-VIII. The Intramural Basketball Tournament will take place on 26th April to 27th 2018 in the basketball court of the school premises.

The tournament was inaugurated by the honorable Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh with high spirits. On this opening day of the tournament the Principal said that it is very important to have these tournaments in the school as sports are equally important along with studies and it relaxes the mind. Now days, because of spread of technology, children are more inclined towards laptops, mobile and other technical gazettes which though increases the technical expertise but puts mental pressure as well, in such a situation, it is involvement in sports that acts as a stress buster and gives mental relaxation to children.  

The houses are divided into two pools, Pool A and Pool B. Pool A consists of Sutlej, Jhelum and Ravi, and whereas, Pool B consists of Ganges, Chenab and Jamuna. 

Today total 4 matches were played between the two pools.

In the semifinal Chenav house played against Jamuna and in the second semifinal, Ganges house played against Jhelum.

Jamuna Won the semifinal and Jhelum won the second semi final.

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Street Play on Animal Compassion at DPS Ranchi

Showing compassion is one of the best ways to make the world a better place.  The students of Grade III of Delhi Public school Ranchi performed a street play in SAIL city to urge people to stop cruelty against animals and treat them with empathy and love.
The students dressed themselves like different animals namely Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Dog Tortoise and Rabbit. and communicated with audience as how they are treated and what problems they face from human beings.

Young learners suggested people to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and gave the message ‘God Created Animals, Love them’. 

Witnessing, the act Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that it was really nice to see that such small children with so much love and affection for the creature who cannot speak. He also that such kind of programmes helps the students to inculcate humanity within themselves.

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Intramural basketball tournament (Girls) Ends at DPS Ranchi

A two day Intramural basketball tournament (Girls) played by the students of Classes VI-VIII at Delhi Public School Ranchi ended on 25th April 2018. 

The final match of the tournament was played between Ravi House vs Jamuna House.

During the match both the houses gave each other a cut throat competition and Ravi House defeated Jamuna House by 26-24 and registered its victory in the school.

The highest scorer of the match was Anisha with 20 score. 

On this victorious day the Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amazed to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

The Intramural basketball tournament (Boys) for the students of classes VI-VIII will begin tomorrow. 

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DPS Ranchi Felicitated the Primary Students with 100% Attendance

List of Primary students with 100 percent attendance (Session : 2017-18)

Delhi Public School, Ranchi felicitated more than 394 students of classes Prep to V with cent percent attendance in the session 2017 – 18 and the students with two, three, four and six years of cent percent attendance consecutively, at an efficacious programme to motivate them on 24th April 2018.

The ceremony was graced Shri B.B. Pradhan DGP Home Guard and Fire Ranchi as the Chief Guest of the day.

The programme commenced with a melodious welcome song which was followed by presenting of bouquet to the esteemed guest as token of love and gratitude and lighting the lamp.

Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh congratulated the achievers and said that DPS Ranchi is a school with a difference. Its mission is to nurture global citizen and provide platform to the students for the holistic development. He stressed that attendance at school is very vital to help children achieve and get the best possible start. It helps the students to succeed not only academically but also develops their personality and team spirit. He said that being in school everyday is half the battle won. He also appreciated the parents of the students with cent percent attendance as it reflects on the disciplined family environment. He added that all the stake holders should join hands together to provide proper and overall education to children.

The Chief Guest Shri B.B. Pradhan DGP Home Guard and Fire Ranchi congratulated the students for their accomplishment and exhorted them to carry on with the same spirit in future. He specially took the note of the students who secured 100% attendance consecutively for three years and 6 years. He also urged to always remember the values they have ingrained at the school as these will help them to embellish success in their life.

Students were overwhelmed by the appreciation. 

The students consecutively expressed their gratitude to the school and their parents and said that they will try their best to follow the same path in future.

The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks followed by National Anthem

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DPS Ranchi Felicitated the Senior Students with 100% Attendance

List of Senior students with 100 percent attendance (Session : 2017-18)

With an objective to encourage students for their hundred percent attendance record in last academic session 2017-18, DPS Ranchi conducted a felicitation ceremony for its students who present throughout in the academic session 2017-18 at its premises on 24rd April 2018.

The Chief / Special Guiest of the ceremony was Mr. Dinesh Oraon who is the present Speaker of the Jharkhand State Assembly, Mr S.A Latkar IG(CRPF), MR R.K Burman General Manager CET SAIL were there to felicitate the senior wing students belonging from class VI to class IXth.

The ceremony commenced with a welcome song sung by the students to welcome the Chief Guests, further lighting of lamps was done by the Chief Guests. The School Principal Dr. Ram Singh was then invited to give a welcome speech in which he thanked all the Chief Guests for coming in DPS Ranchi to felicitate and encourage the students. Dr. Singh stated that hundred percent attendance by students is really incredible and not only students but also the parents have to struggle a lot for this type of performance of their wards and he thanked all the parents for this. He said that  attendance reflects the discipline of a student and his dedication towards studies and it is this dedication that works for him in his future development. He said that in today’s time success is not easy to achieve. Students of today have to think differently and fast. They have to set their goals correctly to be successful in their lives. Dr. Singh effectively gave example of our Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who was from a small underdeveloped place but how he worked hard to make his dreams come true. He said that India is a country where everything is possible because it is is only in India where a boy from South Kolkata became a popular saint called Swamy Vivekananda and went to address the Chicago Religious Conference and his words are still remembered.

A dance programme was presented by the students to explain the importance of education in life and thereafter students were felicitated by the honourable Guests. At the end of felicitation of the senior students, the honourable Speaker Mr. Dinesh Oraon addressed the students by saying that he is humbled to attend such a type of ceremony as such a ceremony gives him the opportunity to encourage the future of the country who will be the pillars in the nation building. He said that it is very important now a days for students to be disciplined in all areas as it will promise them long term success.

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